Empty shelves in American stores less than 100 days before the election

What was the central theme of the 2016 election? Illegal immigration.

What is the central theme of the 2020 election? The safety of American citizens.

I was able to predict the results of the 2016 elections based on the exchange rate of the Mexican peso against the US dollar. The fact is that, in 2016, it was the only objective indicator of how strong political support for Trump was. If his chances were higher than those of Hillary Clinton, the peso should have fallen against the dollar. If his chances were slim, then the dollar should have fallen against the Mexican peso. The peso fell, and Trump won (in that order).

This year, no one even raises the issue of illegal immigration. The wall on the border with Mexico is being built, and it is being constructed quite quickly. The Mexican gangs have basically been expelled from the United States. Due to the high post-coronavirus unemployment rate among American citizens, nobody cares about the fate of illegal immigrants anymore.

Pogroms, arson, vandalism, murders in a dozen democratic enclaves – this is what the American citizens are concerned with now. Is there any objective indicator of what the exact preferences of American citizens are? An index like the Mexican peso in 2016 that would serve as an accurate gauge of political inclinations in 2020?

Before presenting such an objective indicator, consider the behavior of Trump’s political opponents. What are they doing? Do they condemn the violence on the streets of American cities? No. Do they arrest the rioters? No. Instead, they made an attempt to open a criminal case against those who defend their homes from rioters with weapons in their hands. Most Democrat enclaves mass-released inveterate, recidivist criminals from local prisons under the pretext of coronavirus or are closing prisons altogether. In addition, these unabashed Marxists are demanding that President Trump withdraws federal law enforcement personnel from their cities.

Many Democrat mayors not only demonstrate all-round assistance to the belligerent rioters but also provide government support to the homegrown Hongwei Bing. Moreover, some of them turned out to be simply impudent. They demanded that the federal government compensate them for the losses from the Democrat-sanctioned pogroms, reducing the budgets of the city police, and doing nothing to protect cities and private property. However, as soon as Trump turned them down, all sorts of “autonomous zones” quickly disappeared from all Democrat enclaves, and the overthrow of monuments practically stopped – the mayors-instigators of the riots quickly realized that they had lost this round.

Does this mean that they will abandon their failed anti-Trump policies? Everyone understands that Democrat mayors will never voluntarily give up their anti-American activities. They will continue to stir up fear and panic – it comes easy for them because the mass disinformation media is on their side. They, like Democrat governors, can be deprived of pandering to red terror only through re-elections. Moreover, perhaps this is the only way out of this situation because many Democrat mayors have practically lost control over their cities.

Residents of particularly affected cities such as New York are leaving them en masse. Recently, real estate agents have noted a strange, but nevertheless widespread phenomenon – New Yorkers buy houses both near New York City – in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and far away – in Montana and South Dakota, and they buy them sight-unseen. Many homes got bids from several dozen desperate New Yorkers at once, and prices, of course, go up.

Many Americans are well aware that in their cities, the power belongs not just to leftists, not only to outspoken communists but also fanatics, ideological whackos with ideas of the world revolution. What will American citizens do? They, in fact, have already done, and have already decided this.

America has gorged its fill of decapitated and mutilated statues, looting and marauding left-wing barbarians, and demands the restoration of order. Democrats already seem to know who won this year’s election, and the pathetic attempt to revolutionize America is simply an instinctive collective reaction of leftism to its future loss.

But what can act as a precise, objective measure of this loss?

Go to many stores in America, and you will see empty shelves. The situation is reminiscent of empty store shelves in the Soviet Union. Of course, this does not apply to clothe or food stores – the shelves there are packed to capacity as if nothing were happening.

In America, only gun shops have empty shelves.

Scarcity is a word practically unknown to the Americans, but well known to everyone who lived behind the Iron Curtain. Now there is a deficit in America too – supply does not keep pace with demand for firearms. In the first half of this year, weapons sales grew 80% compared to the first half of 2019, with about half of these purchases made by first-time buyers.

Most importantly, women have made a record number of gun purchases this year.

Even if an American citizen has enough weapons to defend himself, and doesn’t need to buy anything, it is challenging to find the time to go to a shooting range. Everything is booked for weeks in advance, and it is possible to sign up for a gun instructor or weapons trainer only after a few months. In some gun stores, the registration in the queue for the purchase of any weapon is already underway for 2021 – but only for those who pay for the purchase right now.

Empty gun shelves mean Americans are ready to fill the power vacuum and prevent the violence spilling over from several Democrat enclaves to the rest of the United States.

Americans are shocked by the stupidity of their helpless progressive mayors and governors. This, firstly, confirms the thesis that the central theme of this year’s elections is security. American women, as it turned out, for a hundred years supported left feminism (however, science does not know “right feminism”) only in words. Most American women all this time, as it turns out, worried only about what all women in the history of mankind were worried about – for the safety of their families and their children.

Secondly, the thesis that the Democrats will face in the November an angry mass of well-armed American women who have decided to take justice and the fate of the country into their own hands is also confirmed. They will face an army of those who, for millennia, have been ready to tear to pieces anyone who encroaches on the lives of their babies. Democrats should also be reminded that, as a rule, behind each of these women, there is a man who will under no circumstances allow anything wrong to happen to his woman.

Since prehistoric times, women have been given the role of those who reduce the entropy of human society – both at the level of the family and the level of the entire community. Now, less than 100 days before the elections, there are all signs that the American women are getting down to business seriously – they are ready to stop sliding the country into chaos.

Of course, all of the above is a blatant violation of politically correct norms; still, at present, I do not see the force that can change the behavior of American mothers (and thus the results of this year’s elections).

Since the 1964 elections, the number of female voters in America has outnumbered male voters in all presidential elections (the percentage of women voting is roughly between 60% and 65%). What are the remaining 35% -40% of American women who usually don’t vote, doing right now? Even if only every tenth of them a) bought a weapon and b) will vote, the Democrats in about 100 days will face a deafening defeat.

[Originally Published at NOQ Report]

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