Trump Is Masterfully Using Democrats’ Opposition against Them

It took the American mass disinformation media and the socialists Democrats three years of Trump’s presidency to finally develop a coherent policy of confronting Trump.

This policy is very primitive: everything that Trump does is denied, rejected, and negated.  Everything.

As a result, the opposition’s reaction began to resemble the reaction of Pavlovian dogs — any statement by Trump, any action by Trump, and any achievement of Trump can cause only one thing — salivation of total negation.

However, the complete and unconditional denial of everything makes the Democrats predictable and, as a result, vulnerable and easily amenable to manipulation and provocation.

The White House probably noticed this a long time ago, and it will certainly take advantage of the thoughtless but predictable denial by the Democrats of absolutely everything for their political purposes.

What does the predictable reaction of the Democrats look like?  For example, Trump makes it clear that he is not going to fight in Syria anymore, and without exception, all Democrats immediately become militant hawks, who categorically demand a continuation of the war.  If Trump trolls the Iranian regime by threatening to attack Iranian objects, including cultural objects, all Democrats, without exception, immediately become peace doves and demand “hands off Iran!”

The irony here is that the very opponents of Trump, who advocate for “preserving the Iranian cultural heritage,” are calling for the destruction of Confederate historical monuments in America.

No doubt, all this (D)egenerative nonsense will be beneficial to Trump during his re-election campaign.

Many TV channels associated with the DNC broadcasted detailed, multi-hour reports on the funeral of the handful of dust that remained from General Soleimani as if it were the funeral of some outstanding American politician.  The NBC, MSNBC, and NPR channels, as if by magic, turned into Shiite propaganda channels.  At the same time, former Obama administration officials continue to meet with Iranian leaders, trying to undermine President Trump’s policy toward Iran.

If former secretary of state John Kerry had been in the car with the Butcher of the Middle East, Soleimani, no one in the world would be surprised.  No one.

The result of the anti-American actions of the Democrats is, at first glance, invisible but, nevertheless, the constant erosion of their reputation.  For example, a complete rejection of the administration’s recent actions forced the Democrats to openly defend the terrorist Soleimani and offer a significant defense, not just words.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put forward a legislative initiative to establish significant restrictions on a potential attack on Iranian targets.  In fact, Pelosi advocates for the preventive surrender of the United States and is trying to strip the commander-in-chief of his constitutional power.

Everyone is free to grieve over the untimely departed friend as he wants — only Pelosi’s grief over Soleimani took the legislative form.

If I were asked in 2019 whether the Democrats could make an even more grave political miscalculation than impeachment, I would laugh.  Just a few weeks ago, the impeachment, it would seem, was the pinnacle of political idiocy.  But 2020 came, and someone has put the Democrats wise to openly take up pro-Iranian positions, protecting terrorists.

In all its glory, this was manifested during the Iranian “attack on U.S .military bases in Iraq” on the night of January 8, 2020.  This “attack” should be quoted because it was nothing more than ballistic theater for internal Iranian use.  Not only did the Iranians greatly exaggerate the scale of their “attack,” but it looks as if they also deliberately launched some missiles into the deserted places of Iraq.

In September 2019, Iran attacked the oil rigs of Saudi Arabia, and all the missiles hit their targets.  The same rockets.  What could have happened to the rockets in the last few months?  Did they suddenly lose their targeting capabilities?  The “attack” on American military bases ended in nothing — no one was hurt, and there was practically no destruction.  The suspicion is that the Iranians deliberately missed.  That is, it looks as though the Iranians simply gave a rocket salute during the burial of General Soleimani and nothing more.

Well, what is Tehran supposed to do?  Iran is extremely weak economically, inflation is about 30% per year, and the ayatollah regime has been humiliated after the termination of Soleimani.  They are frightened by Trump’s tough reaction and desperate to save face.  At the same time, one should not forget that the strike group of the aircraft carrier Truman (not only the aircraft carrier itself, but also dozens of warships, plus the secret number of nuclear submarines) is located near the southern coast of Iran.  In addition, the strike group of the aircraft carrier Bataan is moving toward Israel (among other things, there are an additional 5,000 Marines there).  Plus there are numerous U.S. military bases throughout the Middle East.

Alas, the Democrats expected something more significant from Iran.

Democrats desperately hoped for a retaliatory strike from Iran, with many casualties and destruction — just as they hoped that an attempt to attack the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on New Year’s Eve by Soleimani’s militants would become Trump’s infamous Benghazi.  Democrats hoped Trump was about to start a war.  They shout in unison with Iran that the termination of General Soleimani by Trump was unlawful, that Trump’s actions are unconstitutional.  In order to bring down Trump, they would even root for the Third World War.

At first, Iran initially claimed that 30 Americans were killed, then this figure rose to 80.  However, the Pentagon confirmed that no one was hurt.  What have CNN and MSNBC done?  For many hours, they broadcasted exactly the Iranian version.

Not a single U.S. president has been exposed to attempts by such outright micromanagement by the Democrats as Trump.  The arrogant intervention of the House of Representatives — the non-binding War Powers Resolution — into the prerogative of the Executive Branch, calculated to provoke the reckless response of Trump, is doomed to…lack of response.  How doomed to the absence of a rash response by Trump is this bright Iranian firework for those who mourn the Soleimani terrorist the most — the Iranian Shiites and American Democrats?

Trump is unlikely to miss the opportunity to use this latest ill-conceived Democrat trick to convince American citizens that Democrats are defenders of Tehran’s terrorist and anti-Semitic regime.  In doing so, the Democrats themselves help Trump convince Americans that the Democrat Party poses no less a threat to America than Islamic terrorism.

Currently, Democrats are working hard to ensure that they all are identified as (D-Iran).  Do you think this new pro-Iranian image will help them in the November 2020 elections?

[Originally published at American Thinker]

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