The Marxlag Archipelago

“Two things are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the Universe.” Albert Einstein

In the political struggle for the man’s superiority over the state (the Right), and supporters of the state’s superiority over all man (the Left), we naturally arrive at a final crisis. Why final?  Because the Left seems to have exhausted all of its ammunition, and they have nothing left.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Leftist ideas were a dead-end in the development of mankind, although in some cases everything looked quite the opposite on the surface.

One of the most dismal examples is Romneycare, a payment system for medical services in the state of Massachusetts. The system worked fine, but when an attempt was made to spread it to the entire United States (i.e. Obamacare), the system for some reason stopped working. Why?  Simply because the anti-market system of Romneycare in just one state was kept afloat only thanks to monetary injections from the U.S. federal budget. In other words, all taxpayers in America sponsored a very good medical care plan all for the benefit of the people of Massachusetts. Obama’s attempt to copy Romneycare for all 50 states would inevitably fail because of the absence of an extraneous source of money.

Did the Left know that Obamacare was doomed?  Of course, they did. Not only did they know, they consciously implemented what the Left has been doing for two centuries.

The Leftists turn everything that comes to hand into a political weapon.

Freedom of speech was one of the first things that Leftists turned their attention to. The Left invented “political correctness” which is nothing more than the use of censorship as a political weapon. Do the Leftists know that political correctness is the antithesis of freedom of speech?  Of course, they do, but for them, as you know, “the end justifies the means.”

The Left did not ignore science, either. Darwin’s evolutionary theory was to remain what it is–the theory of the evolution of species within the framework of biology, and nothing more. This theory was not intended by Darwin to be weaponized. Nevertheless, the Leftists liked this theory very much, and for more than a century now, it has been successfully used as a political weapon.

For example, in many countries, including the United States, prisons have long ceased to be called “prisons”. They are now referred to as “correctional facilities”. The idea of “correcting” people by creating special conditions for them comes directly from the theory of Darwin. The Marxists borrowed only what they needed from Darwin’s theory, and called it “Social Darwinism.”

Until the end of the nineteenth century, prisons were a tool of punishment and only that. In the “progressive era,” Leftists began holding mass experiments using people as their unwitting subjects. The theory of the “correction” of human nature says that if one places a person in appropriate prison conditions, it “forces” human beings to “evolve” toward the ideals set by the government.

In countries where Leftists seized power, the ideas of Social Darwinism were used to “correct” all kinds of “enemies of the people.” Thanks to the idea of social Darwinism, the seizure of power by the Leftists sooner or later leads to mass repression. Darwin, himself, did not support the idea of Social Darwinism.  However, Karl Marx planned to devote the first volume of Das Kapital to Darwin.

We all know how effective this “correction” is in these “correctional facilities.” Do the Leftists know about this? Of course, they know, but for some reason, they are trying to hide the fact that the Nazi concentration camps under Hitler were originally conceived as institutions for “correcting” people and “creating an advanced human race.” They turned into the death camps later, when the number of Jews in the occupied territories of Europe became so great that Hitler believed in the real possibility of a “final solution to the Jewish question.”

Other pseudo-scientific social experiments did not bypass the Leftists. Prohibition was at one time the crown jewel of the Left “progressive era.” It was canceled, but another legacy of the “progressive era”–the leapfrog with the transition to summer/winter time–still lives. These and other experiments on people and common sense are typical examples of using science as a political weapon, eugenics, and the “global cooling” in the 1970s as well as the “global warming” of the 1990s.

Former President Barack Obama, an avid Social Darwinist himself, went so far as to weaponize public toilets. Obama is rightfully the founder of politically correct toilets. He will undoubtedly go down in history as the “anti-segregationist” President of women’s and men’s toilets, showers and locker rooms.

Gays and lesbians were described in ancient chronicles, and no one actually interfered with them until the Left managed to turn them into political weapons. The gays were used by Leftists to control freedom of speech. The Leftists initially convinced gays of their “victimhood.” Then they demanded that the society renounce its traditional Judeo-Christian morality and practice self-censorship so as not to “discriminate” against sexual minorities.

Any negative statement about gays is elevated to the rank of a holy politically correct taboo, and rarely does anyone dare to break it. Does this mean that society has changed its attitude toward gays?  Of course, not, but Leftists, as planned, gained a reliable electorate from this marginal group and successfully established a dictatorship of political correctness.

The Leftists even got to the Boy Scouts, and the process of politicizing the Boy Scouts and turning them into Gay Scouts was, by historical standards, very fast. Boy Scouts were one of the groups most resistant to aggressive politicization.  For more than 100 years, they were apolitical, and they rejected all attempts to transform them into a branch of paramilitary training.

But the numerous and well-organized accusations of “sexual discrimination” pushed scouts out of balance, and mounting legal costs forced them to surrender.  Now, gay boys and transgender girls can be scouts, too, and scout masters can be female, gay, or even transgender. No additional electoral benefits were acquired by Leftists in this case, but another area of human activity is now closed from public discussion with the help of this same dictatorship of political correctness.

