United Nations preparing to jump into oblivion

The World Assembly of Anti-Semites, better known as the U.N. General Assembly, voted Thursday, December 21 against Trump’s decision to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  This vote means that the United Nations no longer recognizes the U.S. as a sovereign country.  One hundred twenty-eight U.N. members voted for this decision, nine countries supported America, 35 countries abstained, and 21 countries did not vote at all.

On the eve of the vote, Trump threatened to cut American financial assistance to those countries that risk depriving the U.S. of the sovereign right to place its embassies where it pleases.  According to preliminary estimates, those states that voted against the U.S. receive from 10 to 12 billion dollars a year from American taxpayers.  There were calls to use the money saved to erect a wall on the border with Mexico, or to withdraw from the U.N., or to force those NATO members who voted against America to maintain their defense without American subsidies.

The list of proposed punishments to be brought down to 128 countries is growing.  But something tells me that Trump will go the other way.  Instead of “punishing” those who dared to go against him, he will use this shameful vote in the U.N. to solve more important political problems than simply saving 10 billion dollars a year (by comparison, the U.S. federal government spends just over 10 billion dollars a day).

The fact is that the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is supported by the overwhelming number of Americans.  Ordinary members of the Democratic and Republican Parties rarely find common ground in recent times, but on the issue of Jerusalem, their positions converge.  Only the communists and socialists categorically oppose the relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The démarche of the U.N., although it has no legal consequences for the U.S., is pretty humiliating for most Americans.  Whatever their individual political preferences, Americans are united in their patriotism (although they are hotly debating what “true patriotism” is).  Most likely, Trump will take advantage of the opportunity given to him by U.N. weasels and approach the 2018 elections, and then the presidential elections of 2020 as the “father of the nation.”

The unwise foreign policy initiative of the Palestinian Arabs will play a unifying role in U.S. domestic policy.  The Arabs did not understand that the vote in the U.N. is no longer about the problem of Jerusalem (although the scandal began precisely with it), but about respecting the sovereignty of the world’s only remaining superpower.  As a result, the fictitious country of Palestine, invented by the Soviet KGB in the 1960s to oppose the United States (along with the fictitious people of Palestine), will have to play a constructive role in domestic American politics.  The irony is that with every anti-Israeli or anti-American vote in the U.N., fictitious country Palestine is rapidly moving to where it came from – into oblivion, and it pulls the entire U.N. with it.

Trump’s usage of the scandal of violating the sovereignty of America will be extended, persistent, and tough.

The ammunition that the U.N. unintentionally supplied Trump is enough to attract a good percentage of those doubting and hesitating Americans who did not show up to vote in the election of 2016.

Trump will hang the sword of Damocles over each of the 128 states that voted against the sovereignty of America.

Trump will twist their hands for a rather long time, but he will stop financial assistance to these countries not now and not in a month, but only when the American domestic political situation will favor this.  Also, Trump will certainly remind all doubting Americans of the event precisely a year ago when the Obama administration did not veto the blatant anti-Israel U.N. Security Council resolution 2334 on December 23, 2016, which legitimized the myth that Jerusalem is the historically Arab city of Al-Quds.

Only when the political potential of today’s disgraceful U.N. vote is entirely utilized by Trump can the U.N. project be closed.  The U.S. withdrawal from the U.N. means the automatic dissolution of the U.N. because the U.S. contribution is more than 20% of the U.N. budget.  Together with the U.N. itself, all its resolutions and all fictitious countries will go into oblivion.

No one doubts that the United Nations needs America more than America needs the United Nations.


[Originally published by American Thinker]

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  1. The outcome of this year has given us one great lesson:
    the president of the country, the leader of the world, has
    to be a businessman, not a career politician or a community

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