Death of Archimedes and Left-Islam Alliance

One legend about Archimedes, a famous Greek mathematician and physicist, states that he was killed during Syracuse’s siege in 212 B.C.  According to the most common narrative, he was sketching geometric figures when a bounty-seeking Roman soldier burst into his study.  “Do not disturb my circles,” said Archimedes, but the simpleton Roman legionnaire, who knew nothing about mathematics, struck him with a sword.

History has repeatedly evidenced over the last two millennia that ignoramuses often change history.  Geniuses who fall victim to uncivilized invaders, uncultured neighbors, or moronic rulers are well known.  Postmortems cannot alleviate the loss of a great mind to humanity, and many contemporaries recognize that.  For example, Marcellus, a Roman general who conquered Syracuse, apologized to Archimedes’s relatives.

Who will apologize to whom when Israel becomes Judenfrei?

Israel is at war with Gazans, one third of whom marry their first cousins.  Due to traditionally high inbreeding levels, their average I.Q. is about 68.

Israel pencils circles and formulas, endeavoring at 21st-century technologies.  How many young Archimedeses perished in the October Hamassacre?

Unfortunately, the story does not stop here.  It surprised many, but Hamas has a lot of supporters in the West.  Pundits and politicians in the West often have (presumably) high I.Q.s.  Many of these high-I.Q.ers are blindsided by beheadings and other atrocities committed by Muslims and, as such, cannot comprehend Islam’s “peaceful nature.”  It is “peaceful” because, according to the Quran, the extermination of all Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and all other kafirs (infidels), including atheists, will finally establish peace on the planet.

Followers of the Moon God have been working tirelessly on this program since the 7th century.  The recent barbarism of the Gazan population does not deviate an iota from the dogmas enshrined by Mohammad, the successful caravan robber.

Beheading infidel babies has been Islam’s modus operandi for centuries, so why the sudden harsh reaction from the West?  Islam sees nothing wrong with dismembering or baking babies alive in an oven as long as they are infidels.  Knowledgeable Muslims will point out that Allah prohibits inhumanness, but it is just a semantic juggling of well known contradictions in Islam’s holy texts, the Quran and Hadith.  To Muslims’ delight, the Quran — like any other foundational text in all religions — has so many inconsistencies that one could find opposite opinions about hot subjects.

Pro-Hamas rallies in all European capitals and major American cities are not the only catalyst for the emotional reaction from the West.  Unfortunately, the hysterical backlash of Western leaders is not about the tortured Israelis.

The resonance we hear is the sound of the Left-Islamic fabric ripping apart.

The Soviet Union cultivated the alliance between the International Left and Islam since the 1950s.  The immensely significant triumph was getting communist radicals and Islamic radicals on the same team.  The overwhelmingly atheist Left had entered into a marriage of convenience with religious forces.  And not just Islamic corps: aside from the well known cozy relationship with Islamic radicals, though it may seem improbable, Leftist radicals sneaked an acknowledged communist into the Dalai Lama’s position.

Besides, a Marxist pope is at the helm of the Vatican.  That misalliance birthed the ideological chimera — a hybrid ideology composed of different, seemingly incompatible, and non-combinable parts.  Moreover, Mohammed’s fatalistic teachings are reminiscent of Marx’s stoical indoctrinations.  As a result, the arrested development of predominantly Muslim vs. non-Muslim countries mirrors the arrested advancement of socialist countries vs. capitalistic ones.

However, the Left’s multi-decade-long, burgeoning strategic alliance with theocratic regimes and groups had peaked.  Radical Leftists are in short supply in the 21st century, thus ending the era of militant Islam and radical Leftism exchanging tactics and strategies.  Instead, the paths of Islamic imperialism and Leftist imperialism are starting to diverge.  The Abraham Accords, orchestrated by then-president Donald Trump, signify such divergence.

The political consequences of Hamas’s actions are difficult to overestimate.  First, the political Left has been effectively wiped out of the Israeli political scene, at least for the time being.  Second, massive rape, torture, and beheadings by the unenlightened mob of Palestinian Arabs suddenly awakened the West from its woke-induced coma.  As Israel experiences unprecedented existential enlightenment, the West will, most likely, follow.

As for the Jews associated with Leftism, it is always “Leftism Uber Alles.”  Since Napoleon Bonaparte closed Jewish ghettoes in occupied Italy and granted French Jews full civil rights, Jewish existence has been entangled with left-wingers.  Metternich-Winneburg, the Austrian consul in Paris, wrote in 1806: “All Jews look upon Napoleon as their Messiah.”  Since then, many Jews have worshiped false gods, false prophets, and false Messiahs — as long as they exhibit a left-wing stance.  However, many American Jews got red-pilled by the cauchemar of the latest anti-Semitic atrocities, demonstrations, and threats and decisively shifted into the conservative column.

Leftists in Washington, D.C. have cardinally altered American import and export articles.  Currently, our exports are primarily various forms of appeasement, and our main imports are strains of anti-Americanism.  Unfortunately, these insanely genocidal Middle Easterners have support from many insanely suicidal Westerners.  New York City used to be the Jewish-American metropolis; now it is openly anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Hamas land, transforming into Newyorkistan in front of our eyes.

Leftists policies have made America a borderless, leaderless country.  Rephrasing Clausewitz, uncontrolled and unvetted immigration is jihad by other means.

The massive de-platforming, de-banking, de-monetization, and cancelation of conservatives appear to be a Pyrrhic victory for the Left.  They became a conglomerate of marginal congregations (like LGBT and anti-Israeli Jews) and pro-Hamas activists (like BLM and The Squad).  However, the avalanche of de-financing by wealthy donors of primary Leftist bastions — universities — in the wake of Hamas savagery is several orders of magnitude larger than any de-monetization experienced by right-wingers.  Maybe — just maybe — it will reorient universities from cultivating heinousness back to education.

Hamas demonstrated that the Muslim world has reached a level of depravity that the rest of the world could not imagine possible.  It looks as though many modern Leftists have realized the danger of the jihad association in any shape or form.  They might have decided to flee their abusive partner.

Finally, Hamas’s blatant bloodthirstiness has forced Israel to abandon all attempts to please or beg for public sympathy from the world.  As the West’s self-inflicted cultural degradation has reached the bifurcation point, it must choose one path from the only two available: back to the 7th century or back to the future.

[Originally published at American Thinker]