Soros-Jugend in Charlottesville

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“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered    by those who follow them

Ecclesiastes, son of David

History is being rewritten in Charlottesville. Democrats are trying to redefine their role in the Civil War – the role of slaveholders. And the role of the defeated. Why did the Democrats suddenly decide that the time has come for the demolition of the monument to General Lee, the Commander of the Democrat South Army? The commander-in-chief, who was against slavery?

This monument stood in a park in the center of historical Charlottesville for about 100 years. This quiet park, along which doves walked peacefully, and the old men played chess, was a constant reminder to everyone that in the Civil War, the Southern Democrats lost to the Republican northerners. The monument was erected by Democrats. But since the Republicans took the slaves from their democratic masters, no one saw that the Democrats were so disposed towards their own monuments.

The composition of the protesters in Charlottesville speaks for itself.

The backbone of the protest is the Ku Klux Klan, or, as it is now politically correctly called, “White Supremacists”. A racist organization created by democrats after the Civil War to control the black population. These guys are one of those who perfectly remembers their origins. It was they who held the night torchlight procession on the eve of street fighting in Charlottesville. One of the former leaders of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke (who, incidentally, only six months ago publicly supported the candidacy of anti-Semite Keith Ellison for the post of chairman of the Democratic Party of the United States) was present.

In Charlottesville, neo-Nazis were also widely represented. These guys are a typical product of the American educational system. They do not suspect that Nazism is a kind of socialism, that is, an extremely leftist, not a right ideology. From the program of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany (this notorious program was written personally by Hitler and consists of 25 points) they forget all the points except one – racism.

But these modern followers of the fascist swastika do not know anything about this, so they do not resist the fact that well-educated leftists call them “right-wingers.” Inscrutable are your ways, political correctness …

These two groups in Charlottesville were opposed by bandit formations of Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), American Communists, and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The Nazi origins of the “antifascist” movement of Antifa, sponsored by the Nazi accomplice George Soros, has long been known. BLM is a black racist terrorist organization sponsored by the same Soros. The DSA is famous for the fact that it was young Barack Obama who joined the party as soon as he arrived in Chicago. DSA is a member of the Socialist International.

DNC Convention in NYC 1924

Photo: Democratic Party Convention. New York, 1924

Both sides of the conflict appeared in Charlottesville with a full parade – with flags (swastika, hammer and sickle prevailing), banners, feces, urine, pepper spray bottles, and batons.

Thus, in Charlottesville the democrats who remember their past clashed with democrats-leftists, who either do not remember their past, or prefer to forget it.

The counter-protesters tried to give their opponents in the democratic camp the nickname “alt-right”, since the real “right” (in America they are also called conservatives) have always been opponents of racist ideologies. They wanted to somehow connect the racists with President Trump. But this maneuver failed – Trump quite reasonably condemned both sides of the Charlottesville conflict, to the great displeasure of the Washington Democrats. It was devilishly conceived by them, but now everyone already knows that the “alt-right” is the same left, but with an aggressive racist tinge.

All this was already part of history. Bloody street showdowns between Nazis, Communists and Social Democrats were common in the early 1930s in Germany, because they all fought for the same electorate. These three left parties were leaders in the Reichstag after the elections of 1932, but none of them had a clear majority. The Communists could unite in the Reichstag with the Social Democrats and outstrip the Nazis, but Stalin, who had complete control over the German Communists, forbade them to join the coalition.

Thus, German President Hindenburg – an 85-year-old military general – had no choice but to approve the government of corporal Hitler. The aristocrat Hindenburg said at the same time that, if he did, he would not trust Hitler to even lick stamps in his office.

As before, scum representatives of the left ideologies participate in these bloody street showdowns. This time in the US. Who plays the role of Stalin-like Muppet master this time? Most likely, George Soros. No wonder the clashes in Charlottesville occurred exactly on his 87th birthday.

We all know that the left ideology is a dead-end branch in the development of mankind. But how the leftists will finally discredit themselves, we do not know. But we know that they demanded from the federal government to characterize the use of the car to hit the counter-protesters in Charlottesville as an “act of terror.” Just think about it! After this, only one step to the illegitimate, in Obama’s time, politically incorrect phrase “Muslim terror”.

