Biden and Putin: Pawns on China’s Chessboard

Natalia Holovanova, Gary Gindler

In the Russo-Ukrainian war, Ukraine is the victim, and Russia is the aggressor.  However, the victim and the aggressor are not acting alone.  Who made Ukraine the victim?  Who helped Russia make the blunder of aggression?

While analyzing the current Russo-Ukrainian war, the media tend to overlook one thing.  Namely, President Biden and President Putin are — for the lack of a more appropriate word — vassals to China’s triple-emperor, Xi Jinping.  From that perspective, the notion of “a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine” evaporates.  The WWIII scare disappears, too, if one recalls two main China objectives: Taiwan and South Siberia.

The occupation of Taiwan requires a weak United States, and the annexation of South Siberia demands a powerless Russia.

It looks as though everybody overestimated Biden and Putin, treating them as independent players and not as order-takers on the Chinese payroll, which they are.  For example, the American surrender to the Taliban must not be evaluated as a separate event; it was just one of Xi’s commands to Biden.  While Xi Jinping assumes a peacemaker role in Asia, the Chinese Politburo has chosen Europe as a theater of the next conflict.  This is a prerequisite to the global power-grab by Chinese communists.  The Russian “minor incursion” into Ukraine was supposed to do the trick of weakening the United States and NATO allies — and Russia herself.

In January 2022, one month before the full-scale Russo-Ukrainian war, Biden asserted that there is a difference between a “minor incursion” and a “major invasion.”  Putin interpreted it as a green light for an incursion (not a full-scale war) sanctioned by Biden.  During the initial operational success, Russia captured more Ukrainian territory than Xi decreed, and Putin had to order a humiliating retreat from Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson.

The positive thing is that WWIII is not in any country’s plan, including China’s.  Xi’s goal is not a military confrontation with the West, at least not just yet.  Instead, his goal is to exhaust the West so that no country will ever consider opposition to China’s global appetites.  Unfortunately, Xi’s lackeys, Putin and Biden, are up to the task — at the expense of Ukrainian men, women, and children.

Comrade Xi’s peacemaking efforts in Moscow could be compared to Comrade Stalin’s peace initiatives during the first two years of WWII.  After conquering Poland and dividing her between the Soviet Union and Germany, Stalin encouraged European countries to fight Germany until fatigue set in.  The plan was to crush all participants then.  In other words, Biden and Putin are not working 24/7 to bring on nuclear Armageddon, for their assignment is quite limited.

According to Putin (and Russian domestic propaganda), “the war is going according to plan.”  Unfortunately, the assumption that it is the Russian plan is wrong.

On the contrary, it is a Chinese plan.  It is a Chinese proxy war.

One of the conclusions is that everybody overestimates Russia.  The Kremlin, in fact, does Beijing’s bidding, preparing the conditions for Taiwan’s and South Siberia’s annexation.  (Note that modern maps of Russia printed in China already have Chinese names for Russian cities in Siberia.  From China’s point of view, they are considered “temporarily abandoned territories.”)  Unfortunately, it looks as if the Russians are still slaves in spirit.

Meanwhile, China is still feasting on Ukraine.  China intends to return a giant aircraft engine manufacturer, “Motor Sich,” which was taken from the Chinese in 2021.  The Russians have not bombed China-owned or China-controlled businesses in the Dnipropetrovsk Region, Chernihiv Region, Mykolaiv Region, Kherson Region, and Odessa Region during the entire war.

Some untouchable objects in Ukraine have a co-owner: the Chinese corporation COFCO.  COFCO entered Ukraine a few years ago and began building facilities for the Belt and Road Initiative project, promoted by China in 2013.  This giant infrastructure project was supposed to connect China with Europe through more efficient ways of supplying goods and touching many countries along the way.  This is a plan on a truly planetary scale, in which the Chinese issued loans for the construction of ports, warehouses, railways, and roads to establish themselves as the world hegemon with the help of the new Silk Road.  The “peace agreement” between Iran and Saudi Arabia, orchestrated by China by twisting Saudi’s hands and expelling the Biden administration from the region, is part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the beginning of the invasion, Beijing agreed with Moscow that it would continue independently operating its interests in Ukraine regardless of the war’s outcome.  Chinese communists envision the conflict’s most likely outcome as transforming Ukraine into a protectorate of Russia.

To conclude, President Biden is not a “lightweight,” an “idiot,” or anything in between.  He does what he is told to do by his Chinese Politburo masters.  Likewise, President Putin is not a “nuclear warmonger,” a “Russian patriot,” or the like.  He plays in an ensemble orchestrated by Xi Jinping.  Besides weakening NATO (and Russia), Putin also focuses on a secondary issue China faces: demographics.

Due to communist policies such as “one child” in the past, there is a deficiency of millions of young females in China.  As it is known, Putin’s mobilization efforts concentrate on Siberia.  The way things are shaping up, most Siberian conscripts will not return, thus making Russian women available to young Chinese men.

Under President Biden’s leadership, everything is done in the international arena at America’s expense.  The Chinese game he plays is as dirty as it could be.  Due to the poor performance of the Russian army, Xi felt that Putin’s throne was shaking.  It allows us to treat his visit to Moscow as a Putin rescue mission.  Unfortunately, the Chinese plan requires the continuation of the bloody stalemate.  Thus, Xi will support Putin — until he does not.

[Originally published at American Thinker]