Death of Archimedes and Left-Islam Alliance

One legend about Archimedes, a famous Greek mathematician and physicist, states that he was killed during Syracuse’s siege in 212 B.C.  According to the most common narrative, he was sketching geometric figures when a bounty-seeking Roman soldier burst into his study.  “Do not disturb my circles,” said Archimedes, but the simpleton Roman legionnaire, who knew nothing about mathematics, struck him with a sword.

History has repeatedly evidenced over the last two millennia that ignoramuses often change history.  Geniuses who fall victim to uncivilized invaders, uncultured neighbors, or moronic rulers are well known.  Postmortems cannot alleviate the loss of a great mind to humanity, and many contemporaries recognize that.  For example, Marcellus, a Roman general who conquered Syracuse, apologized to Archimedes’s relatives.

Who will apologize to whom when Israel becomes Judenfrei?

Israel is at war with Gazans, one third of whom marry their first cousins.  Due to traditionally high inbreeding levels, their average I.Q. is about 68.

Israel pencils circles and formulas, endeavoring at 21st-century technologies.  How many young Archimedeses perished in the October Hamassacre?

Unfortunately, the story does not stop here.  It surprised many, but Hamas has a lot of supporters in the West.  Pundits and politicians in the West often have (presumably) high I.Q.s.  Many of these high-I.Q.ers are blindsided by beheadings and other atrocities committed by Muslims and, as such, cannot comprehend Islam’s “peaceful nature.”  It is “peaceful” because, according to the Quran, the extermination of all Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and all other kafirs (infidels), including atheists, will finally establish peace on the planet.

Followers of the Moon God have been working tirelessly on this program since the 7th century.  The recent barbarism of the Gazan population does not deviate an iota from the dogmas enshrined by Mohammad, the successful caravan robber.

Beheading infidel babies has been Islam’s modus operandi for centuries, so why the sudden harsh reaction from the West?  Islam sees nothing wrong with dismembering or baking babies alive in an oven as long as they are infidels.  Knowledgeable Muslims will point out that Allah prohibits inhumanness, but it is just a semantic juggling of well known contradictions in Islam’s holy texts, the Quran and Hadith.  To Muslims’ delight, the Quran — like any other foundational text in all religions — has so many inconsistencies that one could find opposite opinions about hot subjects.

Pro-Hamas rallies in all European capitals and major American cities are not the only catalyst for the emotional reaction from the West.  Unfortunately, the hysterical backlash of Western leaders is not about the tortured Israelis.

The resonance we hear is the sound of the Left-Islamic fabric ripping apart.

The Soviet Union cultivated the alliance between the International Left and Islam since the 1950s.  The immensely significant triumph was getting communist radicals and Islamic radicals on the same team.  The overwhelmingly atheist Left had entered into a marriage of convenience with religious forces.  And not just Islamic corps: aside from the well known cozy relationship with Islamic radicals, though it may seem improbable, Leftist radicals sneaked an acknowledged communist into the Dalai Lama’s position.

Besides, a Marxist pope is at the helm of the Vatican.  That misalliance birthed the ideological chimera — a hybrid ideology composed of different, seemingly incompatible, and non-combinable parts.  Moreover, Mohammed’s fatalistic teachings are reminiscent of Marx’s stoical indoctrinations.  As a result, the arrested development of predominantly Muslim vs. non-Muslim countries mirrors the arrested advancement of socialist countries vs. capitalistic ones.

However, the Left’s multi-decade-long, burgeoning strategic alliance with theocratic regimes and groups had peaked.  Radical Leftists are in short supply in the 21st century, thus ending the era of militant Islam and radical Leftism exchanging tactics and strategies.  Instead, the paths of Islamic imperialism and Leftist imperialism are starting to diverge.  The Abraham Accords, orchestrated by then-president Donald Trump, signify such divergence.

The political consequences of Hamas’s actions are difficult to overestimate.  First, the political Left has been effectively wiped out of the Israeli political scene, at least for the time being.  Second, massive rape, torture, and beheadings by the unenlightened mob of Palestinian Arabs suddenly awakened the West from its woke-induced coma.  As Israel experiences unprecedented existential enlightenment, the West will, most likely, follow.

As for the Jews associated with Leftism, it is always “Leftism Uber Alles.”  Since Napoleon Bonaparte closed Jewish ghettoes in occupied Italy and granted French Jews full civil rights, Jewish existence has been entangled with left-wingers.  Metternich-Winneburg, the Austrian consul in Paris, wrote in 1806: “All Jews look upon Napoleon as their Messiah.”  Since then, many Jews have worshiped false gods, false prophets, and false Messiahs — as long as they exhibit a left-wing stance.  However, many American Jews got red-pilled by the cauchemar of the latest anti-Semitic atrocities, demonstrations, and threats and decisively shifted into the conservative column.

Leftists in Washington, D.C. have cardinally altered American import and export articles.  Currently, our exports are primarily various forms of appeasement, and our main imports are strains of anti-Americanism.  Unfortunately, these insanely genocidal Middle Easterners have support from many insanely suicidal Westerners.  New York City used to be the Jewish-American metropolis; now it is openly anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Hamas land, transforming into Newyorkistan in front of our eyes.

Leftists policies have made America a borderless, leaderless country.  Rephrasing Clausewitz, uncontrolled and unvetted immigration is jihad by other means.

The massive de-platforming, de-banking, de-monetization, and cancelation of conservatives appear to be a Pyrrhic victory for the Left.  They became a conglomerate of marginal congregations (like LGBT and anti-Israeli Jews) and pro-Hamas activists (like BLM and The Squad).  However, the avalanche of de-financing by wealthy donors of primary Leftist bastions — universities — in the wake of Hamas savagery is several orders of magnitude larger than any de-monetization experienced by right-wingers.  Maybe — just maybe — it will reorient universities from cultivating heinousness back to education.

Hamas demonstrated that the Muslim world has reached a level of depravity that the rest of the world could not imagine possible.  It looks as though many modern Leftists have realized the danger of the jihad association in any shape or form.  They might have decided to flee their abusive partner.

Finally, Hamas’s blatant bloodthirstiness has forced Israel to abandon all attempts to please or beg for public sympathy from the world.  As the West’s self-inflicted cultural degradation has reached the bifurcation point, it must choose one path from the only two available: back to the 7th century or back to the future.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

Only Trump can break the Gordian knots in the Middle East and Eastern Europe

Everyone considers the Middle East and Eastern European conflicts “permanent.”

However, if the Arab-Israeli confrontation does not require proof of its longevity, the Russo-Ukrainian one is worth examining.

The ongoing shooting war between Russia and Ukraine approaches its second anniversary.  Nevertheless, it is viewed as simply a logical continuation of the deadly struggle between European civilization and the medieval armies of Tartars/Mongols from the Far East, known as Orda (sometimes called Golden Horde).  That fight continued for centuries; in the process, the Orda established many vassal political entities.  Some subordinates even survived until the present.  For example, Russia is one of the remnants of the Orda (the name itself is hijacked from the term “Kievan Rus,” the original name for the country nowadays called “Ukraine”).