I’m afraid it’s too late, comrades. The fiery Leninists with cold heads from the Lubyanka (KGB headquarters), who are not without reason considered inventors in the 1970s of automobile terror, long ago passed their achievements to the ideologically close Muslim terrorists. (Although the first use of this method was tested by terrorists from Northern Ireland). And the use of cars for terrorism against Israel, against Europe, and against America has a long history.

Now that the group of Communists in Charlottesville has suffered from the car of its ideological brethren (one person was killed, 19 wounded), it is necessary to recall how the Conservatives perceived the monstrous auto-attack in Nice in the summer of 2016. And how did the leftist multiculturalists react to it?

Where were these leftists, when in 2006 an American of Iranian origin crashed into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina? Where were these leftists when in 2016 another Muslim slammed into the crowd of Ohio University students? A terrible attack at Christmas in 2016 in Berlin? A hitting a pedestrian on the London Bridge just a month ago? Now the leftists know what the conservatives felt during these terrorist attacks.

What is interesting is the possible “Russiagate” in Charlottesville. One of the organizers of the protest action is the racist Richard Spencer. His wife, Nina Kupriyanova, is known for translating into English the philosophical works of the notorious Russian nationalist Alexander Dugin. Both Spencer and his wife are supporters and aggressive defenders of Putin.

The first thing that unites all participants in brawls in Charlottesville is mutual hatred for each other. Hate at the level of almost religious, at the level of hatred of Sunni Muslims for Shiite Muslims. At the level of hatred of the Bolsheviks against the Mensheviks. The second thing that unites them is their sense of superiority over other people, although in reality they are all the excrements of society. Finally, the third thing that unites them is anti-Semitism.

Now that the boys from the Soros-Jugend have trained quite well in Berkeley, Washington, Baltimore, Ferguson, and Charlottesville, they are capable of even more ambitious terrorist tasks.

Their initial task is to use the drama “Once Upon a Time in Charlottesville” (director, scriptwriter and producer – Gyorgiy Schwartz, better known as George Soros) to raise funds for the needs of the Democratic Party (on this issue, the Democrats are much behind the Republicans in 2017). A side effect in this case will be the final “squeezing” out of the TV air of hysteria over Trump’s “criminal conspiracy” with Putin.

And then … I do not want to repeat myself, but the litmus test of a healthy society over the past two thousand years of world history has been attitude towards Jews. And in the administration of Trump the Jews are ten times more than “acceptable statistical level”. His chief advisers are a daughter, a son-in-law, also grandchildren – all Jews.

So, as the leftists say: “Goals are defined, tasks are set. For work, comrades! ”

My advice for those who understand everything – limit yourself in choosing the calibers. There are many calibers, but your budget is limited. Choose two or three calibers. For example, 9 mm and 5.56 mm. Or .38 caliber and 7.62 mm. Well, and the standard shotgun, 12 gauge. Why?

Because one of the very first decrees of the Nazis was the confiscation of firearms from German Jews. But on this they, as we know, did not stop.

39 thoughts on “Soros-Jugend in Charlottesville”

  1. “This 45th President was chosen and anointed by GOD”
    How do you know that? How did you get this information?

  2. I was laughing at this blog, but decided to add a few words. It seems that we are missing the point. As jew in a Soviet Union, I knew one rule, when you are called “zhid”, you punch to the face on the spot. Trump failed this simple rule. After that calling his speech “brilliant” or discussion about ‘democratic-masonic-conspiracy theories’ is a complete BS, be you “liberal” or “anti-liberal”.

    Next time when you hear “kill the jews”, read Gary’s blog, he will explain you everything and make you feel better. For ex-soveticus, for whom the world is divided into ‘back and white’, into ‘us and them’, for whom democrats and liberals are bad, Trump is brilliant, this blog is awesome. Gary nicely fills the niche of Kashpirovsky – make people feel good about their believes. Those preachers always appear together with a rise of populism, racism and anti-semitism. But this is the world we live in. I am sure my comment will be again called: “горькие всхлипывания либералов.” But it is just due to inability to comprehend simple logic or a lack of basic concepts. Liberals for Gary and others became like “zhidi” for anti-semites.

