Political Desperation and Conservatives’ Dunkirk Moment

Paraphrasing Winston Churchill, the presidential election of 2020 was a colossal political disaster, a catastrophe on the level of Dunkirk.  However, the Dunkirk 1940 fiasco quickly turned out to be a Dunkirk miracle.  Do conservatives, whose “root and core and brain” are currently in disarray, have a chance of performing a similar marvel?

When the Dunkirk saga concluded, Prime Minister Churchill had occupied 10 Downing Street for a little less than four weeks.  When the fiendishly clever (and practically undetectable for the untrained eye) 2020 election steal happened, President Trump was occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a little less than four years.

Leftists tried to destroy Donald Trump these past four years by attacking him from various ideological directions.  Recall unsuccessful attempts by the Bolsheviks (Bernie Sanders) and Mensheviks (Hillary Clinton).  The third attempt, under the banner of the rulers of the Middle Kingdom — a strain of socialism practically unknown to the general population — succeeded, and now Chairman Joe Biden is currently at the helm.

One of the reasons it has happened is clear: Americans do not have immunity to the current Chinese version of socialism.  In contrast, other socialism strains (including, but not limited to, Communism, National Socialism, International Socialism, and Fascism) have been known to American citizens for over a century.  As a result, our society had developed a decent immunity to them. 

China’s socialism occupies a distinct position in the cesspool of leftism, but it is not that unique.  It shares with its sister ideologies — National Socialism and Fascism — an idea referred to as “anathema” to all other leftists: they allow private businesses to coexist with collective and government enterprises but under strict ruling party control. 

The crucial word here is “control.”  No wonder Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Brin are precisely implementing just that — a 21st-century version of total ruling party control.  The merciless, preordained purge of dissidents is a well known tradition of all leftist ideologies.  If they burned books and exterminated about 100 million innocent souls in the 20th century, we should not expect their ideological successors in the 21st to do anything different from what they are doing now.  Moreover, leftists even borrowed some of their ideas from Leon Trotsky and, incapable of implementing permanent revolution, organized, quite predictably, a permanent impeachment farce.

However, the main reason for conservatives’ Dunkirk’s existence lies with a strategic, decades-long blunder of exploiting the Republican Party for conservative objectives.  Conservatives were trying to pull the same trick leftists have done with the Democrat Party.  The originally pro-American Democrat Party has been successfully hijacked and repurposed by leftist anti-American forces.  In return, the hijacked party had acquired a reasonably coherent, consistent ideology — Democrats had become a Big Government and Big Taxes party.

From the very beginning, the Republican Party had an internally conflicting ideology.  The two Republican Party pillars — Low Taxes and Big Government — are not compatible with each other.  Republicans, like Democrats before them, are an extraordinary bundle of contradictions.  Since World War II, conservatives were attempting to bend the Republican Party into a more coherent movement, advocating Low Taxes and Small Government.  They only partially succeeded — inside Washington, there is a small (and outcast) conservative Republican fraction.  This fraction has never betrayed and will never betray its own — Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

In other words, the loss in 2020 was not a failure of Conservatism per se.  It was a failure of the apriori self-defeating myopia of incorporating Republicans into the conservative movement.  

On the surface, it looks like the Republican Party bosses betrayed President Trump, but that is not true — they were not backing Trump to begin with.  They tolerated (and many even supported) Trump as long as he promoted low taxes, but everything beyond that was too alien to them.  As a result, the Maoist revolution’s violent reality is upon us, and ebullient, perfectionist, and workaholic Trump has been replaced by someone who displayed remarkable ineptitude.

There are all signs that the Republican Party nomenklatura are ready to put themselves into a groveling position and allow rabid socialists to run the show.  As with many leftist revolutions before, we should expect massive human jetsam to be seated in the front row, especially at the incoming Ministry of Truth’s helm.  Imagine the unimaginable fandango: Chinese attaché for American affairs Joe Biden plans to transform the United States into China’s economic and political fiefdom.  Chinese communists are proficient in Stalin-like massive purges, so expect the “cancel culture” and vast blacklists to reach a pan-American, industrial scale pretty soon.

What should immaculate conservatives do while subservient Republicans prepare to join forces with the (D)eranged for expelling dissidents and non-conformists who dare to protect the “archaic” Constitution of the United States?

