Twenty weeks before the election: which American politicians are now the most vulnerable?

From 2016, fast forward to 2020

The first half of the year 2020 was too eventful.  A lot of extraordinary things have happened and will probably continue to occur in the second half of this year.  Nevertheless, it will be useful for all of us to recall what the primary reason was that led to political turbulence on American soil again.

The root cause of the 2020 events was the refusal of the Democrats to accept the results of the 2016 elections.

Had Princess Hillary ascended to the throne, all the prerequisites for building an American version of the Gulag would be present by the beginning of 2020.   Only the necessary favorable conditions, which could serve, for example, coronavirus infection, would be required.  However, in some states, a particularly primitive form of corona-gulag would still be built.

Rioting and arson in the streets of some American cities under President Hillary Clinton would probably have never happened.  But under President Trump, they did.  Why?

We will have to go back in time again.

A series of failed attempts

By the beginning of 2019, it had become clear to everyone that “Russiagate” was a politically hopeless affair and was facing a resounding failure.  That was confirmed on March 22, 2019, when the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was completed, and the report was transferred to the U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

After reading the report, the Attorney General initiated the investigation into the origins of Obamagate.  He appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate how the Obama administration spied on candidate (and then president) Trump, members of his family, and his campaign headquarters.

The country only found out about this on April 18, 2019, when the Mueller Report was published.  It was not possible to squeeze Trump out of the White House with the help of “Russiagate,” and Trump political opponents realized their defeat.

The Ukrainian blow

Three days later, on April 21, 2019, Obama’s deep state received a blow from an unexpected source.  Petro Poroshenko, a loyal participant in the process of money laundering of American taxpayers, unexpectedly lost the election in Ukraine, a country far away and practically unknown in America.  But Obama’s team was not only familiar with Ukraine.  It was one just one of the key countries in the lucrative cycle of money: from the pockets of American citizens into the hands of corrupt Ukrainian politicians, and then into the pockets of functionaries of the Democrat Party.

President Trump’s congratulatory call on the evening of April 21 to the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky served as the trigger that led to the events of 2020.

After four days of intensive consultations, on April 25, 2019, former vice president Joe Biden officially inserted himself into the presidential race.  It was a difficult but necessary step for the Democrats.  The deep state realized that they now face double exposure – for spying on political opponents and for money laundering.  They began to work on the new problem feverishly, and the “Ukrainian problem” was given priority.

It was a sound decision.  “Russiagate,” although lost, somehow could still be extended until November 2020.  However, money laundering through such a convenient transshipment point, like Ukraine, could be jeopardized or even completely stopped.  It was the new president of Ukraine call.  Therefore, just in case, the hype around the “Russiagate” has continued.  It reached its culmination at the hearing (disastrous, it should be noted) of Robert Mueller in Congress on July 24, 2019.

No one knew what President Zelensky would do.  The very next day, July 25, 2019, a telephone conversation between Trump and Zelensky answered all the burning questions for the conspirators.  Zelensky not only did not intend to continue the well-established corruption scheme but was also ready to begin an investigation of the financial machinations of Obama’s key player in the Ukrainian affairs – Joe Biden.

That is why Obama’s supporters in the Trump administration leaked information about this telephone conversation.  It simply could not be left out.  The “Russiagate” had finally buried itself, and political “all hands on deck” in the Ukrainian direction was commenced.  After all, if Ukrainian financial frauds were revealed, the whole Party would suffer, not just certain functionaries of the Democrat Party. 

The bluffpeachment, corona-gulag, and vandalism

So, the impeachment was fabricated.  June 18, 2020, marks exactly six months since the impeachment of President Trump at the House of Representatives.  However, it seems like it happened in the last century.  This impeachment has sunk into oblivion as if it did not exist.

The impeachment adventure did not lead to the expulsion of Trump from the White House, so the conspirators had to come up with something new.  Trump was acquitted in all respects on February 5, 2020, and the conspirators grabbed another heaven-sent straw – the coronavirus.

Parallel to the coronavirus epidemic, was an epidemic of brainwashing.  At first, Trump was accused of arbitrarily stopping flights from China too early, and then – that he “closed America” ​​too late.  Particularly successful in fueling the situation were Democrat mayors and Democrat governors.  However, all their efforts once again were unsuccessful.

Obama’s supporters had one last reserve – the Democrat Party militant wings.  Democrats once, in the 19th century, already got burned with the creation of the Ku Klux Klan.  Therefore, in the 21st century, they created two race-separated paramilitary groups – the white militants of Antifa and the black militants of the Black Lives Matter.  Obama’s ideological supporters created both on the model and likeness of the blackshirts of another famous socialist – Mussolini.

Both those militant wings needed a trigger to start the “revolution,” and it was quickly found.  They used the golden coffin of a carrier criminal and drug addict as a trigger.

However, the leadership of the deep state has realized that the notorious golden coffin of George Floyd was, most likely, the coffin of the Democrat Party.

Trump paused to make sure that the Democrat party is viewed as a party of pogroms, looting, vandalism, and violence.  Antifastan, the last stronghold of ersatz revolutionaries in Seattle, is an excellent souvenir to Trump.  Many leftists began to understand this, and now we finally got to the heart of the question posed.

Possible next step of Washington apparatchiks

Let’s hope everyone understands the deep hole in which the Washington nomenclature is.  Obama’s supporters have no political ammunition left.  There is no doubt that deep state operatives are now in a desperate search for a way out of this impasse.  After all, they are now facing not only exposure in the Ukrainian and espionage affairs but Trump’s deafening victory in twenty weeks.  How to be saved?

America should be wary that Obama supporters in the American intelligence community could do to Barack Obama what American intelligence services have done to John F.  Kennedy.

Indeed, Obama can be used to pin the blame on him for all the misdeeds and shameful affairs of his administration.  Such methods of solving problems are traditionally practiced in most left-wing parties worldwide.  It should be assumed that this kind of means of survival is considered quite seriously in the bowels of DNC.

The alternative to this, from the Democrats’ point of view, is terrible.   After all, Trump is guaranteed to pardon Obama.  That would make Obama and his supporters complete political bankrupts and deprive Obama of a martyr’s halo forever.

Therefore, not Donald Trump and not Joe Biden are currently America’s most vulnerable politicians, but Barack Hussein Obama.

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