    I deeply believe that for a thinking individual, independently on his political orientation, one of the citizen’s duties is to keep those who in power, in-check, be it a president or a government. Blaming democrats in all evil does not require much intellectual skills, especially, when they are in the minority. Differently from democrats for whom this site is a source of anger and protes (like Igor), for me it is just am embarrassment for those who voted for republicans and believes in their ideas.

    So, as it is difficult to take this blog seriously, I will continue enjoying it. I still thank Gary for running this blog, and collecting all these facts, which makes kusma-the-mudazvon (I like this word!) feel better, and Mark to call Trump’s speech “brilliant”, and have “a little breath of fresh air”, and Gary’s admires express their admiration. It is quite entertaining, I mostly like Floridian’s comments, they have nice twist. Floridian, please, write in Russian, and do not waste money for deporting Igor. If there will be no liberals, whom will you blame?

    1. Dear Nathan,
      You confirm one more time that the pool of Jewish schmucks is unfathomable.
      Who did you punch in Russia for the word “zhid” ? The antisemitism was state sponsored and
      supported; I really doubt whether you had courage to punch somebody there, instead you had
      taken your animosity with you as a baggage of an immigrant, and might be not so
      successful one. Now you want Trump to punch “neo nazists”, but don’t see with your
      blood-bleared eyes that all this is a nationwide provocation by community organizers,
      who failed to win 2016 elections, by media – the failed kingmakers, by liberal thugs,
      who were not having enough blood and bigger scope of riots in Berkeley, Ferguson,
      Baltimore, Dallas, OWS and other local actions. Did media and libs called those
      thugs “left wing nazists”, their “tactics” was exactly nazi-type. …the transition
      from local to national is obvious and their goal has been reached.

      1. You are right. When you got failed at the entrance exam to the university (state sponsored anti-semitism) you do not punch anybody, but run from the country as soon as the door opens. But, probably you did not experience this interesting phenomenon on the street, good for you. Well, I need to say, it worked. And nobody in my school class ever dared to challenge this question. I agree with you, “budlo” on the street has deeper routs, which are needed to be analyzed. And I imagine that our great leader spent 2 days studying this question and then gave his brilliant speech. So does Mr. Gindler who found the only answer – democrats. Now when we found responsible, we all can relax and feel better….
        I fed up with ex-soveticus who are hiding behind the left propaganda and Berkley riots arguments. Go move your family and your kids to a mid-America school, do not send them to these fucking liberal universities, join Trump rallies, and praise our great leader, scream hail-Trump. Close your eyes on the fact, that your brilliant speaker from the very beginning of his campaign played on national sense of identity, and ignited nationalism. (He did it very professionally as a businessman). Talk about how he loves Israel and jews and even has his own ““внук белорусской партизанки”. And then later go and explain in the textbooks, how all this deeply seated nationalism was provoked by liberals. You will be right, I give it all to you. And now go and help him to ignite this fire, and go f-k yourself later…

  3. @ Floridian
    August 16, 2017 at 2:15 am

    “ Leave this racist, climate-unchanged, non-minimal wage America to us – we’ll continue our miserable lives without you. “

    Oh, by all means, you can have it!!!
    Just remember, what you are left to have is not an America. It is not even a corner of America.
    It is a weird, smelly and shitty rabbit hole that can still be found in America.
    The rabbit hole where the weird and discussing characters reside.
    Like racist jew, who is banging backwards trying to justify an existence and behavior of horrible nazi pigs. The same nazi pigs who were burning alive this racist jew’s ancestors.
    Like anti science moron, who is stubbornly denying the obvious while watching his Floridian streets being flooded on a nice and sunny day by ever faster and higher tide.
    Like selfish asshole with “I got it. Fuck anyone who does not” attitude, hypocritically forgetting that he welcomes support that society provides to someone who “does not have it” if that someone is his mother or grandmother.