The origins of the Middle East and East European strife differ, but there is a lot of focus on their histories as a solution.  Yet they remain intractable.

The reason is simple—all previous attempts to “solve” these disputes utilizing the historical narrative have failed spectacularly.

Why not concentrate exclusively on the current state of affairs instead?  Of course, from such a point of view, any potential remedy will probably be considered unfair by one or both parties, but it could be “the solution.”

Note that both feuds have one intriguing characteristic.  On one side of the barricades are hydrocarbon-rich countries (Muslim states and Russia) and, on the other side, countries deprived of hydrocarbon riches (Israel and Ukraine).

Moreover, the Ortho-Muslim side repeatedly weaponizes hydrocarbons to achieve their geopolitical goals.

If Donald Trump manages to become Trump-47, he could laser focus on that clear distinction and implement an attractive (but certainly not “optimal” or “fair”) enduring panacea to these “perpetual” squabbles.

During phase one, Trump could deploy the Ortho-Muslim hydrocarbon arsenal against them and drown the world in hydrocarbons.

The United States has such a vast supply of natural gas and oil that removing some government regulations can bring an abundance of reliable hydrocarbons to the world market.  A decade or so of inexpensive American oil and gas will bankrupt the Ortho-Muslim producers. 

For phase two, Trump would direct phase one profits to create the New Manhattan Project—not for nuclear fission (atomic bomb) but for nuclear fusion.

The success of such an endeavor is highly possible.  It is not guaranteed, but today’s nuclear fusion knowledge is exponentially greater than understanding nuclear reactions at the beginning of the WWII-era Manhattan Project.  Nuclear fusion already exists in nature—it lights up the stars.  It is also used by humans (in an uncontrolled, wild form) in hydrogen bombs.

Taming nuclear fusion energy is the right task for Trump-47.  The project’s astronomic scale corresponds to Trump’s construction, governance, and ambition caliber.  Successful completion would achieve the desired planet-wide paradigm shift.  Post-fusion, hydrocarbons will still be in demand but in microscopic quantities compared to today.  It is known that most of the petro-dictators have wasted enormous hydrocarbon profits.  Consequently, they will face a thorny dilemma: elementary physical survival or continued terrorism sponsorship.

The described two-phase approach would starve the imperialistic ambitions of petro-terror nations.

There is no escape; the new paradigm is that they cannot negotiate any settlement.  A mere announcement of a Trump-magnitude fusion project would turn arrogant petro-theocracies increasingly polite, concessive, and cooperative.

Ortho-Muslim states could not appeal to the United Nations or the Davos clique to stop dirt-cheap and clean fusion energy flow.  Even China will abandon them.  

Russia, which lost a significant part of its industrial base in the post-Soviet years, will enjoy cold Siberian forests.  Middle Eastern petro-kingdoms will continue to delight in hot sand.  None of them would have the stomach or resources to attack their neighbors.

From that perspective, Islam (and the Russian version of Orthodox Christianity to some degree) would finally enter the epoch of the much-wanted Reformation.  

In that, Islam would follow Western Christianity and Judaism, which have done it and brought them up to speed of civilization.

The outlined proposal is more practical than the unnecessary visits of political celebrities to Israel or the non-stop pilgrimage of Western dignitaries to Ukraine.  Israel and Ukraine do not need VIP visitors.  They do not need extra armaments per se.  They need Donald Trump to solve the problem once and for all.

The late Soviet dissident and political prisoner Vladimir Bukovsky said, “I am prepared to make the following bet: If two cruise missiles were to be launched at Lubyanka [the KGB headquarters in Moscow], then the level of terrorism worldwide would drop by approximately 80 percent.”

Did he speak figuratively and really mean the two phases above?  If so, genuine American dissident Donald Trump—unjustly prosecuted like Bukovsky—is the one who can cut through multiple Gordian knots.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

The Truth About Hamas

Hamas—the Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhood—murdered approximately a thousand people on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur 1973 War.  While Israeli armed forces deal with the attack, the ideological brothers-in-arms of the perpetrators in the West celebrate.  Countless demonstrations have been organized worldwide—from Berlin to Amsterdam to London—to anti-Israeli protests in New York, Washington, D.C. (a pro-Hamas parade in front of the White House), Florida, and many Canadian provinces.

When the Sydney Opera House was illuminated in the Israeli flag colors at night in Australia, hundreds of Hamas supporters gathered to attack the Opera House while chanting, “Gas the Jews!” Hamas celebration rally in New York City arrogantly flashed the Nazi swastika.

Why are there so many Hamas supporters outside the Gaza Strip?  Why did the anti-American group Code Pink endorse Hamas’ butchery of Israelis?  Some are simply anti-Semitic, but anti-Semitism in the West has long been considered not “cool,” and only a few relatively low-profile, marginalized groups practice it openly.  Why do so many misguided souls express thanks for the mass slaughter of music festival attendees in Israel? 

Most likely, the answer lies in the unique marriage of convenience between the ideological and religious domains.  Case in point, the New York City pro-Hamas rally was masterminded by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  This political party used to have Barack Obama as a member.  DSA has six House members, including Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jamaal Bowman.  In addition, DSA has numerous officeholders at the state and local levels.

Hamas (an acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement”) has two Charters (or Covenants).  The first one is dated 1988 and filled with Soviet rhetoric typical of that time.  To be specific, in the familiar Soviet style, Article 15 emphasizes that “imperialistic invasion” “paved the way towards the loss of Palestine” and “imperialism has helped and is still helping the ideological invasion.”  Article 20, echoing Soviet propaganda, proclaims that Jews are a “vicious enemy which acts in a way similar to Nazism.”  Further, in Article 22, Hamas—in the archetypical KGB manner—formally distances itself from the Soviet Union by stating, “The imperialistic forces in the Capitalist West and Communist East support the enemy [i.e., Jews] with all their might.”

Nevertheless, under Soviet pressure, Hamas committed a commonly overlooked apostasy.  Article 12 blatantly asserts, “Resisting and quelling the enemy become the individual duty of every Muslim, male or female.  A woman can go out to fight the enemy without her husband’s permission, as does a slave without his master’s permission.”  That is quite a deviation from the classical Sharia doctrine of women’s subordination.  Also, it implicitly ascertains the existence of slavery in Muslim lands.

Along with Hezb’allah and the PLO, the Soviet communists made Hamas a legitimate Middle East player.  The present third Obama term in the White House continues that tradition.  The internal structure of Hamas’ security apparatus is a carbon copy of the KGB.  Hamas has its highest-elected governing body, the Politburo (like the Soviet Union), hosted in Qatar since 2012.

The international leftist-inspired Hamas concept of Palestine in 1988 contained the categorical negation of Israel.  There are no shades of gray: Hamas, along with many other Islamoleftist organizations, aims to exterminate all Jews in Israel and elsewhere.

