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The current situation in our country resembles a poorly written play.  Act I: The Democrats and their media-industrial complex force President Nixon to resign and block Robert Bork, who was nominated by President Reagan to the Supreme Court.

Act II: The same players try to squeeze Trump out of White House and attempt to prevent nomination to the Supreme Court of Judge Kavanaugh.  In this regard, let’s recall this quote well known to all students of leftism: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.”  This quote exists (in different versions), but nobody knows its origin.  Karl Marx had written on the repetition in history, referring to Hegel.  However, only the beginning of this phrase – “history repeats itself” belongs to Hegel, and Marx should be credited only for the ending – “first as tragedy, then as farce.”

So if we believe the founding fathers of the ideology of the modern Democratic Party of the United States, then we are in a phase of farce.  Moreover, surprisingly, this farce is created solely by the hands of the ideological followers of Marx and their militant propaganda wing, the American mass-disinformation media.  A well known role in all this, like many years ago, is played by Bob Woodward.  His book about the Watergate scandal cannot be underestimated, but his new book – about Trump – is likely to be perceived in the context of farce.

What a vulgar farce Democrats demonstrated on the first day of the hearing of Judge Kavanaugh!  The audience was crammed with protesters, who tried to create chaos and disrupt the proceedings.  They showed a zero level of civility.  Judges Kavanaugh’s children were even forced to withdraw from the Senate building because of security concerns (they were allowed to return later on).  About 20 people were arrested only during the first hour of proceedings, then more during the day – more than 50 bullies.

Leaders of hooligans at hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee were well known anti-Semites – “Palestinian” Linda Sarsour; Al Sharpton; and the radical female group Code Pink, which supports the “Palestinians.”  The supporter of sharia in America, Sarsour, like the hooligan from Code Pink, was arrested.  The Democrats’ hooligan-like behavior started the on the fifth second after the hearing did.  Only after a few hours did the police succeed in calming the public.

Democratic senators were forced to publicly admit that they had worked out a strategy for torpedoing hearings of Judge Kavanaugh in advance.  This shows that Democrats are in a state of despair and panic and explains why they made such blunders.

Who opposes Judge Kavanaugh?  Politically: Marxists, militant atheists, globalists, feminists, anti-Second Amendment crowd, Democrats, Sharia-supporters, and Bolshevik supporters of Bernie Sanders are against him.  However, most of all, just like Judge Robert Bork, Judge Kavanaugh is hated for his uncompromising stance on respecting the original (that is, without modern voluntarist interpretations) U.S. Constitution.

Everyone who watched this farce in the Senate Judiciary Committee could feel a significant difference between the two opposing sides.  Every American was convinced that in our country, there is a civilized party that defends the traditional democratic process and a party of vicious opponents of it.

Democrats screamed, squealed, and interrupted the speakers, and this applies to both senators and their accomplices in the audience.  What will be the result of this farce? It is unlikely that the party of neurasthenics, anti-Semites, and hooligans will get new followers.

Democrats increasingly resorted to violence, but this violence is now somewhat castrated.  There is a lot of noise and emotions, but the lack of a positive platform for the Democrats does not lead to any results, except for the loss of their own reputation.

Noise and emotion also dominated the recent funeral of Senator McCain and singer Aretha Franklin.

Until recently, funerals in America were what they always have been– a sad farewell to a departed human being.  However, in the era of farce, the funeral turned into some kind of kitsch funeral.

A kitsch funeral is no longer just a farewell, but a grand political rally at which the invited VIPs pour mud on uninvited VIPs.

All of those invited to the kitsch funeral openly enjoyed their feeling of belonging to the upper kitsch-society.  This society has picked up a motley crew – Democrats, anti-Semites, anti-Trumpists, and sexually preoccupied males.  Moreover, some kitsch VIPs managed to be present not only at both funerals but also at the hearing of Judge Kavanaugh in the Senate.

As you know, the funeral of President Kennedy lasted three days.  The funeral of President Reagan went for seven days (a record at the time).  Of course, Reagan was one of America’s favorite presidents.  However, Senator McCain, while he was still alive, directed everything in such a way as to outdo President Reagan – he planned that his funeral would last eight days.

How could a man who in his youth showed examples of courage, having been in Vietnamese captivity for many years, slide down to scrupulous planning of his own state funeral?

Democrats demonstrated vulgar manners, unworthy of public figures, at the funerals of Aretha Franklin and Senator John McCain and at the hearing of Judge Kavanaughagh.  This kind of behavior is not American.  Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the political price the Democrats will have to pay in November will be high.

It can be said that McCain’s kitsch funeral is likely to become a severe mistake both of the Democrats and of the Republican anti-Trumpists.  Perhaps, when we analyze the results of the elections in November this year, we will return to kitsch funerals once again.

Unfortunately, we live in an age of kitsch funerals and kitsch politics.

The former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who was McCain’s vice presidential candidate, was demonstratively not invited to McCain’s funeral, although she never spoke of him negatively.  President Trump was also demonstratively and shamelessly not invited to the funeral.

About two years ago, Donald Trump said, “Let’s make America great again,” and leftists still cannot calm their anger.

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo said, “America has never been great,” and leftists began to rejoice.

McCain’s daughter Meghan said, “America has always been a great country,” and leftists, as if nothing had happened, once again began to rejoice.

Does this all seem silly?  Of course, it does.  What else can the kitsch look like?


[Originally published at American Thinker]

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