Lessons of Gaza and Lessons from Charlottesville

Keep the pressure on. Never let up».
Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals“, Rule #8

August 15, 2017 there were two seemingly unrelated events. Israel marked the 12th anniversary of the voluntary withdrawal from Gaza. And in New York, President Trump once again, for the third time, condemned all the participants in the brawl in Charlottesville.

It seems that Trump did not learn the lessons of Gaza. And continues to attack the same rake.

Under the pressure of the world’s “progressive humanity” in 2005, Israel decided to withdraw troops and forcefully withdraw the Jewish population from Gaza. Thus, a springboard was established for terrorist attacks against Israel, and the road to the seizure of power by the terrorist organization Hamas was opened.

Sober heads then warned that the demands of withdrawal from the territory of Gaza are just the beginning.

The main goal of “progressive humanity” is the withdrawal of all Jews from all over Israel.

Therefore, the withdrawal from any territory will be regarded as the victory of “progressive humanity”, and further attempts to seize the territory of Israel will never cease. They did not stop.

Keep the pressure on. Never let up” in action.

It should be noted that progressive (especially in the well-known word combination “progressive humanity”) has nothing to do with progress. Progressives are progressive (as an adjective, not a noun, “progress”), as they are direct heirs of Karl Marx, who (for those who have forgotten) pushed for so-called “progressive taxation” as one of the methods of wealth redistribution. “Progressive taxation,” in which the richer the person, the higher his tax rate, was one of the main points of the Communist Manifesto. After being introduced by progressive politicians, it exists in America to this day.

Trump made a statement about the events in Charlottesville the same day, hot on the trail, and on that he should stop. But Trump went on about the “progressive humanity ” and agreed to condemn the participants of the carnage in Charlottesville for the second time. This did not help. The second time he looked very unconvincing. He was forced to repeat his assurances about the inadmissibility of violence in politics for the third time. He agreed. Why didn’t the Gaza lesson and his own experience teach him anything?

Trump will get his hands twisted and forced to come forward with another statement about Charlottesville as long as he is in office as president of the United States.

And no new assurances from Trump will have any effect.

Because their goal is not to listen to Trump. The goal is to impose someone else’s game on him. To dictate their own agenda. And thereby take away his leadership.

The sad experience of condemning the Ku Klux Klan is a good example. On YouTube, there are many interview videos with Trump (since the 80’s), where he angrily attacks racists in general and the Klan in particular. Nevertheless, he is accused at every opportunity that he has not clearly expressed his attitude to these scums of society. And they demand another angry condemnation.

Keep the pressure on. Never let up” in action.

It seems that the staff of the Trump administration has never read Saul Alinsky, and do not understand what kind of game is being played against the president. Let me remind you that Saul Alinsky is a man who is often called “American Lenin”. It is often said that if Lenin adapted Marxism to the conditions of peasant Russia, then Alinsky adapted Marxism to the conditions of industrial America.

As a result, Trump goes to the podium without adequate preparations and is forced to simply snap at the intrusive “journalists”. (I simply have to put this word in quotes, because most of the so-called journalists are warriors of the ideological front, not impassive reporters).

Trump must understand that “journalists” are not interested in his answers, because most of them are only interested in their own questions.

One thought on “Lessons of Gaza and Lessons from Charlottesville”

  1. Just like to complete author’s parallel between Arabs in the Middle East and Progressives in the USA.
    1. Arabs want Palestine become “Juden-free”.
    2. Progressives want USA become “Melting Pot Free”.
    America stands on two pillars – Melting Pot Unity and Dow-Jones Index.
    Let’s hope that both Arabs and Progressives fail.

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