The latest 2017 Hamas Charter no longer has Stone Age values on display; there are no more citations from the Quran or Hadith in every Article.  There are no more phrases like “Zionism, together with imperialistic powers.”  The current Hamas Covenant is tailored for the post-Soviet era; it was compiled during Obama’s second term and has unmistakable Woke overtones.  Hamas Covenant style is indistinguishable from the left-wing lawfare lexicon.

The Hamas Covenant no longer explicitly calls for the extermination of Jews.  Instead, they want to “liberate Palestine and confront the Zionist project” (Article 1).  Article 4 uses the Soviet definition of “Palestinians” as exclusively “Palestinian Arabs.”

Hamas Covenant of 2017 does not utilize grisly terms; the “drowning Jews in the [Mediterranean] sea” is nowhere to be found.  Instead, they discuss the “complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.”  There are no more mentions of the Crusaders; instead, they proudly state that Palestine “is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him” (Article 7).  Article 8 of the Covenant postulates that “Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance,” whatever that means.  In addition, “Hamas also believes that Palestine has always been and will always be a model of coexistence, tolerance, and civilizational innovation.”  This statement has obvious footprints of activist lawyers and the Woke law school curriculum, for “jihad” appears just once in the 2017 Charter vs. eleven occurrences in the 1988 version.

The entire Article 9 was written for Western intellectuals.  “Hamas believes that the message of Islam upholds the values of truth, justice, freedom, and dignity and prohibits all forms of injustice and incriminates oppressors irrespective of their religion, race, gender, or nationality.  Islam is against all forms of religious, ethnic, or sectarian extremism and bigotry.  It is the religion that inculcates in its followers the value of standing up to aggression and of supporting the oppressed.”

One of the postmodernist philosophers, Professor Judith Butler, in 2006 spoke the quiet part out loud: “I think, yes, understanding Hamas, Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left, is extremely important.  That does not stop us from being critical of certain dimensions of both movements.”

In unison, Article 15 says, “Hamas affirms that its conflict is with the Zionist project, not with the Jews because of their religion.  Hamas does not wage a struggle against the Jews because they are Jewish but wages a struggle against the Zionists who occupy Palestine.”  The hallmarks of progressive community organizers are apparent here.

If the Charter of 1988 was composed in Mein Kampf language, the Hamas Covenant of 2017 is written in modern Wokespeak.  However, the truth is that “decolonization,” in both Woke and Islamoleftist vocabulary, is decapitation.  “Multiculturalism,” by the same token, means rape by multiple lowlifes.  Likewise, “Free Palestine” means Judenfrei, and “diversity” means pro-Hamas jubilation parades.

That is why, so far, not a single word from the BLM Marxist thugs regarding the Hamas bloody attack on Israel.  Nobody from the ersatz-fascist Antifa chapters said anything, either.  Many well-educated (read: well-brainwashed) American Jews were essential constituencies of the BLM and Antifa movements.

Who paid for the mass murder?  Iran.  Who facilitated Iran’s money flow?  An international left-wing cabal, in conjunction with the Obama and Biden administrations.  The good thing is that Iranian adventurism forced all parties to spell out their position concerning the events.  Gazans outright call for Putin to increase Ukraine attacks; they call for China to invade Taiwan.  Gaza is a typical quasi-socialist oasis where practically nobody works, and the whole enclave exists entirely with handouts from abroad.  The only option for these poor souls to break free is to discard Islamoleftism, which facilitates such misery.

On October 7, 2023, the ticking time bomb known as the Soviet Palestinian Project slipped into oblivion.  The non-Soviet Palestinian Project may appear in the future, but it is unlikely due to the fully recognized equivalency between Hamas and the Nazi Einsatzgruppen.  The train has left the station and into the lifeless Arabian desert from which there is no return.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

How Ukraine and America Evaporate

President Zelensky’s recent visit to America suggests that Ukrainians do not appreciate conservatives in Congress.  The Ukrainians either do not know or intentionally ignore the right side of the aisle and enthusiastically work solely with left-wingers in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere.

However, the truth is that the United States federal government has no money.  American leftists devoted all the money to encouraging a multi-million invasion on our southern border; implementing unprofitable, wasteful “green” technologies; and nurturing woke, feminized, toothless military (and, in part, the general population).

The United States federal government has to borrow money from future generations of Americans to survive the present.  Allocating money to Ukraine automatically degrades young Americans’ prospects for a good life.  Sad to say, American money is depleted; what the outside world sees is merely a shell of former American glory.

Besides, the exact expenditure of American taxpayers’ money remains unknown to everyone (it applies not to just the Ukrainian case).  Yes, the White House directs a portion of American taxpayers’ money toward various weapons systems observable in the combat zone.  However, the public is unaware of how significant that segment is.  What about the money we do not see on the battlefield?  Who controls the feedback loop from the American Treasury to Ukraine and back to the Democrat operatives, including the “big guy”?  What is the rate of return on the money funneled into the Ukraine-enabled left-wing patronage machine?

If Ukraine accepts American funds, it must accept traditional American accounting practices, with mandatory periodic financial audits.  Unfortunately, the Biden clique, along with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) plankton, does things to remind everybody of Biden’s lucrative deals in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and here and there.  The Biden administration blocks all efforts to implement even rudimentary accountability.

That leads us toward the loudest issue, at least from the American perspective: the catapulting of Ukraine into the DNC client state.

History demonstrates that a political party could have a satellite military force that bypasses the official military chain of command.  These legions report exclusively to party bosses.  For example, the Nazis had their military branch, the SS, outside the Wehrmacht.  Putin’s party army, Rosgvardia, is not answerable to the Russian Ministry of Defense, either.  While these examples are well known, history has never witnessed a political party forming not its military offshoot, but a client state.  It looks as though Ukraine constitutes itself as the first state on a short leash by a foreign political party: the Democrat Party of America.

In the past, the Democrat Party successfully attempted to establish party-aligned military or quasi-military wings.  Recall the KKK, Antifa, numerous “Occupy” movements, and BLM thugs.  Now, a supposed sovereign country, Ukraine, has willingly submitted itself to Democrat party serfdom, along with a carefully established and well oiled money-laundering conveyor.

The deliberate weakening of the United States and Russia by their respective presidents mandates prolonged, bloody trench warfare.  That is why neither the United States, NATO allies, nor Russia is rushing.  China’s Politburo, directly or indirectly, demanded the piecemeal delivery of armaments to Ukraine.  Everyone on the left side of the political spectrum stays committed to the plan.

The world — not to mention Ukrainians — must understand that the de-Ukrainization of Ukraine at the hands of Russian revanchists is just a sideshow.  This bitter truth is hard to swallow, but the main event is the de-Americanization of America and the de-Russification of Russia by Chinese communists.  The end of bloodshed may reside well outside the kill zone that separates the defender and the aggressor.

Conservatives worldwide are traditionally against war (any war, by the way).  Biden’s political opponents have an entirely distinct vision of the situation.  They prefer a one-time delivery of overwhelming military might to expel Russian invaders for good and generate revenue by rebuilding Ukraine after that.  For instance, the pre-woke military establishment, per General McMaster, considers 30 Abrams tanks for Ukraine laughable and advocates for 300 as a minimum.

