Trump Should Just Let the Democrats Self-Destruct

President Trump has demanded that Ilhan Omar voluntarily resign.  The idea of impeachment of another Muslim Democratic congresswoman – Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) is also being actively promoted.

The events surrounding Ilhan Omar, of course, are a shame for America.  The anti-Semitic focus of her recent statements is obvious.  However, this does not mean that President Trump has an urgent need to intervene in the process of natural political selection and demand the resignation of an anti-Semitic congresswoman.

Trump’s intervention in the natural self-destruction of the Democratic Party is a strategic mistake.  People who in some exceptional circumstances make not rational, but impulsive decisions, are understandable, but concerning these two brainless members of Congress and their third friend – young socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York – there should be a completely different approach.

By its actions, this trinity guarantees the Democratic Party a very tarnished reputation.  Moreover, the longer these ladies will stay in Congress, the more chances America has for an optimistic forecast.

It seems that in January 2019, someone pressed a switch and turned off the brains of the Democrats.  Currently, there is chaos and confusion in their minds.  For example, they shout that President Trump is a puppet of Russia (which means that Trump, submitting to the Kremlin, must pursue a pro-Russian policy).  However, if they really believe this, then the Democrats must demand the exact opposite – a tough stance towards Russia.

Instead, they oppose Trump’s harsh policy toward Russia and condemn Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.  Democrats must decide whether they support Trump’s position on Russia or if they condemn it.  They cannot both approve and condemn Trump’s policy toward Russia at the same time.  (Well, they can.  However, then from a clinical point of view, the Democrats’ only diagnosis is cognitive dissonance.)

Turning off the brains of American Democrats is not solely happening at the federal level.  Do New York Democrats not understand that legally authorizing abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy is a political nightmare? Did none of them think about the consequences of the fact that now, thanks to the Democrats, abortions in New York can be done by any person, and not just by a licensed phsyician? Is it a symptom of mass psychosis or a mass (D)ebilism? Moreover, this criticism does not even touch the moral, religious or legal side of abortion, but only the political side of it.

Anti-Semitism and racism of the modern Democratic Party of the USA have well-known and deep roots.  The Democratic Party is the creator of the KKK and the author of the Jim Crow laws.  It was the Democratic Administration of President Roosevelt that turned away a ship with Jewish refugees in 1939.  A vital role in the refusal of Jewish refugees to go ashore in America was played by Secretary of State Cordell Hull (by the way, it was with him that the shameful history of the undeserved Nobel Peace Prizes began).

It was the Democrats who threw U.S. citizens of Japanese descent into concentration camps during World War II.  It was the Democrats who became famous for the systematic persecution and extermination of North American Indians.  It was the Democrats who were the party of slave owners.

Therefore, the open anti-Semitism of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar should not surprise anybody.  It should not be a shock that the former head of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, in February 2017 supported the Muslim (and anti-Semite) Keith Ellison to head the DNC, and in February 2019 openly supported Ilhan Omar in her series of anti-Semitic tweets.  Support for her was also expressed by the chief adviser and closest friend of Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett.

The racist scandal of the three top Democrat office holders in the state of Virginia should have ended in 24 hours – the governor should have resigned.  A week later, no one in the media would remember this annoying incident, and in a year almost no voter would remember it, and this would not have affected the 2020 election.  However, the Democrats have their brains turned off, and the Republicans are wisely silent, and as a result, the Democrats, to their horror, continue to tear each other apart.

Do the events in Virginia not give everyone a vivid example of what the correct position should be when one’s political opponents are digging a hole for themselves?

Do none of the present inhabitants of the White House know the phrase (which is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte): “Never interrupt your opponent when he makes a mistake”?

Does President Trump want to deprive American politics of the remarkable socialistic useful idiots who, in their Green New Deal, propose eliminating the entire aviation industry, the entire oil and gas industry, and ultimately stopping meat production? Doesn’t anyone understand that Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker’s militant vegetarianism is not a winning strategy for presidential elections?

Doesn’t President Trump not see that the new House of Representatives, in which the Democrats are the majority now, has handed a vast amount of political ammunition to Republicans within just a few weeks after coming to power? Moreover, they did it for free.

Let us hope that in the end, Trump will correct this mistake.

The brainless socialistic women’s trinity should not be expelled from Congress.  They should be silently encouraged and allowed to self-destruct not only themselves but their entire party with impunity.

Americans should stock up on popcorn.


[Originally published at American Thinker]

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  1. Gary, it’s so true. I read your articles just to feel better and have a hope for a better America tomorrow.

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