ТВ Клуб “Континент” – $15 как спусковой крючок гражданской войны

5 thoughts on “ТВ Клуб “Континент” – $15 как спусковой крючок гражданской войны”

    1. Yes, very emotional speech, excellent
      knowledge of history. About his
      offers/plans/proposals – a pie-in-the sky science-fiction.
      He does not understand the big
      change in American society.
      He tries to blame Trump, though
      Trump made a brilliant attempt to implement MAGA agenda.
      Trump tried to create a bridge between
      the old, traditional America and the
      new, high-tech America, where the
      big money is now. Only such union between
      blue-collar and new high-tech giants could help
      Trump’s plans.
      This bridge was the creation of
      Advisory Economic Council, with
      such billionaires as Peter Thiel and
      Marc Cuban. Dems successfully
      destroyed this bridge in November
      of 2017, when they accused Trump
      of racism, and members of that club
      left the Council like rats from a sinking
      ship. ” Racism” is a weapon stronger
      than an atomic bomb… it destroys
      the foundation, the “melting pot”.
      Veller does not see it or does not
      know about all this.

  1. Это последнее интервью Арона Руссо, режиссёра, антерпренера, политика. Все что он сказал 13 лет назад повторяется в словах Гари Гиндлера, Михаила Веллера, Евгения Хазина.
    Понятно теперь почему DT им не поддался: личность другого масштаба.

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