However, Donald Trump, one of the conservative movement’s leaders, is persona non grata in Ukraine.

Regrettably, the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax has warped minds on both sides of the Atlantic.  Ukrainian society continues to view Trump as a Kremlin agent.  Ukrainians contributed significantly to the deception.  Recall that the DNC’s squadron to dig dirt on Trump during the 2016 election cycle headquarters was at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C.  Since then, Ukraine elected a new president, Zelensky, who refused to honor Trump’s call to help root out Biden clan corruption.  That paved the way for Trump’s first impeachment.

The irony is that Trump is the only politician who can realistically halt the largest shooting war in Europe since World War II.  Stop quickly — and, as such, ruin leftists’ endgame.  Almost everyone wants more weapons for Ukraine, but Trump keeps his eyes on the strategic rather than tactical goal.  From his perspective, the objective is not to arm Ukraine, but to stop the bloodshed.  Trump has tools at his disposal that operatives in the bowels of the DNC (or Ukrainians, for that matter) cannot foresee.

To illustrate, Trump-47 could declare the removal of the American nuclear arsenal from Japan and its relocation to Taiwan — complemented with implicit permission for Japan to acquire its own nuclear weapons.

Such a move would shake the leftist endeavors for World Domination because China would suddenly have to deal with nuclear-armed Japan.  Japanese scientists will complete their Manhattan Project in less time than the American one.  In a few years, China will face the possibility of losing Taiwan — probably forever.  Also, China’s world dominance fantasies will evaporate (also forever) because China understands that it can negotiate with nuclear America but not with nuclear Japan.

Basically, Trump would make China the offer it could not refuse: keep the status quo — on the condition of ordering its vassal state, Russia, to withdraw from Ukraine — or gravely jeopardize the whole Mao ideological experiment.

Americans, especially conservative Americans, respect Ukraine’s national hero Stepan Bandera and his WWII-era Ukrainian nationalism while detesting his left-wing, proto-fascist ideology.  In return, Americans expect Ukrainians to respect American nationalism.  Ukrainians cannot count on sympathy from American conservatives for their cause to surpass American nationalism.  True nationalism does not come at the expense of somebody else’s.

The Ukrainian government must not hire a disgraced (now suspended) American transgender as the Ukrainian army spokesman.  Ukrainians must not offer the ambassador position to a tasteless promoter of satanic rituals.  The president of Ukraine must not weaponize science by stating that “humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives” while begging for money at the United Nations.  Picking up an economic fight with Ukraine’s most staunch supporter, conservative Poland, is ludicrous.

On the contrary, the young nation that fights for its existence must look beyond its nose and choose friends and enemies wisely.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

The World Revolution and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine started the practice of de-Stalinization, de-Leninization, and comprehensive de-communization. In the process, it acquired many friends, non-friends, and enemies. Naturally, all of them showed their colors in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

A part of the Left embraces Ukraine’s cause because it makes them anti-Russia—the theme they cannot vacate from following the “Trump is Putin’s agent” hoax. They invested exorbitant political capital in the anti-Trump “Russia-Russia-Russia” frenzy.

A portion of conservatives support Ukraine because it traditionally backs the independence of legitimate nations, such as Israel or Taiwan.

Many on the Left reject Ukraine’s sovereignty because they cannot forgive Ukraine for dismantling and emblematically throwing in the trash can communist symbols, statues, and worldviews.

Some conservatives ignore Ukraine’s plea for help because, in their view, their own country’s troubles are exponentially more critical than the problems of the territory somewhere in Eastern Europe. Besides, it occupies the world’s leading position in corruption metrics.

These diametrical positions are understandable. However, all of them are imprudent because their adherents focus on only one war while unthinkingly ignoring the rest.

In fact, at least three major wars are going on simultaneously instead of just one. First, the autocratic Russian regime wages undeclared war on Russian citizens. Second, radical left-wingers are in open conflict with the population of the United States. Observing those two wars, a prominent suzerain—the Chinese Communist Party—orchestrated the shooting war between Russia and Ukraine.

It is the same old story: a “clever” left-wing regime cooperates with another not-so-smart left-wing government to implement the New World Order because they realize they cannot make the World Revolution alone. They don’t have the economic or military power to do so. The solution? Make the not-so-clever leftists engage in a prolonged, exhaustive battle with some arbitrary targets. The goal is not to destroy a neighboring or faraway land. The intent is to drain every state involved to the desired degree of weakness. After this, the “clever” leftists will strike the decisive blow, overpowering both ideologically antagonistic states.

If the narration reminds you of something, it should be no surprise—we just described how Stalin stimulated World War II by exploiting no-so-wise Hitler.

How did they do it in the case of Ukraine?

Everybody has heard about the “rights of the Russian-speaking Donbas” (industrial region of the Ukrainian East) and their numerous “violations.” What is calculatedly hidden from the public is the underlying reason why so many ethnic Russians live in Eastern Ukraine.

When Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin used manufactured food crises in 1930s communist-occupied Ukraine, it triggered the Holodomor. (Note it is a standard leftist approach. Currently, China weaponizes food prices globally by using Russia’s hands.) The widespread famine killed millions of Ukrainians—all in an attempt to crush opposition to communist ideas. The residents of primarily agricultural West Ukraine, which had many small farms, had a better chance of survival than the relatively industrialized East Ukraine population.

Ultimately, Stalin decided to repopulate East Ukraine by forcing families from central Russia to relocate to Eastern Ukraine’s wastelands. They quartered Russians in houses by then-murdered Ukrainians and allocated parcels of land. Russians brought their language, culture, and traditions and—in return for handouts from the Soviet government—became loyal servants to the communist powers.

The tensions between cohabitants—native Ukrainians and involuntary “invaders”—had been growing since the 1940s, and even the iron fist of the Soviet dictators could not suppress them. Eventually, the foreseeable but not easily predictable turning point, like a secret intelligence agency (KGB) taking over Russia, set Ukraine on a collision course with China’s client state.

Over the years, both presidents—Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin—have demonstrated unmistakable signs that they are on the Chinese payroll. During a recent press conference in Vietnam, Joe Biden stated, “I don’t want to contain China” and “We’re all better off if China does well.” For his part, Vladimir Putin is solidly in China’s orbit: economically as a junior partner and politically as a vassal.

Per China’s request, both presidents are working tirelessly to impoverish the countries they helm: Russia with war on its neighbor and the United States as Ukraine’s primary weapons and financial supplier. Both are doing Chinese Communists’ bidding, preparing economic, political, and assaultive conditions for Mao’s version of leftism to establish the New World Order. All this while China plays the diplomatic role of peacemaker.

Fortunately, it is not a hot world war yet, but the Russo-Ukrainian War affected countries on all continents. However, the war’s mastermind, the Chinese Communists, cannot assert firm control over rapidly unfolding events. Thus, the sum of unintended consequences greatly outweighs the matters under Chinese management and control.

