The hidden State of Illegalia

All of us have to thank Nancy Pelosi.  She turned out to be not only the Speaker of the House of Representatives but also an excellent salesperson.  Thanks to her ill-conceived tricks, the advertisement of the annual presidential State of the Union (SOTU) address to the Congress has reached unprecedented heights.

If earlier such traditional performances were simply routine, and only a few people outside of Washington were interested, then this year the situation (thanks to Pelosi) is significantly different.  She invited Trump to speak on January 3rd, 2019, then “canceled” her invitation on January 16th.  Now, the partial government shutdown is over, and the SOTU has been rescheduled to February 5th.

Her request for a cancellation of this traditional presidential address was an unprecedented and unheard-of scandal, which ignores hundred-year-old tradition.  She was successful in postponing the presidential address, but that was a classic example of a Pyrrhic victory (hat tip Ronald Cherry).  Of course, Trump should use this opportunity for his advantage.  He will talk about the economy, record low unemployment numbers, legal immigration, and foreign policy.  However, the major part of his speech will be dedicated to illegal immigration.  Trump, most likely, will allocate most of his time during the SOTU to the State of Illegalia.

Unfortunately, most Americans are not aware of such state.  No, it is not the 51st state in the Union; instead, it is a satellite substate within every legitimate state of the Union.

For example, in the state of California alone, there are about 1.2 million children born out of “tourism” of pregnant illegal immigrants.  It is official hospital data.  For comparison, the population of the legitimate state of Wyoming is about 600 thousand people.

That is, inside the state of California there is another substate – the State of Illegalia – whose population is twice the state of Wyoming.

However, California’s State of Illegalia is not alone.  All states of the Union contain within them, hidden from prying eyes, substates of Illegalia.  In Illinois, there are 174 thousand illegal children.  For comparison, in the popular among legal immigrants Chicago North Shore area, contains just half of the Illegalia’s population – 86 thousand – lives.  In the state of New York, there are 224 thousand such children.  For comparison – only 36 thousand people live in the popular among legal immigrants Brighton Beach area of New York City.

This confrontation is obviously a losing matter for the Democrats.  They openly position themselves as a party that protects illegal immigrants and distance themselves from the protection of American citizens.  Of course, Pelosi did not want to give Trump the podium, so that he would once again turn to the common sense of the American people.  Whenever Trump speaks, he speaks directly to American citizens, and not through the filter of mass disinformation media.

After the Democrats attempted to destroy a hundred-year-old tradition, Trump can make some unconventional moves too.  In order to emphasize this talk about the States of Illegalia, he would invite some non-traditional guests to the SOTU address.

The composition of these guests would be the main headache of the Democrats.

Imagine guest seats filled with parents of those American children who were killed by the citizens of the State of Illegalia – by illegal immigrants.  Some of them were murdered directly, and some indirectly – with the help of drugs that are transported across the border with Mexico in tons.

Also, several crying 15-year-old girls from South America could be invited, who were secretly brought by human traffickers across the southern border for underground brothels in the State of Illegalia.  Moreover, President Trump could end the tradition of the one-man-show, and give the floor to them all in turn.

Trump could also give the floor to American doctors, who will tell the public what diseases they face in the states of Illegalia.  Many of these diseases were practically eliminated in America soon after the Second World War – measles, scarlet fever, lice, tuberculosis, syphilis.  However, these diseases are returning to America, and they are penetrating – initially through the open border with Mexico, and then thru the States of Illegalia.  Also, there are numerous cases of AIDS and hepatitis, plus widespread rape of women of all ages.

The U.S. Border Patrol guards would then be invited to the podium.  They would bring with them a few rugs – the rugs which Muslims use to pray.  Recently, border guards have been finding more and more such rugs in the border zones of Arizona and Texas.  Why should representatives of the “peaceful religion” get into America thru the State of Illegalia? Why resort to such infiltration? What is the level of cooperation between Sharia states and the State of Illegalia?

Trump could also go to extremes and order a baker’s dozen handcuffed MS-13 gang members, with the evilest faces, and entirely covered with scary tattoos, to be seated right next to Democrats’ guests for the SOTU.  These bandits – citizens of the State of Illegalia – could play an excellent backdrop to Trump’s pitch for the country sovereignty.

According to various estimates, American taxpayers spend from 110 to 260 billion dollars a year to support illegal immigrants.  This large discrepancy is due to exactly how to count, and who exactly counts.  However, regardless of who and how makes the estimates, all calculations are one in one – the balance is negative.  That is, illegal immigrants receive more from American society than they give, at least 100 billion dollars a year.  This number is the budget of the State of Illegalia.

Thanks to the Pelosi’s strategic blunder, President Trump has received a unique opportunity to openly testify to American citizens that the Democrats have long represented the interests of the states of Illegalia, and not the citizens of the states of the Union.  We only must hope that Pelosi will play her role to the end.

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  1. If we have hidden illegal states, who is obliged to deal with this problem ? The obvious answer – the Department of Justice….they enforce the existing laws, that are already on the books. …why they don’t do it, it is anybody’s guess. If we hope that one speech can change everything, good luck.

      1. Его вердикт: “И от этой катастрофы никакой стеной не отделишься.”

        Как я уже говорил: стена уже есть. Не хотелось бы только, чтоб она оказалась единственным выходом…

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