We should follow Winston Churchill’s magnificent oration during the horror of Dunkirk “to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary, for years, if necessary, alone.  At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do.”

As Winston Churchill would proclaim, reminiscent of his famous “we shall fight on the beaches” speech, even though large tracts of America and many states have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Demshevik party-controlled thought police and all the odious apparatus of Maoist rule, we shall not flag or fail. 

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in America, we shall fight for the Republic for which it stands, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength, we shall defend our beacon of freedom, whatever the cost may be.  We shall fight on the internet, we shall fight on the TV grounds, fight in the fields of science and education, and fight on the airwaves. 

We shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Republic or a large part of it were subjugated and lost its freedom to the immature left-wing bohemians, then our people beyond the Washington swamp, armed and guarded by the Constitution, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World patriots, with all their power and might, step forth to the rescue and the liberation of the entire World.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

20 thoughts on “Political Desperation and Conservatives’ Dunkirk Moment”

  1. Biden is a center-right Republican-lite. Just look at the policies he has supported during his very long political career. He is a standard shill for big corporations. Take a look at his cabinet nominees.

    1. “Biden is a center-right Republican-lite”? Are you still reading “Pravda”?

  2. Folks,
    Let’s do a 3-rd grade math. How many people will push the daisies in 4 years, from 2020 to 2024 elections ? – about 10 million, mostly GOP voters.
    How many illegals will get citizenship and vote in 2024 ? – about 10 million, guess
    who they vote for ?
    How many American young people will vote first time in 2024 ?
    Probably, about 15 millions… who they vote for ?
    Let’s assume, also, that Dems will lower down voter’s age to 16 years old.
    Please, do simple math, start with 75 million GOP voters and the same
    number of Dem voters..

    1. Mark, ANY talk about conservative revenge in 2022, 2024, and in foreseeable future is a therapeutical licking of the wounds. Alas, the wounds are mortal and no amount of band-aiding will revive the dead body of America and the whole Western Civilization. Your simple arithmetic just illustrates the point.

  3. I think that Trump was not prepared to the existential challenge as Churchill… He had 4 years to create alliances to fight back, Instead he has lost support of every imaginable ally. When you go to war think about enough weapons. He had only plebs, who are easily scared or bribed. I love Trump, but he miscalculated pro and cons…

    1. Trump is suffering with incurable disease – pathological ability to make enemies and as deadly inability to make friends. With all my esteem for his accomplishments (or, at least attempts at them) and my almost pathological disdain for obama, well documented narcissism of the latter pales in comparison to the one of the former.

  4. Thank you Gary. Not much to add. Let’s hope for the best and prepare to the worst. Best wishes, Marvin.

  5. Continuing with Dunkirk analogy, ultimately that disaster led to the victory by enlisting help of two higher powers – FDR and stalin. Which higher powers should conservatives ask for help now, martians?

      1. Dear Gary, with all due respect and honestly – your posts were quite optimistic and definitely helped to stay calm during this turbulent times. Thank you Gary.
        However: (and here it might be written a lot, but it won’t change anything – elections are lost and at least 8 years of dems reign is ahead.)

        1. I strongly disagree with “at least 8 years “. It will be much shorter if 75 million of Trump voters will pull out their barrels and drown this country in the sea of blood or, like the USSR it will anyway go through blood and destruction but for much longer time – generations.

          1. Dear Floridian,
            life time experience and observing at least three revolutions tell me that after moving into “worse” state is bearably reversible; plebs always vote for more goods from government candidates; when the American enterprise spirit might return do you think?
            Something tells me – never, it’s too late and the scars are too deep.
            I wish I would sound more optimistic.

          2. Dear Floridian,
            8 years…. Everything will depend on how quickly the structure organizing 75 mln will be built. 75 mills are highly enthusiastic, but extremely disorganized. One legion of roman soldiers (about 6k) resisted and defeated the times larger crowd of barbarians. We have to admit that organizationally conservatives are much weaker than leftists.
            I hope that DT is going to build this organization inside or outside of GOP.
            And, and.. regardless of his (DT) personal qualities there is no other leader today who is capable for this task.