Chinese Communists may have worked hard to normalize aggression, but they are certainly not the first. The history of leftist actions indicates that they plotted constantly for the World Revolution in one form or another. In other words, the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war should not be considered an isolated incident. This war is just one single line in the overall leftist project plan. Other items from that plan are well-known. Recall the COVID-19 hysteria (even if the virus itself was not intentionally released from the Wuhan lab, the political component of the pandemic is unquestionable). Also consider “climate change” (sorry—it is now called “global burning”) and WEF-promoted ersatz-fascism.

The leftist informational blockade is challenging to break through. The card-carrying ideological foot soldiers have infiltrated media and social networks. They—knowingly and sometimes unknowingly—joined forces with a plethora of “woke” intelligence agencies. Many segments of society are not trained to see the forest behind trees because the description of reality and the corresponding political vocabulary are firmly in the hands of the Left. Like an experienced magician, China shows what it wants the world to perceive while keeping the actual agenda well camouflaged.

Who do you think finances the barbaric invasion of illegals into the West? Who continues to invest in the Soviet-era “Red Cocaine” strategy, but with modern narcotics like fentanyl? Every time leftists feel the chorus of people asking inconvenient questions is exceedingly loud, new, “recently declassified” UFO sightings suddenly appear.

The beneficiaries of the present-day Russo-Ukrainian War are not in Europe or the Americas, Africa, or Australia. The heirs presumptive are China’s Communist Party Politburo; all human beings outside the leftist ecosystem must learn that lesson. The unfortunates of Europe’s most significant military campaign since World War II are easy to spot: Ukrainian, Russian, American, Polish, British, French, and German masses—just to name a few, and most of Africa’s inhabitants.

To conclude, American and Russian presidents are not independent players on the world stage; instead, they are tasked with presiding over the decline. That leaves the Ukrainian president between a rock and a hard place. Ironically, leftist history suggests that the Chinese will soon become victims, too.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

Biden and Putin: Pawns on China’s Chessboard

Natalia Holovanova, Gary Gindler

In the Russo-Ukrainian war, Ukraine is the victim, and Russia is the aggressor.  However, the victim and the aggressor are not acting alone.  Who made Ukraine the victim?  Who helped Russia make the blunder of aggression?

While analyzing the current Russo-Ukrainian war, the media tend to overlook one thing.  Namely, President Biden and President Putin are — for the lack of a more appropriate word — vassals to China’s triple-emperor, Xi Jinping.  From that perspective, the notion of “a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine” evaporates.  The WWIII scare disappears, too, if one recalls two main China objectives: Taiwan and South Siberia.

The occupation of Taiwan requires a weak United States, and the annexation of South Siberia demands a powerless Russia.

It looks as though everybody overestimated Biden and Putin, treating them as independent players and not as order-takers on the Chinese payroll, which they are.  For example, the American surrender to the Taliban must not be evaluated as a separate event; it was just one of Xi’s commands to Biden.  While Xi Jinping assumes a peacemaker role in Asia, the Chinese Politburo has chosen Europe as a theater of the next conflict.  This is a prerequisite to the global power-grab by Chinese communists.  The Russian “minor incursion” into Ukraine was supposed to do the trick of weakening the United States and NATO allies — and Russia herself.

In January 2022, one month before the full-scale Russo-Ukrainian war, Biden asserted that there is a difference between a “minor incursion” and a “major invasion.”  Putin interpreted it as a green light for an incursion (not a full-scale war) sanctioned by Biden.  During the initial operational success, Russia captured more Ukrainian territory than Xi decreed, and Putin had to order a humiliating retreat from Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson.

The positive thing is that WWIII is not in any country’s plan, including China’s.  Xi’s goal is not a military confrontation with the West, at least not just yet.  Instead, his goal is to exhaust the West so that no country will ever consider opposition to China’s global appetites.  Unfortunately, Xi’s lackeys, Putin and Biden, are up to the task — at the expense of Ukrainian men, women, and children.

Comrade Xi’s peacemaking efforts in Moscow could be compared to Comrade Stalin’s peace initiatives during the first two years of WWII.  After conquering Poland and dividing her between the Soviet Union and Germany, Stalin encouraged European countries to fight Germany until fatigue set in.  The plan was to crush all participants then.  In other words, Biden and Putin are not working 24/7 to bring on nuclear Armageddon, for their assignment is quite limited.

According to Putin (and Russian domestic propaganda), “the war is going according to plan.”  Unfortunately, the assumption that it is the Russian plan is wrong.

On the contrary, it is a Chinese plan.  It is a Chinese proxy war.

One of the conclusions is that everybody overestimates Russia.  The Kremlin, in fact, does Beijing’s bidding, preparing the conditions for Taiwan’s and South Siberia’s annexation.  (Note that modern maps of Russia printed in China already have Chinese names for Russian cities in Siberia.  From China’s point of view, they are considered “temporarily abandoned territories.”)  Unfortunately, it looks as if the Russians are still slaves in spirit.

Meanwhile, China is still feasting on Ukraine.  China intends to return a giant aircraft engine manufacturer, “Motor Sich,” which was taken from the Chinese in 2021.  The Russians have not bombed China-owned or China-controlled businesses in the Dnipropetrovsk Region, Chernihiv Region, Mykolaiv Region, Kherson Region, and Odessa Region during the entire war.

Some untouchable objects in Ukraine have a co-owner: the Chinese corporation COFCO.  COFCO entered Ukraine a few years ago and began building facilities for the Belt and Road Initiative project, promoted by China in 2013.  This giant infrastructure project was supposed to connect China with Europe through more efficient ways of supplying goods and touching many countries along the way.  This is a plan on a truly planetary scale, in which the Chinese issued loans for the construction of ports, warehouses, railways, and roads to establish themselves as the world hegemon with the help of the new Silk Road.  The “peace agreement” between Iran and Saudi Arabia, orchestrated by China by twisting Saudi’s hands and expelling the Biden administration from the region, is part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the beginning of the invasion, Beijing agreed with Moscow that it would continue independently operating its interests in Ukraine regardless of the war’s outcome.  Chinese communists envision the conflict’s most likely outcome as transforming Ukraine into a protectorate of Russia.

To conclude, President Biden is not a “lightweight,” an “idiot,” or anything in between.  He does what he is told to do by his Chinese Politburo masters.  Likewise, President Putin is not a “nuclear warmonger,” a “Russian patriot,” or the like.  He plays in an ensemble orchestrated by Xi Jinping.  Besides weakening NATO (and Russia), Putin also focuses on a secondary issue China faces: demographics.

Due to communist policies such as “one child” in the past, there is a deficiency of millions of young females in China.  As it is known, Putin’s mobilization efforts concentrate on Siberia.  The way things are shaping up, most Siberian conscripts will not return, thus making Russian women available to young Chinese men.

