The Game of October Surprises

October before the elections in America is a suspenseful time in politics.  We are all waiting for some kind of surprise.  At the same time, the majority of Americans understand that this year, the Republicans do not need any October surprises, as they are approaching the mid-term elections with a proven and positive political and economic program.

However, to the Democrats, any scandal a few weeks before the elections is undeniably necessary.  They are facing another defeat in the elections of 2018 because they have been recklessly moving all in with the disgraceful “Russian affair” of Trump.  For two years, they unsuccessfully tried to convince America that Trump is Putin’s protege.

However, the “Russian affair” did not lead to anything, so they launched the porn star, Stormy Daniels.  Her task was simple – to tarnish Trump.  But, to the great dismay of the Democrats, instead of this, in the summer she became the face of the Democratic Party for two whole months.  Approaching the midterms and having a stripper in the forefront was political suicide, and the porn actress was quickly removed from TV screens and front pages.

The Democrats committed their next mistake with Judge Kavanaugh.  They decided to tarnish him and torpedo his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.  But in this case, it turned out even worse than with a porn star.  While a porn star conscientiously memorized the legend and knew in detail what allegedly happened between her and Trump, the professor accusing Judge Kavanaugh could not.  She didn’t remember crucial details, was always confused in her testimony and could convince neither the FBI, the Senate, nor the American public that she was telling the truth.  Of course, immediately after the oath of Judge Kavanaugh, the unconvincing professor was expelled from the airwaves.

By early October, the Democrats have finally realized that they were approaching the midterm elections of 2018 with a whole bunch of fabricated fakes and lost political battles.  Never and nowhere in democratic countries, this is a winning electoral strategy.

So then, we enter the time for non-explosive bombs.

That dozen of “bombs” that Caesar-the-stripper from Florida (yes, don’t be surprised, this stripper even worked for some time in the same club as stripper Stormie Daniels) so that they basically could not explode and therefore did not explode.  Electronic clocks, stuck with tape to a tube filled with non-explosive powder, lacking an alarm function at all.  They were ordinary kitchen timers that produced no signals.  They could not have blown up anything.

These dozen devices created by Caesar are not bombs with a clock attached to them, they are cheap kitchen clocks attached to harmless tubes with wires, specially made to look like a “real” bomb.

The wires that we see in the photographs of the “bombs” go nowhere, that is, they are simply bent, and their ends are hidden under an electronic clock.  There is no fuse in the tubes.  The powder in the pipes is flammable, but not explosive; its main ingredient is sulfur.  Most of the pseudo-bomber packages were not delivered by mail, because there are no postmarks on them.  They were transported by couriers.  How could the “bomber” Caesar personally deliver a dozen parcels to different addresses in different parts of the country in two days?

The personality of this Caesar is also quite remarkable.  He has two dozen arrests for various crimes.  According to the laws of the state of Florida, convicted criminals do not have the right to vote.  However, it is easy to find on the Internet that Caesar is allegedly registered as a Republican.  In Florida, criminals cannot be either Republicans or Democrats – they are out of politics because they do not have the right to vote.

His car was covered with numerous pro-Trump and anti-Democrat stickers.  In this case, there is not a single scratch on the car, as if in Florida there are no gangster punks or Antifa at all.  Moreover, all the stickers are glossy fresh, as if in Florida there is no strong sun, hot weather, and torrential rains.  Also, it is prohibited to have such stickers on the side windows of a car in Florida.

Finally, this pseudo-bomber and pseudo-Trumpist left suspiciously many traces, including many on his Twitter.  On Twitter, he follows only 32 people, most of whom are high-ranking Democrats, starting with Barack Obama.

The conclusion is clear: the goal of Caesar and those behind him was not a massacre or terrorist attack, but a standard October political surprise.

Their goal was to sow fear, create an alarming situation in America before the elections, and fill in the front pages of newspapers and news bulletins.  In part, they have achieved their goal – a caravan of illegals from Latin America turned out to be successfully extruded from the news cycle.

However, the transformation of the Democrats into a Socialist, pro-Muslim and anti-Semitic party again played a cruel joke on them, and the tragedy in Pittsburgh pushed the pseudo-bombing surprise out of the air.

Enter Trump’s October move.

Unlike the pseudo-bombing panic, which was badly improvised, Trump’s immigration surprise has been prepared for several months.

A week before the election, President Trump announces that he is preparing an Executive Order that children born in the United States will not automatically obtain American citizenship in the future.  Citizenship will be given only to those children whose parents are in the United States legally.  These include only American citizens and legal residents.

Of course, all other news was instantly squeezed out of the air – such are the laws of the news cycle.  At the same time, Trump can no longer rush with the Executive Order.  His goal is political.  He knows that 2/3 of Americans support his decision, and he is well aware that a long-term legal battle with Democrats who mostly represent the interests of immigrants rather than citizens of America is coming.

At the moment Trump is not interested in the decisions of the American courts.  It is quite possible that he will even lose in the courts.  However, the White House understands that you need to win the mid-term elections first, and deal with legal issues later.

Trump’s immediate goal is not a game of immigration and intellectual tug-of-war with the Democrats, but the November mid-terms.

It is unlikely that the Democrats are capable of organizing an effective information counterattack for the remaining days before the elections.  Democrats and their allies in the mass disinformation media have again stepped on the same rake.  As before, Trump manipulates them with frightening ease.

Some events will take place during the last election week, but one thing should be clearly understood – the American socialists are in a panic.  They demonstrate all signs of despair because of numerous political mistakes, and they are inexorably approaching political defeat.

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  1. FYI:
    Each year since 2011, on the first Sunday of November, The Remembrance Project and other patriotic grassroots groups across America have observed their own National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens.
    This year, it falls on Sunday, November 4. But as hard as we tried, the media would give us little or no coverage, instead choosing to focus massive amounts of biased footage and news coverage sympathetic to the plight of illegal aliens, falsely characterizing illegals as people like us, “just wanting a better life.” But there is an insidious twist to their lies. It’s all happening at our expense!

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