            1. That is THE MAIN problem: Trump proved fair-and-square that he is NOT that kind of a leader. Disorganized person cannot organize others. He is a shit-thrower fighting against a bulldozer – that makes bulldozer stink but not stop. Demonratic Party is a well organized fighting machine. To at least attempt to put up a fight against it a similar mechanism must be set up. They have their MSM – conservatives must have their own ministry of propaganda. They have their apparatus of oppression – conservatives need to infiltrate it and sabotage it the same way CIA/FBI/DoJ for four years ignored Trump’s orders. The same goes for military/national guard. Current vetting by FBI of DC deployed guardsmen won’t make them good friends. Good! Send agitators in to incite discontent. Was Trump thinking about any of that in advance? Clearly – NO! Why Giuliani and company were unleashed AFTER the election was stolen? Why not to fight Stasyu Abramovnu, when she with help of RINOs was passing her ridiculous election rules in Georgia? In PA? And at the most crucial moment what was Trump thinking about when he invited hundreds of thousands of people to DC but did NOT bring in the same 25,000 (or at least 500) guardsmen to ensure protection of the Capitol and prevent provocations in the crowd? [Digression: being in charge of security for our two-bus group at 9/10/2009 DC gathering I undertook the appropriate measures.] Like many other of his actions (or, rather inactions) the whole 2020 election campaign was done under the slogan of famous Russian AVOS’.

              Yes, those 75 mln robbed people are enthusiastic. But people without a leader are sheepley. Well known adage: a lion can lead to victory even the flock of sheep, but a ram will not lead to victory even the pack of lions…

              1. I understand it is easy to criticize post-factum the actions of the leaders you trusted.
                You would do “better” in their case. Please,… after you know what has happened… rubbish.
                It is surprising what he has accomplished in his position and under his circumstances for the last four years.
                Nevertheless, today he is the only leader who has the support and capability to save republic.
                It is clear that following steps should be made:
                1. New program: short, clean and clear. What will be accomplished in short-term and long-term politically
                2. Policy in racial, ethnic areas – no race/group is above others in rights
                3. Equal opportunity for all, and reward only by outcome of personal performance
                4. Judgement of Socialism/Maois/Fascism/Nazism – as different brands of Socialism
                5. Mass media
                6. Mass education

          3. We vote for Trump, but we don’t have guns. We applied for license at the end of August. Money was taken from account but that was it. I don’t think we ever get even license, let alone guns. And in NY we can’t use it even if we are attacked in our houses. We should ran (law). Can someone please explain to me why the EO of September 2018 was not used when there were tons of evidence of foreign interference in US elections? Why insurrection law or even marshal law were not used? There were all per-existing conditions and implementation would be within Law and Order. To avoid Civil War? It is already going and it will be growing? To avoid division? Does anyone in sane mind thinks that the unity is possible after what have happened? It is the same as call for unity between rapist and his victims.

            1. Marina, you ask why Trump did not do this, why Trump did not do that. You can see my comment above: IMHO, because he was sure that his achievements are so great that EVERYBODY simply cannot not to fall in love with him. “Лишь только запоем, и все от счастья плачут”. He was bragging about how many thousands attended his rallies (with the same speeches of his time and time and time again) while his enemies were “giving birth” to millions of new voters.

              One commenter scolds me for being a “Monday morning quarterback”: “…it is easy to criticize post-factum…”. You knew they would cheat, I knew they would cheat, I am sure that even always optimistic Mr. Gindler knew they would cheat but, Trump decided that “N-e-e-ah, AVOS’ they won’t dare”. And… did nothing. I criticized such behavior when I saw it before the election (with naïve hope that Mr. Gindler knows better because he tells what a genius chess player Trump is: все хода записаны!), I criticized it when “пикейные жилеты” discussed with Mr. Tsesarsky the “Frankfurt server” and “82-nd Paratrooper Division”, I criticize it now – because it will cost me my life: I’m not gonna lick the black Sharikovih boots. And here in Florida we have the means to explain it to at least a few of them before the end…

        2. In an optimistic scenario, it may take just about a couple of years for the Ds to royally screw up the economy and piss off the voters. They are already working on that, and working hard. If that happens, much will depend on whether the Rs manage to attract more blacks, latinos, women, and anyone who can legally vote. The past campaign indicates that is doable; the question remains, whether the Rs are serious enough about it. We will see.

          1. You must be kidding…After the last election there is no need in future voting. Dems can get whatever results they want using Dominions machines. They can disregard the laws and state constitutions completely as they did. It was a test run. Now they know all weak points and will take care of them.

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