Under President Biden’s leadership, everything is done in the international arena at America’s expense.  The Chinese game he plays is as dirty as it could be.  Due to the poor performance of the Russian army, Xi felt that Putin’s throne was shaking.  It allows us to treat his visit to Moscow as a Putin rescue mission.  Unfortunately, the Chinese plan requires the continuation of the bloody stalemate.  Thus, Xi will support Putin — until he does not.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

Sifting through the Mess of the Ukraine War

Almost a year has passed since the latest Russian aggression against Ukraine.  Counting aggressions in 1917–1918 and 2014, it would be the Third Russo-Ukrainian war.  From the outset, it was an unusual conflict.  For example, this war, even if it is waged on land, resembles a war on the high seas.  On the battlefield, everything is observable during the day and visible at night via infrared optical systems.  There is nowhere to hide from drones and satellites.

However, the fundamental feature of the war is that nobody was ready for war — not Russia, Ukraine, or their allies.  By the day of the invasion, the Russian army was embezzled, the Ukrainian army was disassembled and had not reassembled, and NATO armies were depleted.   

With artillery, for detail, the American industry currently produces about fifteen thousand 155-mm howitzer shells per month; typically, Ukraine uses five thousand shells daily.  Thus, Ukraine uses a month’s worth of American shell production in three days.  That is not sustainable.  Overall, the present war demonstrated widespread ammunition shortages, exacerbated by the mostly peaceful post-WWII decades.

From the White House perspective, the war in Ukraine is out of control.  The working hypothesis is that President Biden, in a Chamberlain-like move, had committed to giving about one-fifth of Ukraine to Putin.  According to the AP, the U.S. planned to “press Ukraine to formally cede a measure of autonomy within its eastern Donbas region, which is now under de facto control by Russia-backed separatists.”  Most likely, the deal was made during Biden’s and Putin’s meeting in Geneva in July 2021.  After that meeting, CIA director Burns visited Moscow at least four times.  One of his “achievements” was the unprecedented Russian military buildup on the border with Ukraine, dubbed “military exercises.”

It appears that the Putin-Biden pact limits Russia’s appetite to the Donbas and Crimea only.  Recall the logically unexplained withdrawal of Russian forces from Kyiv.  Also consider the collapse of the Russian frontline in the Kharkiv region in the north of Ukraine and the Kherson sector in the south.  All things considered, these embarrassing events for Putin could easily be explained as necessary steps to comply with his side of an arrangement with Biden.

But surely Biden will soon realize that this is the same disastrous gentlemen’s agreement as with the Taliban.  (Note that the Afghanistan fiasco was happening practically in parallel with the Kremlin negotiations.)  He must have felt double-crossed, for instance, when Putin attacked areas of Ukraine (like the capital city of Kyiv) that were not part of the Putin-Biden deal. 

Russian propaganda dubbed the inglorious Russian withdrawal from Kyiv a “goodwill gesture.”  As such, it was ridiculed by mass-media punditry, which grossly misinterpreted it.  It was, in fact, a “goodwill gesture,” but not regarding Ukraine’s territorial integrity.  Instead, it was a “goodwill gesture” to affirm the Putin-Biden deal to partition Ukraine.

So, in February 2022, Putin violated the agreement, Biden went ballistic, and the dollar waterfall into the Ukrainian Treasury commenced.  The money and armaments will pour into Ukraine from the United States Treasury until Putin withdraws back to February 24, 2022 borders, or American funds run out — whichever comes first.

To facilitate monetary support for Ukraine, Biden reactivated a money-laundering conveyor that had lain comatose since President Trump’s time.  The original laundering mechanism operated like this: the cash flood from American taxpayers was returned (after the Ukrainians got their cut) to American soil — into the coffers of the DNC in the form of “foreign investments” and “donations.”  Next, of course, the “big guy” got his cut from these “investments” and “donations,” too.   

That scheme of financing Democrats using American voters’ funds was operational during the previous Ukrainian cabinet.  Then, after the Ukrainian elections in 2019, two months into Zelensky’s presidency, President Trump gently expressed the desire to shut the conveyor down.  Democrats considered that, quite correctly, an existential threat.  So Trump got his first impeachment.

Can the American Treasury run out of money?  Easily.  The United States is on the verge of another debt ceiling political fight.  Since the debt ceiling was reached in mid-January 2023, the United States Treasury can no longer borrow money.  As a result, the overall balance of tax payments (credit) and the budgetary obligations of the federal government (debit) will turn red in June.  Unless the House gives in, June will mark the United States’ insolvency and the last massive infusion of greenbacks Ukraine gets.  Such are the consequences of Keynesian economics, which lives on borrowed time (and money).

Another fast-approaching deadline is October 1, 2023, the federal government’s beginning of the new fiscal year.  The current remittance influx into Ukraine was approved by Congress (the “old” Congress, that is).  The brand new balance of power in Washington means dangerous uncertainty for Ukraine.  Therefore, Ukrainian military commanders have clearly defined deadlines to drive the aggressor away.  Unless European allies step in, October 2023 should be considered the hard stop for Ukraine.  On or around that date, the uncontrolled, non-audited, and presumably wasteful stream of payments from the United States into one of the most corrupt regimes (at least before the war), but still prone to endemic graft scandals, will probably end.   

Why are other NATO members reluctant to share more weapons and ammunition with Ukraine?  Everyone has at least two examples before him.  First, when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, Ukraine suddenly became the third-largest nuclear military power on Earth.  Ukraine surrendered its nuclear missiles to Russia in 1996 and decommissioned its launch silos by 2001, but what did it get in return?  The second example is that Ukraine gave Russian-made Buk air defense missile systems to Georgia when Russia attacked Georgia in 2008.  Georgia has not returned the Ukrainian Buk systems.

The assistance NATO participants provide to Ukraine has reached a staggering one-third of the military budgets of these countries.  Consequently, some Western artillery in Ukraine began to exceed its corresponding numbers in several NATO members.  At first, NATO threw away its army surplus.  Afterward, some, but not all, NATO countries began to give away everything available.  For instance, the Danes gave away 19 French-made Caesar howitzers, which was all they had.

As strange as it sounds, Ukraine’s sole feasible option to repel invaders is to boost corruption on both sides of the Atlantic.  Such Machiavellian cynicism is necessary because the next Russo-Ukrainian war is practically a given.  Ukraine’s young leadership quickly learned the lesson and acquiesced to restart the money-laundering conveyor.  From there, nobody should expect any drastic change in Ukrainian strategy until they conclude that the money game is over.  No Ukrainian offensive operations will materialize until the cash windfall is exhausted.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are trying to collect as much in arms as possible.  They undoubtedly understand that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and there will be no second chance.  Nobody will be able to reassemble the current anti-Russian coalition in the future because arsenals worldwide have been severely depleted.

The primary culprit, Putin, opened Pandora’s box by attacking Ukraine.  Instead of closing the lid at the first sign of trouble, he brainlessly threw himself into it.  Then Putin barricaded himself in and sealed Russia from the outside world.  The next entity foolhardy enough to start this process again will set loose Russia’s never-dormant imperial ambitions, triggering the Fourth Russo-Ukrainian War.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

Подарок к выборам

8 августа 2022 года ФБР вручило Америке большой и красивый подарок к выборам. С симпатичным бантиком сверху. Но верхушка ФБР просто этого еще не знает и, вероятно, даже не догадывается. Как не знают и не подозревают об этом большинство демократов.

