UNESCO has a new communist head, same as the old communist head

Audrey Azoulay was just recently elected to the post of the head of UNESCO. She is a Jew whose parents came to France from Morocco.  Almost nothing is known about her personal political views.  But the commitment of her family to socialist ideas is not a secret.  Her father, André Azoulay, is well-known in Europe as a leftist journalist who is a supporter of the Arabs in conflict with Israel.  Audrey Azoulay proudly stated that she “grew up in a radical left-wing family.”

She was minister of culture in the socialist government of François Hollande.  Madame Azoulay is a member of the Socialist Party of France, which, in turn, is a member of the Socialist International.  The current U.N. secretary-general, António Guterres, is a member of the Socialist Party of Portugal and former chairman of the Socialist International.

Madame Azoulay is in good company.  The list of her predecessors as director-general of UNESCO speaks for itself.

The predecessor of Audrey Azoulay was Irina Bokova (Bulgaria), a descendant of a high-ranking communist family.  (The Communist Party of Bulgaria in 1990 adopted the name “socialist” and now is a member of the Socialist International.)  It was under her leadership that UNESCO officially renamed Jerusalem “Al-Quds.”

Irina Bokova’s predecessor was Koichiro Matsuura (Japan), a professional diplomat with a typically leftist worldview.  The predecessor of Koichiro Matsuura was Federico Mayor Zaragoza – a member of the center-left party of Spain, a supporter of the socialist Obama in the international arena to this day, and an ardent opponent of Israel.

The predecessor of Federico Mayor Zaragoza was Amadou-Mahtar M’Bow (Senegal), who supported the idea of the “New International Information and Communication Order” and turned UNESCO into the center of anti-capitalist, anti-American, and anti-Israeli propaganda.  As a result, President Reagan announced the U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO in 1984.  President Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO for the same reasons.

As it ever happens to socialists, in Audrey Azoulay’s internal struggle, a Socialist, not a Jew, will always win.

Thus, do not expect any significant changes from the new head of UNESCO.  As you know, Israel does not exist on the map of UNESCO’s projects, and instead of Jerusalem, UNESCO enforces the Arabic name “Al-Quds.”

The term “New International Economic Order” has long been forgotten, although the U.N. General Assembly in 1974 adopted a resolution on this “New Order.”  A gift to the Soviet bloc and the Socialist International was made on May 1 – on the Day of Solidarity of Workers, popular among the leftists.  The idea was as old as the world: “take away and redistribute,” but on a global level.

The U.N. legalized the radical new principle of the world economy – a global redistribution of wealth from developed countries to third-world countries.  Hence the name “Globalism.”

No one dares to mention this after the collapse of the Soviet Union, although the idea is undoubtedly alive.  Its reincarnation occurred in the 1990s under the name of “global warming.”  Don’t confuse “global warming” with scientific research.  The term “global warming” has nothing to do with the temperature on the planet Earth.  Instead, the U.N. talks about the political legalization of the global wealth redistribution.

The term “New International Cultural Order” was once the official doctrine of UNESCO – like the “New International Social Order” (newspeak for the globalists’ utopia) and like the “New International Information and Communication Order” (newspeak for a censorship and political correctness at the global level).

All these “New World Orders” had turned UNESCO into the propaganda department of the Socialist International, and the United Nations into the ideological department of the Socialist International.

The Annual Presidium of the Socialist International for many years has been held at the same time as the U.N. General Assembly, and at the same place: at the U.N. building in New York.  Not surprisingly, the Democratic Socialist Party of America (the party a young Barack Obama became a member of upon his arrival to Chicago) at its Congress in August 2017 announced its withdrawal from the Socialist International.  Radicals from the DSA long ago transformed this party into a pitiful semblance of Stalin’s Bolsheviks, and now they accuse globalists of being “not progressive enough.”

In the 21st century, the reincarnation of the “New International Cultural Order” took the form of “multiculturalism.”  However, the real name of this “Order” is the “New International Marxist Cultural Order,” because this idea was proposed by the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci.

After the Second World War, the world recoiled from the horrors of “National Socialism” (Nazism) and proclaimed the era of “International Socialism” (Globalism), in which we live to this day.

A long time ago, historian Robert Conquest spotted the evolution of many organizations in the direction opposite direction from their original principles.  He formulated this process in the form of Conquest’s Second Law: “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

The cemetery of organizations that proclaimed noble and humane goals at the dawn of their existence is littered with Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace, the World Health Organization, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, trade unions, and many others.   It’s not difficult to spot a monument to the UNESCO and the U.N. over there.


[Originally published at American Thinker]

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