The idea of using medicine as a political weapon by the Leftists dates back to the times of the USSR and their use of so-called forensic psychiatry. It was shipped over to the United States and promptly adopted by the Left here. Recently, an attempt was made to use this weapon against Trump by declaring him mentally ill, despite the Goldwater Rule.

Genetic engineering, which saved millions of human lives from starvation, has long been used by Leftists as a political weapon. Genetically modified foods (GMOs) are severely criticized because only a hungry person can listen to Leftist preachers for their despair. A well-fed people are absolutely indifferent to Leftist ideas.

Leftists used smoking as a political weapon as well. Do you really think that the Leftists care about your health? After all, in 1998 they initiated a “peace treaty” with the leaders of the American tobacco industry. In accordance with this agreement, U.S. citizens forever lost the opportunity to sue tobacco companies in exchange for multi-billion payments to the states. Smoking was used by Leftists not only as a primitive scam but also as a regular method of “correcting” people’s behavior.

Female sex organs, too, were weaponized by Leftists. Remember the rally of pink hats? The color of human skin was repeatedly used by Leftists as a political weapon. And abortion since the time of Margaret Sanger became a weapon in the political struggle. Obama transformed the IRS into a formidable political weapon to crush the Tea Party. And other federal agencies also were weaponized.

The virtual Internet space also began to be used by Leftists as a political weapon. Google turned into a kind of re-toucher of Soviet photographs, “correcting” photos of Stalin with “inappropriate” people – “enemies of the people.” Disrespect for communism is now a “thought crime” on YouTube.  All videos on YouTube by “unwanted” content providers that contradict the “general line of the party” are demonetized by Google.

Just like during the Soviet Union, where Communists forcibly evicted troublemakers beyond 100 kilometers from Moscow, now Google “evicts” links to sites they do not like beyond the first 100 links. They know perfectly well that more than 90 percent of all Internet searches end up on the first 10-20 links. Nevertheless, Google believes that it is intellectually honest because they formally do not hide the information and do not delete it.

Facebook regularly closes about a million accounts a day. The list includes all those whom Facebook does not like–including terrorists, pornography, criminals, etc. But ordinary political dissenters also fall into the category of “undesirable elements.” A similar practice exists on Twitter and Instagram.

Recently it became known that YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are negotiating with religious fanatics from Iran about the censorship of texts and pictures that the government of Iran regards as “not in accordance with Sharia law.”

History and culture have long been the idee fixe for Leftists. Often the use of history as a political weapon takes on an acute form by Leftists, and they begin to burn unwanted books and demolish unwanted monuments. However, both books and monuments play here only as a tool, and the goal of the Leftists, in accordance with Social Darwinism, is to create such “external living conditions” that all political opponents will shut their mouths and “correct” their behavior.

The use of science as a political weapon leads to corruption of science.

The use of women’s problems as a political weapon corrupts both women and men.

The use of censorship as a political weapon corrupts information.

The use of education as a political weapon leads to corruption of education–indoctrination.

Check your level of education–who among you know that the exact translation of the word “fascism” from Italian is “collectivism?” How many know that the leader of the Russian Communists Lenin sent Mussolini a congratulatory telegram when the fascists collectivists seized power in Italy in 1922? Who remembers the words of Joseph Goebbels that “Lenin was the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and the difference between communism and the Hitler faith was very slight?” How many of you are familiar with Hitler’s dictum about the Nazis: “We are socialists, we are the enemies of today’s capitalist system of exploitation…and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

Even microscopic groups of people are dragged out by Leftists from ordinary life and forced to transform into political weapons, for example, the transgender community. A more complex example is the use of financial leverage as a political weapon. The point is that in the normal economy, the level of the stock exchange index correctly reflects the current state of the economic cycle. But since Obama, the level of the stock market reflects not the level of the economy, but the level of monetary injections of the central bank–the Federal Reserve–into the stock market, and this is largely due to borrowing cash from future generations of Americans.

But all these are signs of an end.

Everything that could be politicized and turned into a political weapon has already been politicized and weaponized. In other words, the Leftists have run out of ammunition. The list of marginal groups has ended. There are no more reserves. The time of the last argument has arrived.

What will be the last argument? It was predicted back in 1990 by lawyer Mike Godwin, who noticed that when one of the parties in a long discussion exhausted all of its arguments, the latest argument–the accusation of an opponent as being a fascist–is in play. Of course, this is not true fascism-collectivism, but the fascism which everyone knows is bad, but do not fully understand why. The accusation of fascism is typically the last argument in a lost dispute.

The defeat in the elections of 2016 served as the trigger, which forced the Leftists to intensify the riots by the ANTIFA gang (shortened from “Antifascists”). The very name is a good indicator that the opponents of ANTIFA, according to the Leftists, should be … fascists. On the same basis, the infamous Berlin Wall was officially called the Antifaschistischer Schutzwall (Antifascist Defense Wall).

The Leftists from the Marxist Archipelago know that there are no more reserves. They know that this time they are not facing just an annoying slap in the face, but a crushing defeat. The Marxlag Archipelago is going underwater, and the time is near when the wave of supporters of the alternative capitalist idea, which from century to century proves its advantage, will overwhelm it.

The last argument of Leftists is the bloodiest. But we know that it is the last.


[Originally published at The Liberty Conservative]

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