Во-первых, они еще не понимают, что дали в руки Трампу серьезные козыри. Надеюсь, что все оценили важность того факта, что материал, на основании которого ФБР устроило рейд и конфискацию документов в Мар-а-Лаго, был опубликован. При этом 20 из 32 страниц полностью или частично вырезаны цензурой, но сам факт – беспрецедентный. Дело в том, что публикация любых документов, связанных с активным расследованием – дело в Америке неслыханное. Ни один прокурор, ни один следователь не допустит, чтобы материалы незаконченного расследования вдруг сделались достоянием гласности.

Во-вторых, недавний наезд на Трампа – уголовный, в отличие от предыдущего “русского дела”. “Русское дело” рассматривалось отделом контрразведки ФБР. Там все материалы дела засекречены по определению. Руки Трампа были связаны – он даже не имел права рассекретить свидетельства, инкриминирующие ФБР, поскольку тут же получил бы обвинение – вполне обоснованное – в противодействии правосудию. Нынешнее дело – уголовное, поэтому ФБР вынуждено играть по жестким и давно установленным правилам уголовной юриспруденции. Они знают, что по закону все материалы уголовного дела в конце концов должны быть переданы не только обвиняемому, но и преданы гласности.

В-третьих, в результате рейда на Мар-а-Лаго Трамп захватил политическую инициативу. Видеозапись беспардонного обыска и перетряхивания нижнего белья Мелании Трамп – один из козырей, который демократы преподнесли Трампу на блюдечке с голубой каемочкой.  Владеет этим видео Трамп, а не ФБР. Трамп опубликует это видео – но не прямо сейчас, а тогда, когда это будет ему нужно, когда это принесет наибольший политический эффект.

В-четвертых, президент Байден издал Указ, в котором аннулировал право бывшего президента Трампа на привилегию исполнительной власти (что, собственно, и сделало рейд на Мар-а-Лаго возможным). Налицо фантастический провал администрации Байдена, которая, кроме прецедента обыска у бывшего президента, создала еще один неслыханный прецедент. Теперь частная переписка Трампа, по решению Байдена, более не является собственностью Трампа. Все черновики речей, все разговоры с личными адвокатами, все материалы по селекции кандидатов на государственные посты – короче, вся “внутренняя кухня” Белого Дома Трампа простым росчерком пера Трампу более не принадлежит. Правомерность этого решения Байдена определит суд, но политические последствия совершенно понятны уже сейчас.

До глупого решения Байдена, прерогативой президента США было решать, какие документы принадлежат ему лично, а какие – уходят в Национальный Архив. (Белый Дом – не только офис президента, но и его резиденция. Поэтому часть документов Белого Дома, непосредственно связанная с исполнением президентских обязанностей, принадлежит Национальному Архиву. Все другие документы считаются частными и являются собственностью президента – но Байден так не считает). Есть все основания подразумевать, что умственные способности сенильного Байдена не дали ему возможность заглянуть в весьма недалекое будущее. В этом будущем первый же президент-республиканец поступит с документами Байдена аналогично тому, как Байден поступил с документами Трампа. При этом будущему президенту-республиканцу и делать-то ничего не придется – достаточно не отменять Указ Байдена и действовать соответственно.

В результате любой сотрудник Белого Дома Байдена теперь твердо знает, что в разговоре с Байденом лучше вообще помалкивать, и вынудить дряхлого и недалекого старца самому принимать и нести ответственность за все решения. Они понимают, что секретные, конфиденциальные, частные, и вообще все разговоры в Овальном Кабинете Байдена в скором времени, благодаря исключительно самому Байдену, станут всеобщим достоянием – как только Белый Дом получит нового постояльца.

В-пятых, документы для получения санкции суда на обыск и конфискацию всего, что только не попадется под руку агентам ФБР в поместье Трампа, были переданы в суд с помощью…WhatsUp. Как известно, WhatsUp – единственное коммуникационное приложение для смартфонов, которое шифрует все переданные сообщения, так что подробности переговоров между ФБР (частью правительства) и судом (другой частью правительства) теперь полностью скрыты от посторонних глаз. Вместе с тем, по закону, все коммуникации внутри правительства должны происходить так, чтобы и другие ветви власти, и граждане имели возможность контролировать процесс. (Как известно, Хиллари Клинтон это очень не нравилось, так что она предпочла использовать личную электронную почту для официальных дел).  Вся эпопея с обыском у Трампа теперь выглядит как неуклюжая попытка что-то скрыть и обойти закон.

В-шестых, после обыска у Трампа интернет взорвался от оглушительного хохота и нескончаемого потока шуток в отношении администрации Байдена. Все, что ни делает Белый Дом, теперь высмеивается – часто весьма беспардонно и издевательски – сторонниками Трампа. В какой-то момент количество карикатур, связанных с обыском у Трампа, стало похоже на какое-то дежавю. И в самом деле, вспомните, как “новая историческая общность людей – советский народ”, потешался над дряхлыми коммунистическими старцами. Я оказался не готов к тому, что американцы выплеснут на голову Байдена такое огромное количество анекдотов, мемов, шаржей, и уничижающих шуток, на которое оказалось не способно даже пресловутое Армянское радио.

Наконец, Байден окончательно расписался в неумении контролировать ситуацию с Трампом. Он, как и Хиллари Клинтон в 2016 году, нарушил американское политическое табу – атаковать следует политического оппонента, а не его сторонников (хотя бы потому, что голоса эти самых сторонников нужны для победы на выборах). Сначала сторонники Трампа были охарактеризованы Байденом как полу-фашисты, а затем лидер демократов (в своем последнем выступлении “в кровавых тонах” с откровенно нацистской эстетикой) объявил республиканцев “экстремистами”, которые “угрожают фундаменту нашей республики”. Оскорбляя как минимум половину страны, президент почему-то использовал довольно много букв, хотя мог бы ограничиться традиционным советским или нацистским определением “враги народа”.

В результате, из-за непрофессионализма администрации Байдена, Трамп – и никто другой – стал полностью и безраздельно контролировать новостной цикл, и это за каких-то несколько месяцев до выборов. Демократы и левые в целом совершают одну гигантскую, постыдную, катастрофическую, и разрушительную политическую ошибку за другой. При этом Трамп еще даже не потратил ни цента на эфирное время в этом электоральном цикле. Демократы повторяют события 2016 года, когда они в разгар предвыборной гонки безмозгло выдавили себя из эфира.

Вообразите, что будет, когда Трамп официально начнет предвыборную гонку.

Американский политзэк №1

Рейд в поместье Трампа в Мар-а-Лаго был тщательно продуман и привязан к хорошо известной инструкции Министерства Юстиции США, которая запрещает проводить резонансные политические мероприятия менее чем за 3 месяца до выборов. Рейд состоялся 8 августа 2022 года – в последний “разрешенный” день, ровно за 3 месяца до выборов 8 ноября 2022 года. Почему так долго тянули?

