Интервью с Юрием Дашевским

3 thoughts on “Интервью с Юрием Дашевским”

    1. We can get ballpark estimate by using historical analogies. In Russia a major opposition party, “CR -eser” was banned in 1919, after a provocation.
      In Germany a powerful block of two working parties (about 10 million members)
      existed before 1933, but ceased to exist in 1934. The details are not essential.

      1. I think in the “Second invasion of Martians” Br. Strugatsky wrote: “Why everyone is asking what will they do to us, why nobody said what we gonna do…”
        Trump will never be the president of the USA as we know it. From this year the presidency will be different. And, and it does not matter any more if it is in compliance with current constitution or not. Most likely republic will evolve.

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