    So yes, racist jew, anti science moron and selfish asshole, you can have your weird, smelly and shitty rabbit hole. Enjoy it, while you can.
    And what am I going to do in this great country that I love?
    Among other things I’ve done and enjoyed so far, I’m going to really enjoy watching you whining in desperate frustration while getting twisted and squeezed in your ever shrinking shitty rabbit hole.
    And, of course, since you neither like me, nor my values, nor my words, nor my worldview, I’d like to extend you an invitation to kiss my progressive ass.

  4. @Mark says:
    August 15, 2017 at 9:27 pm
    ” ……but it was fun to a few back&forth…so, have a good night, Mr. “Empty Can” ”

    Well, as I said before, all this back&forth is not designed to change minds like yours or Kuzma’s.
    This is pretty much impossible.
    But what is possible is to show to unbiased observer how flawed your arguments are and how bankrupted your ideology is. Every time the answer to my questions is either silence or mean insult or a desperate “have a good night, Mr. “Empty Can” ” I see that I hit a bulls eye and that another nonsense bites the dust and it will not go unnoticed by an unbiased observer. And that is all that matters.

  5. Long time ago I granted this person – Igor with nickname “mudozvon”. I inform everyone who incautiously starts discuss with him that he actually and really mudozvon.

      1. Well, I attempted to translate that definition into something (politically-correct, of course!) in English. And failed 🙁

        Anyway, let’s avoid such level of discussion in the future.

        1. In English he might be called “an empty can”, but really he could be a great
          agent-provocateur in good old KGB time, working among “Jews in science field, who
          are not very loyal to ideas of Marx-Lenin-Stalin”.

          1. Straw Man – an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.

  6. @ Gary G
    August 15, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    ” Mocking Mark?! The only thing that comes in mind is from Popper too: “It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood”.
    So let me try again – I was trying to warn Mark regarding wasting his time arguing with some folks… ”

    Since “some folks” is an oblivious reference to me, let me try to offer again what I already offered once before.

    I am perfectly willing to debate you on any subject, including, but not limited to

    global warming
    social issues
    health care

    You name it – I’m ready.
    We can do it in Russian or in English. Again, it is your choice.
    You have nothing to fear. If facts and logic are on your side, you will make it apparent for an unbiased onlooker.
    And that is all that counts in a civilized discussion.
    So, Gary, you can choose the time and the place, or you can continue to cowardly hide behind you computer screen and appeal only to those who share your bankrupted ideology, exhibit in a process tribalism and confirmation bias at its worst.

    1. Igor,
      Your proposal to “debate” shows that you are totally “oblivious” (your word).
      Mr. Gindler’s blog is totally a political blog, he posts what he considers
      relevant to current events and of interests to many of his visitors.
      You can discuss other topics on proper Internet forums.
      You can easily find a lot of forums that will share your views and opinions.
      You can show your “acumen” by opening your own blog .
      Instead of limiting yourself with consequential comment or two, you
      are making a total fool of yourself by calling Gary Gindler to a duel

      1. Mark
        So far you are trying you hardest to make a full out of yourself, drawing the blank by either ignoring or being oblivious to the undeniable fact that science, global warming, economy, investing, social issues and health care ARE the subjects of Mr. Gindler’s blog entries, thus making his blog a very appropriate place to discussing them. If religion is not the one of them – that’s fine. We can pass on that. Although, as an atheist, I am ready non the less, just in case.

        BTW, what about the questions I posted to you? Am I in a wrong place to expect the answers?

        1. I assume that a person with an avatar “Kuzma” answered all your questions,
          I just don’t want to repeat what he said already, by citing your nickname.
          As I noticed, Russian language is so colorful…probably, the number of such
          people in Russia far exceeded their English counterparts….poor Webster,
          only 600,000 words, and Mr. Gindler and me too failed to find a good translation…
          but it was fun to a few back&forth…so, have a good night, Mr. “Empty Can”.