Вспомните пророческие слова Чарльза Краутхаммера: “Объясняя любой загадочный феномен Вашингтона, всегда выбирайте глупость, а не заговор, некомпетентность, а не хитрость”. Фантастические события августа 2022 года можно объяснить весьма просто, если понять, что криминальная фракция демократов (Клинтон и Ко) вышла на тропу войны с идеологической фракцией демократов (Обама и Байден). Традиционно, главной жертвой междоусобного противостояния должен стать лидер оппозиции – Трамп. По законам жанра, арест Трампа почти неминуем – таковы уж правила игры. При этом Байден продолжает настаивать, что его даже не поставили в известность об обыске у Трампа.

Наглый и непродуманный обыск в Мар-а-Лаго сыграл для популярности Трампа гораздо более существенную роль, чем все его предыдущие многотысячные политические ралли. Смертельно опасный для всякого демократического государства прецедент создан – и теперь уголовное преследование лидера политической оппозиции, ранее широко распространенное в “третьих странах”, Байден узаконил и в Америке.

Если до 2016 года демократы считали “глобальное потепление” причиной всех несчастий человечества, то после выборов 2016 года такой причиной стал Трамп. При этом он вовсе не являлся идеальным президентом. Дональд Трамп также никогда не проявил себя образцово-показательной личностью. У него множество пороков, но, в отличие от других политиков, есть одна уникальная и весьма привлекательная для американцев черта.

Трамп сумел создать вокруг себя правильный круг врагов.

И, что удивительно, состав этих врагов поразительным образом совпадает с негласным списком врагов американских граждан.

Согласитесь, что иметь правильных врагов не менее важно, чем правильных друзей. Именно это сделало Трампа лидером, и именно поэтому его противники пошли в 2020 году ва-банк. И именно поэтому Трамп – единственный президент, который пережил два импичмента подряд, который подвергся унизительному обыску, и которого открыто обвиняли в предательстве и коллаборации с Кремлем.

Нынешнее поколение никогда не жило во времена активного Ку-Клукс-Клана. Мы знаем лишь понаслышке о том, как происходило линчевание неугодных демократам граждан (примерно 2/3 из них были черными, а оставшаяся треть – белыми американцами, в подавляющем большинстве республиканцами). К настоящему времени Ку-Клукс-Клан разгромлен, но демократы подготовили ему вполне достойную замену. Теперь военизированным крылом Демократической Партии США выступает Федеральное Бюро Государственной Безопасности, ранее известное как ФБР. (Отметим, что Антифа и БЛМ проверку временем не прошли). За действиями ФБР зорко присматривает Генеральный Прокурор Лаврентий Павлович Гарленд – лояльный ставленник Леонида Ильича Байдена.

Раньше, во времена Эдгара Гувера – создателя и бессменного главы ФБР в течение полувека – было понятно, кто собирал и хранил компромат на политиков и политических назначенцев. Гувер вел досье на всех обитателей Большого Вашингтонского Болота, и все вынуждены были – в той или иной степени – плясать под его дудку. Скорей всего, в настоящее время также существует некий центр, который держит всех вашингтонских небожителей за интимные места. Кто им руководит – неизвестно. Об этом можно только догадываться.

Американцы наблюдали такую закономерность: вроде бы проницательный Трамп выдвигает отличных парней на ключевые должности, но, как только они приступают к работе, большинство из них вдруг полностью меняют свои взгляды на прямо противоположные. Почему Трамп никогда не ошибался в людях, когда это касалось бизнеса, и вдруг в Вашингтоне как бы растерял свои способности менеджера высшего уровня? Это происходит потому, что в недрах официального Вашингтона спрятан неофициальный современный аналог сборщика досье Гувера. По этой причине демократы и их подручные из ФБР, похоже, не беспокоятся о победе республиканцев в ноябре. Демократов не пугает республиканский Конгресс, они уже приготовили для него соответствующее противоядие. А вот Трамп вызывает у них ужас.

Надеюсь, все заметили, что сторонники демократов практически не занимаются пропагандой “положительного Байдена”. Они вообще предпочитают замалчивать его “достижения”. Вся энергия демократов направлена эксклюзивно против Трампа. Они всеми правдами и неправдами стараются переориентировать внимание избирателей от Байдена к Трампу, чтобы катастрофически низкий рейтинг Байдена не послужил решающим фактором на выборах. Тем самым демократы признали свое поражение в политической стратегии, которая должна была полностью закрыть Дональду Трампу возможность возврата в Белый Дом. Теперь вместо политического процесса они используют криминальный.

Администрации 46-го президента готовит почву для объявления 45-го президента Соединенных Штатов политическим заключенным №1. Основная вина Трампа состоит в том, что он посмел подать судебный иск за фабрикацию “русского дела” к Клинтон и Ко в марте этого года.

Администрация Байдена ступила на путь криминализации политической оппозиции. Политбюро ЦК Демократической Партии, возможно, ожидало не столько реакции Трампа на унизительный обыск, сколько гневной реакции разъяренного народа. Но американские граждане за оружие не взялись (пока), так что теперь черед фокусников из спецслужб добиться желаемого результата с помощью провокаций.

Но криминализация ждет не только Трампа, но и его сторонников. Страна, которая начала войну за Независимость во многом из-за несправедливых налогов, под руководством Байдена вдруг превратилась в страну, которая удваивает число вооруженных до зубов налоговых агентов. Запланированное число вооруженных агентов Налоговой Службы превысит число солдат Национальной Гвардии, но острие нового копья демократов нацелено вовсе не на 750 американских миллиардеров. 87 тысяч новых вооруженных сборщиков налогов нацелены на сторонников Трампа.

Точная формулировка уголовного дела Трампа еще не обнародована. Но в отношении его сторонников (Байден назвал их в своей недавней речи “полуфашистами”) задача ставится демократическими аппаратчиками так – использовать налоговое законодательство, чтобы искусственно криминализировать как минимум половину страны. Точнее, вместе с Трампом криминализировать всю известную и неизвестную (но потенциальную) оппозицию. Задача демократов – поставить вольнодумство под тотальный контроль и деактивировать несогласных.

Демократы хотят массовых гражданских беспорядков, хотят повторения погромов лета 2020 года. Это их единственный выход. Они буквально нажимают на все кнопки, на которые только могут, чтобы вывести сторонников Трампа из равновесия. В пятницу, 26 августа, основной документ, который “обосновывал” обыск у Трампа, был наконец-то “рассекречен” по решению суда. Фактически он замаран цензурой – из 32 страниц 20 полностью или частично удалены, что являются прямым вызовом здравому смыслу и очередной насмешкой над правосудием.

Впрочем, скоро многим может быть не до насмешек, даже если репутация Министерства Юстиции и Федерального Бюро Государственной Безопасности упала до беспрецедентно низкого уровня. Проблема настолько велика, что ее масштабы превысили все проблемы, связанные с такой крупной фигурой, как Дональд Трамп. Дело в том, что, если Вы читаете эти строки, то вероятность того, что Вы будете внесены в списки “неблагонадежных”, весьма значительна.

Остерегайтесь провокаций.