Finita la Revolución, Messrs. Commissars

In August 2020, I had just one wish – that the Democrat Party Convention would continue for at least for another month. The fact is that the Zoom-convention of the leftists consistently gave Trump a one percent rating boost every day that it continued.

Why? Because by August, Americans finally learned what socialism smells like. It smells like the fumes of burnt cars, burned down/looted businesses and houses. It smells like Molotov cocktails, police blood, and hospital rooms. In other words, Americans felt well that American socialism smells just like any other socialism – like garbage and filth.

After the Convention, the Democrats suddenly discovered that their ratings had dropped because none of them had ever bothered to condemn the “peaceful” arsonists, “peaceful” hooligans, and “peaceful” looters in four days. They immediately called for an end to the pogroms, but it was too late. By the end of summer 2020, the word “thug” had long become synonymous with the word “democrat,” and now leftists will have to work for decades to convince American citizens otherwise.

The Democrat Convention was a convention of leftist conspirators who have long made no secret of their goal of destroying America. The Republican Convention was a convention of patriots, who also make no secret of their pursuit of American prosperity. The Democrat bunch was boring, and the enthusiasm level was about zero. The Republican Convention was encouraging, and the level of enthusiasm was off the charts. Whereas the Democratic Convention described America in dark, depressing, and vicious terms, the Republican Convention saw America’s future as bright, prosperous, and optimistic.

The inexperienced revolutionary Kamala Harris said that the riots inspired by the Democrats would not end under any conditions – neither before nor after the elections. Thank you, Madame Commissar! The candidacy of a vice president like you will definitely help the election campaign – not Biden, but Trump.

Currently, the riots are happening strictly in democratic enclaves. The mayor of Portland has officially turned down help offered by President Trump. To be honest, I did not expect the mayor of Portland, communist Ted Wheeler, to make such an impressive contribution to Trump’s campaign. Thank you, Commissar Wheeler!

Democrats sanctioned the destruction of several American cities in the hope that their inhabitants would be so dumb that they would vote for the Democrats because of the pogroms. I wonder if any of them estimate how many votes each burned car and each looted store brings to Biden? How many votes do these actions bring into Trump’s camp?

Democrats continue to make one stupid mistake after another with enviable persistence. For example, they not only inspired violence and pogroms, but they openly supported them. Then, when the ersatz revolutionaries failed to achieve results, they blamed Trump for the pogroms. At the same time, no one (I emphasize – no one) can say the name of the Republican mayor, in whose city mass “peaceful riots” are taking place.

By now, our country has had the opportunity to preview the vernissage of socialism with a Chinese face on American soil.

Antifa and BLM are working overtime to alienate as many voters as possible from the Democrats. Both white Antifa and black BLM are working hard to shrink the Democratic electoral base. We should say a most sincere thank you to the Antifa and BLM militants from the grateful citizens of the United States. The anti-American antics of American goons in the summer of 2020 have significantly boosted the ranks of Trump’s supporters.

The main difference between the pogroms of 2020 and the pogroms of the 60s and 70s is their funding source. If in the 20th century, the Soviet communists were the sponsors of the riots, in the 21st century, the Chinese communists are. Another difference is that protests and violence in the 20th century were widespread. Today, only the coverage of these events by means of mass disinformation media is ubiquitous, but the pogroms themselves are limited only to those cities in which the mayors are die-hard communists.

Finally, the protests of the 60s took place under the mantras of Peace, Love, and Drugs. Today the slogans of the rioters are different – Violence, Hatred, and Drugs.

We know that among the democrat-pogrom-mongers, there are criminals and the mentally ill, and simply sadists and maniacs, but these categories of “peaceful pogrom-mongers” do not have an ideological component, and they have no organizational structure. There are two categories of thugs who are drugged with bloody ideology – Antifa and BLM. Both were created by the communists, but here it is necessary to clarify that they are supporters of one very influential branch of communism – Maoism.

In other words, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party plays a decisive role in the bloody unrest in America’s democrat enclaves.

Homegrown American hongweibing are trying to inject their virtual ideas and virtual utopias into real America. The generation that grew up with virtual video games has never experienced pain, and they simply do not understand why, in response to a brick or a Molotov cocktail, they receive a blow from a policeman with a truncheon, after which they cannot recover for several weeks. After all, this should not be so – in video games, they beat you, they even kill you, but after a second, you jump to your feet, as if nothing had happened. There is no pain or frustration; there is only a desire to win.

America has met on its way those who want to win without taking their ass off the couch. But the political spectacle is coming to an end, and it is time for the exalted kids to return to their unfinished video games.

Of course, being a communist in a free country like America is safe, enjoyable, and fashionable. Unfortunately, American hongweibing cannot even imagine what it would be like to be a free person in a communist country. The Democrats went all-in and decided to sacrifice American youth to the communist utopia.

The thugs made a habit of carrying with them a model of a guillotine (more precisely, a “peaceful guillotine”), and they are delighted at the sight of a Trump dummy having its head cut clean off. Angela Davis, a communist, known since Soviet times, recently announced that the pogroms of 2020 are “a rehearsal for the revolution.” Of course, the Chinese curators of the ersatz revolutionaries did not tell these ignoramuses anything about another leftist revolution – in France – and about who exactly suffered from it the most.

As it is known, supporters of utopian left ideas, all without exception, were decapitated during the French Revolution. It has become a tradition, and the process of annihilation of the previous generation of leftists by the new generation of leftists has become permanent.

By now, the Democrat Party has transformed into a political Chronos, which, according to tradition, will soon begin to devour its own children.

There is not long to wait – just two months.

[Originally published at NOQ Report]

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    1. Ignore the “peaceful protests/pogroms” is like helping Dems
      digging a Republican grave in November. The movement to defund/disband the police in certain Dem states has to be stopped by executive order and police in such states has to be switched to federal control. As Congress would block funding, it can be done via FEMA, as a case of national emergency…but the first order to IDF soldier is: “A soldier does not give advices to the C–in-C”.

  1. Gary, that’s a mixture of two languages, which looks and sounds weird. If you began with Italian, you should proceed with Finita ia Revoluzione. If that is French, Fin de la Revolución would work.

    Best Regards

  2. As a comment I would like to paste a few final words from a recent article by one Russian author (Arkadii Gurovich) :

    Когда в 1917 г. большевики захватили власть, то в ближайший же год они стали истреблять всех, кто хоть что-то значил в стране и умел. Но первыми были не офицеры (в первую очередь, морские), до них не всегда можно было добраться, и не священники (десятки тысяч – от иерархов до сельских батюшек), поначалу было не до них, и не поэты и инженеры – их поначалу попридержали, а уже потом навестили. Нет, первыми были городовые. Чаще всего, простые полицейские. Те, над кем смеялась вся великая русская литература, и население не слишком жаловало, а вот перебили их (чаще всего, самым что ни на есть зверским образом) и крик «Помогите!!!» уже не находил ответа. По всей России!
    …Когда воротимся мы в Портленд, мы будем тихи, как овечки.
    Но только в Портленд воротиться нам не придётся никогда!
    Портленд – это где?

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