      2. Mark, I’d like to take the liberty to expand your “another forum” invitation for Igor et al to… another country. I was always puzzled why so many people making nice living in this country (leave alone the ones pulled out of sovok shit to her and by her) hate her so much. If one still yearns for the marvels of “égalité et fraternité” akin to the ones we “enjoyed” in sovok, what the f*** is he doing here?! Nobody dragged him in here on the noose, nobody holds him here behind the “iron curtain”. There are so many countries in the world which already implemented those brilliant magnanimous ideas: from a bit malnutritioned Cuba and Venezuela to a bit over-raped by muslims Europe. Why Igor, BLM, OWS, all sorts of obamas, pelosis, and piserman-shmutses won’t go out to enjoy life over there? Leave this racist, climate-unchanged, non-minimal wage America to us – we’ll continue our miserable lives without you. And we won’t even begrudge your gloating from afar over our misfortunes. I personally commit myself to pay for TEN one-way tickets (economy class, please) for any happy deportee.

        On unrelated note: too bad, Mark, that it looks like English is easier for you to use than Russian. I really enjoyed our discussion on that page and like your arguments here. For me writing in Russian is the only possibility to practice my native tongue, and I am too lazy to participate in two blogs. Thus, I am not going to be a “frequent flier” on this one. Hope to see you on Russian page at least every once in awhile. Best…

        1. Dear Mr. Floridian,
          Appreciate Your invitation to further discussions. Unfortunately, my
          Russian is not up to snuff, didn’t write a word in 30+ years, my exchanges
          are mostly limited to a couple of English-speaking friends, who also became
          very frustrated with pseudo-republicans, media and all awful and tragic events
          having been occurring recently…such forum is a little breath of fresh air.
          Thank the author, you, and other sane men of this forum very much.

          1. Sergey, Russian is better to express OUR feelings because it is OUR native one. And it is not language per se but, the whole culture which one grew up with. I cannot quote Bob Hope and Johnny Carson the way I do Raikin and Zhvanetsky. However, EVERY language is good for the one who knows what to do with it. If any Russian native-speaker achieved English fluency at par with our handling of Russian – more power to him! Regretfully, I mostly see meager, often illiterate attempts at English by the ones who are as pitiful in Russian (Mark, specifically – камень не в Ваш огород 🙂 ). I already told here the story about such “bilinguists” taught to me at the U of P. А ми ж з шановним Паном Сергієм ще й українською можемо, а чи ні? 🙂

  7. @Mark says:
    August 15, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    ” Where did I say that “dems organized and funded neo nazi rally” ?.
    I was talking about funding and organizing BLM, Antifa and other left goons,
    people who organized Berkeley, Baltimore, Ferguson…. now Virginia ”

    Oh, that is what you were talking about? Let’s see then.
    Here are you exact words again:

    ” Democrats look ahead , not backward.
    The major purpose is a provocation of a nationwide size, from Texas to Massachusetts.
    As the impeachment is a rather far fetched, they needed a better tool to ignite
    riots and protests. The operation is well planned, well funded and well organized.
    They just chose the right time to ignite the racist bomb and blame Trump for being not enough

    How democrats ignited “the racist bomb” and how it was timed?
    How “funding…left goons” made neo nazis with torches, guns and baseball bets to yell out “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil”?
    Was a reaction of hundreds of decent people to this horrible fuckers “well planed, well funded and well organized”
    “provocation” or it was simply the right thing to do?
    Who “provoked” whom?
    Who is biased toward the ideas and actions that don’t have a place not only in the civilized society, but on the face of the Earth? Who exhibits this bias by all kinds of red herrings and false equivalences?
    I see you. I see Trump. I see Gary G. Who else?

  8. @ Mark says:
    August 15, 2017 at 10:02 am

    ” The operation is well planned, well funded and well organized.
    They just chose the right time to ignite the racist bomb and blame Trump for being not enough
    apologetic. ”

    So, you are saying that Democrats planned, funded and organized the violent white supremacist rally AND
    that they knew in advance that Trump will give them a chance to blame him for being not
    apologetic enough by waiting 48 hours before condemning these nazi assholes.

    How do you know all that? Where did the information about planning meetings, funding transactions and organizing mechanisms come from to you? Can you share it with us and, most importantly, with FBI?
    It looks like you know something nobody else, including FBI, does.
    How did democrats managed to manipulate Trump’s mind into not saying right away what they did not want him to say to make sure that would have an opportunity to blame him? Did they use drugs? Or remote psychic powers?

