Joan of Arc of French Welfare

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To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.


The right-wing mass disinformation media are excited—Marine Le Pen, the “right” candidate for the French presidency, has moved up to the second round of voting. The left-wing mass disinformation media are equally delighted with the results—the young “centrist” Macron also advanced to the second round of the presidential elections in France. But do not rush to rejoice, gentlemen.

Mrs. Le Pen demanded to keep the working week at 35 hours (the working week of 40 hours has long been forgotten in France) and lower the retirement age from 62 years to 60 years. Further, she supports the idea of taxes on wealth (and not income), an increase in import tariffs, and the nationalization of entire industries. As a final point, she proposes to increase social benefits (the money, as we all know, goes primarily to armies of loafers who have learned to play the game of “pity me”).

Marine Le Pen is definitely on the left-hand side of the political spectrum. Le Pen is far to the left of the “ordinary” French socialists regarding economics.

That is not surprising at all. Marine Le Pen’s National Front is a socialist party with a nationalistic twist. Mass disinformation media portrays this party as extremely right-wing, but where have you seen the right-wing socialist parties?

The French National Front is definitely a leftist party. Their slogans are typically leftist. Their program is characteristically left. That is the party dedicated to nationalizing health, education, and banks.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Le Pen is unique among the leftists in terms of her nationalism (this term has long overstepped the state boundaries, no matter how I wanted to reserve it for the un-unified Germany of the nineteenth century, where it originated).

Le Pen wants all religious symbols to be banned from public places, including Muslim scarves and Jewish kippas. This war on windmills would have been ridiculed in pragmatic America long ago. However, Le Pen does not intend to stop there. She also plans to make France less hospitable to its non-French population by introducing pork into the school lunch menu.

That makes sense to me. There is practically no such thing as illegal immigration in France, which is the subject of protests in America.

The colonization of France in the 21st century by immigrants from the third world and the colonization of entire Europe took place in an organized and lawful way.

What is the background of the “young centrist” Macron? Former member of the Socialist Party with a successful banking career, Macron now leads a movement called “En-Marche!” – OK, that’s “Forward!” – the old slogan of the Social Democrats.

Six months ago, Mr. Macron had no party. Neither did he have a campaign organization. So by whom was he promoted? Globalists mainly support him. Hence, the support of Obama and the European Union bureaucrats. In addition, he is supported by his wife, who was his French literature teacher in high school and is 24 years older than the potential youngest president of France.

Macron is a cosmopolitan, a supporter of the further colonization of France by immigrants from third-world countries. According to him, the French culture does not exist. Instead, he appears to be a supporter of the vast Muslim ghettos, where even the French police may not enter. Macron and Le Pen will debate this subject in a single debate before the final round of voting.

For many years, the French presidential campaign debate has revolved around what color to paint the presidential palace. There are no other topics since all applicants are carriers of the same pool of leftist ideas.

France soon will choose global socialism (globalism) or national socialism.

We have our own problems with leftist -isms here in America, but it is sad to watch what France is becoming.

Unfortunately, the entire future of Europe is in its past.

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  1. The detailed statistics of the first round of voting in France have just been published.

    Le Pen, which brainless media positioned as the “French Trump”, got to the second round of voting at the expense of young voters, and received little support from the elderly French.

    The result is completely the opposite of Trump’s election in America.

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