“Black Lives Matter” and the Camouflage for American Marxism

When you come to another country, the standard recommendation concerning language is to learn a few phrases in advance that you will definitely need. For instance, a traveler to France would need to know what Bonjour means, and a traveler to Germany would benefit from learning Guten Tag.

Without these basic language skills, they are bound to find themselves at a major disadvantage.

To the same extent, this applies to the modern language of Leftists – Newspeak.

Newspeak, widespread among American socialists (in Newspeak, they call themselves Democrats), differs from all other languages ​​in that it has a strikingly high percentage of words borrowed from classical English. Although, these words have a completely different meaning for the Newspeakers.

For example, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” in Newspeak has nothing to do with black lives. Moreover, in Newspeak, this phrase has no racial connotation at all.

The correct translation of “Black Lives Matter” into plain English is “Marxists Lives Matter.”

Only by knowing the correct translation can one avoid violence when speaking to “peaceful” rioters, “peaceful” vandals, and “peaceful” rapists. Only by understanding the correct interpretation can one begin to comprehend why the phrases “White Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” cause such a sharp, violent reaction from the Leftist ersatz-revolutionaries. Indeed, in the language of the revolutionaries, “All Lives Matter” means “Anti-Communist Lives Matter” — which is very offensive and defiant for all Leftists.

“White,” in Newspeak, simply means an anti-Marxist (sometimes an anti-communist) and has nothing to do with the amount of melanin pigment in the skin. This is why the word “Black” in Newspeak should be capitalized – just like in English, it is customary to capitalize the word “Marxist.” According to Newspeak, the black man is a man of the black race, and the Black man with a capital B is a soldier of the revolution, a Marxist with a capital M.

Capital-B-Black is a black camouflage for Marxism-Leninism.

In fact, the author of the concept of “white privilege,” former Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev, proposed another well-known construct of Newspeak. (Professor Ignatiev was either white or Capital-B-Black, depending on what language is being spoken.) In his school of thought, “racism is a form of anti-communism.” Therefore, all whites, according to the rioters, are, by definition, anti-communists – but only until they kneel before the Capital-B-Blacks.

Besides, Newspeak eviscerated the entire racist component from the word “racism” and endowed this word with Left-wing political attributes only.

Newspeak is continually evolving. Recently, an attempt has even been made to redefine conservatism as a form of racism. While traditional Marxism used the slogan “Workers of the world, unite!”, modern Marxists in America had to abandon this slogan. By definition, the workers are those who work. However, at the center of the ersatz-revolution of 2020 are those who do not work. American neo-Marxists deserted this unproductive, as it seems to them, idea.  They’ve chosen bandits, looters, vandals, lumpens, and nincompoops blinded by leftist ideals as the cannon fodder for the revolution.

Prominent American philosophers-pillagers of our time use the more appropriate slogan “Ignoramuses of the world, unite!”

The phrase “Black Lives Matter,” drawn in large yellow letters over the roadway in front of Trump Tower in New York City, has nothing to do with the “racial confrontation between blacks and whites.” This phrase, ordered by the Mayor of New York (stubborn communist Bill de Blasio), is meant to communicate the supremacy of Marxism in front of an embodiment of capitalism (Donald Trump). Like “African-Americans,” “Bill de Blasio” itself is also Newspeak: the real name of the Mayor of New York is Warren Wilhelm Jr.

Does Donald Trump understand all the shades and nuances of modern Newspeak? Of course.

President Trump is aware that America has caught a political infection, and Newspeak is just its outward symptom.

Trump, in classical English terms, defined the source of the riots in America. The perpetrators are not Russian hackers, Arab terrorists, or some abstract “racists” and “fascists,” but home-grown, radical Left-wing bastards. Trump’s message for American citizens is that the political confrontation today is a confrontation between those who believe that America’s history should be defended and those who would attempt to destroy it.

In the 2020 election cycle, Democrats with unheard-of perseverance tried to make everyone finally understand that they are an anti-American party. Well, they succeeded. Ask any American about who is robbing, killing, and pillaging – and not a single person in his or her right mind will say that this is the work of the Republicans.

As a result, neo-Marxists from the Democrat Party brought Donald Trump a political gift on a silver platter. They brought it by themselves – Trump did not ask for it and did not expect it.

The task of the Leftist forces in the summer of 2020 was to normalize the pogroms. In fairness, it should be noted that the Left has enough experience in various “normalizations.” For example, the normalization of the Jewish pogroms. The normalization of relations with the Communists of Cuba and China. The normalization of the forced assignment of the color red (a historically “evil” color) to the conservatives, and blue for themselves (traditionally, “the good guys” color). They also succeeded in the normalization of the insolent usurpation of the title “liberals,” which historically belonged to the conservative Founding Fathers of the United States since the 18th century. Instead, they ensured that the policies of the Democrats in the minds of American citizens were firmly placed in the column “Anti-Americanism.”

In addition, the process of Balkanization is rapidly growing inside the mob-inducing Democrat Party – individual factions are already starting to quarrel with each other openly. On the left flank of the political spectrum, as always, there are no changes – it is very crowded over there, as usual. The DNC is finding it increasingly difficult to keep the white militants of Antifa, and the black militants of the Black Lives Matter from shootings, although both of them are capital-B-Blacks in Newspeak – that is, the Marxists.

Thanks to Newspeak, the word “fascism” has long lost its original meaning. This worn-out epithet was used by Newspeakers so often that, in full accordance with the Goodwin Law, it ceased to carry any purpose. However, in a recent Mt.  Rushmore speech, President Trump breathed life into this killed-by-Newspeak term, clearly defining it as “left fascism.” World history, by the way, never experienced “right fascism,” even if the Newspeakers from the Frankfurt School of Socialism have been desperately trying to prove the opposite.

If the Leftists’ verbal juggling is comprehensible by President Trump, then there are certain doubts that the average American voter is at the same level of intellectual sophistication. The likelihood that American citizens, for the most part, will refuse to delve into the nuances of who blacks are and how they differ from the capital-B-Blacks is very high.

The consequences for American citizens who just happen to be black are not immediately apparent. However, with a certain degree of confidence, one can make a forecast for the political fate of Leftists after the 2020 elections. To do this, one simply needs to look into the Newspeak dictionary more often to not make a fool of oneself.

[Originally published at Frontpage Magazine]

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