    If you cannot come up with serious substantiation of your wild ass assertions, then there is only one explanation for them – they are product of an inflamed imagination of brain washed idiotic conspiracy theorist.
    I’ll give you a benefit of the doubt that you are not the one and that you are simply passing out the moronic thoughts of somebody else without using even an drop of critical thinking.

      1. Mark, I just want to remind you that “No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude” (Karl Popper).

        1. I like it: “brilliant talk by Trump”, this definitely add to my collection of the quotes from this blog, which started from the author’s masterpiece about Kushner: “внук белорусской партизанки”
          I also like the Gary’s sense of humor, when he is mocking Mark by citing Karl Popper.
          Maybe, Gary is just practicing to compete with Jon Oliver…

          1. Mocking Mark?! The only thing that comes in mind is from Popper too: “It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood”.

            So let me try again – I was trying to warn Mark regarding wasting his time arguing with some folks…

            1. Now I feel much better for Mark who has not been mocked, but warn!

              It is good strategy – after failing with using physics to make your points, you should practice with philosophy. It adds much more weight to your words. People will believe you even more.

        2. Dear Sir,
          At the same time Popper was saying that any hypotheses has to be falsifiable.
          Probably, he included a gamut of people searching the proof or disproof of truth.
          Fortunately, Popper was a science philosopher and lived in a more rational time.

      2. I’m computer illiterate enough to fact check your Soros claim and find it misleading at best.
        But this is not a point.
        Neither Soros’s grants to variety of organizations and causes nor today’s rent of our unhinged and unstable president has nothing to do with your claim in question.
        You claimed democrats intended to “ignite the racist bomb by planning, organizing and funding neo nazi rally in order to later blame Trump for being not enough apologetic”.
        That’s your claim. Prove it. Or admit that you are brain washed conspiracy theorist.

        1. Mr.Igor,
          Apparently your problems are not only with computers but with reading too.
          Where did I say that “dems organized and funded neo nazi rally” ?.
          I was talking about funding and organizing BLM, Antifa and other left goons,
          people who organized Berkeley, Baltimore, Ferguson…. now Virginia
          Please, stop writing comments with false statements, don’t show your bias.

  9. Mr. Gindler is trying to show the history of current conflict, that Democrats are trying
    to redefine their role of slave owners in the Civil War. I’m not sure that Dems look at
    it as their major goal; today is much more relevant that they lost on November 2017
    and might lose in 2020. Democrats look ahead , not backward.
    The major purpose is a provocation of a nationwide size, from Texas to Massachusetts.
    As the impeachment is a rather far fetched, they needed a better tool to ignite
    riots and protests. The operation is well planned, well funded and well organized.
    They just chose the right time to
    ignite the racist bomb and blame Trump for being not enough
    apologetic. Even the official GOP media doesn’t want
    to say that it was a blatant provocation, they are afraid of being
    called “racists” and “bigots”. The scenario was obvious, just
    another barb against Trump and GOP elite is jumping ahead
    of Democrats to condemn white people…nobody asks why
    BLM appeared well equipped to begin riots, nobody asks why so many city councils
    decided to remove statues and monuments exactly at the same, well-chosen time.

      1. Why no body here speaks of GOD’s work? Almost the whole world have prayed unceasingly for the US and for President Trump that GOD Bless and Protect this 45th President against the force of darkness who has controlled the world for centuries.

        This 45th President was chosen and anointed by GOD, he is no one’s puppet but a servant of GOD. That’s why GOD protects this President, regardless what SATAN has tried to destroy him, SATAN will always fail. GOD keeps exposing the crimes of those wicked people in high and low places every day. So Repent or you who are in the wrong side will be Judged.
        And please also PRAY for ISRAEL (the Land that GOD gave to JACOB) and Pray for those wicked politicians and in media that JESUS CHRIST, The Living GOD will have mercy on them and free them from SATAN. Amen.

        Peace & Love to all.

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