Cult of Victim Seekers. Part 2

Part 1


The Globalists continuously try to remind us that “true socialism” has never been tried.

Even though socialism has led to the collapse of society in all countries where it has been tried without exception, the Globalists are somewhat right here.  We are talking about those terrible versions of socialism in some countries of the past, but they are talking about their ultimate goal – an immaterialized version of the global leftist dictatorship which they have been tirelessly working for the last 100 years.

Today’s Globalists are unlike many other social movements that brought calamities to humanity.  Globalists of the 20th and 21st centuries are no longer an underground group of conspirators like their ideological predecessors at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.  To the contrary, they do their best to publicize their ideas to achieve maximum dissemination.  They try to do everything openly and, if possible, legally.  President Obama did not lie when he said that his administration “will be the most transparent in the history of America.” He simply thought of “transparency” and “openness” in his own, Globalist vein, in sharp contrast to what is commonly understood.

Anyone interested in how Globalists use the democratic gains of capitalism for their purposes should visit the websites of the Socialist International, the Communist Party of the United States, and the Democratic Socialist Party of America, which young Barack Obama joined after moving to Chicago.  If the political programs of these parties remind you of the Democratic Party of the USA, do not be surprised.  You’re not the first to notice.

One variant of Globalism is Muslim socialism, which on the surface looks like ordinary expansionism, whereby Muslims play the role of the victims.  Indeed, they suffered from their own Islamic dogmas.  There are striking similarities between leftists and jihadists – if something is won (obtained, stolen, taken away, etc.), then it is immediately considered sacred, inviolable and belonging to them forever.

The well-known Brezhnev doctrine of the defense of socialist countries is from the same series.  This doctrine says that the USSR had the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries because in these countries socialism had either already been built, or a desire was expressed in building it.  Practical application of this doctrine allowed the USSR to aggressively interfere in the domestic policy of a significant number of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Another feature that traditionally unites the jihad and all the branches of Marxism is animalistic hatred for like-minded people from a neighboring clan.  Shi’ite Muslims and Sunni Muslims slaughter each other with much greater frenzy than Jews, Christians, and other infidels.   Statistics implicitly show that the number of Muslims who were killed in intra-Muslim wars far exceeds the number of Muslims who died at the hands of non-Muslims.   In Russia, the Stalinist-Leninists (later called Communists) destroyed not only the Trotskyists but also the Mensheviks.  However, this did not stop the Communists and Social Democrats in 1930s Germany from temporarily uniting and engaging in bloody street fights with National Socialists.

The modern terrorist organization Antifa, created by the Globalists, declares, like their predecessors of the early 1930s in Germany, that they are anti-fascists.   However, this does not make them radically different from the fascists.  Their street battles are mostly feuds between different clans of the same left ideology.   Modern Antifa is a bizarre mixture of close but not ideologically identical militants.  On the one hand, Antifa’s clothes simulate the “blackshirts” of Mussolini, and on the other hand, their behavior is reminiscent of the Sturmabteilung (SA) of the Nazis, the “brownshirts.”

Slave-like dependence on government handouts gives rise to another type of “victim.”

Undoubtedly, this was the most outstanding achievement of the leftists – instead of trying to find victims, they at some point decided to create them artificially.  The pioneer of this trend in socialism was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler artificially created the “oppressed Aryan race.” In America and Europe, the victim class materialized in the form of individual and corporate welfare, state-provided medical services and massive illegal immigration (called in politically correct newspeak, “undocumented democrats”).  The “Palestinians” were artificially created in 1967 by KGB right after the Six Day War.

“Oppressed minorities” and “unprivileged class” in America account for just shy of 50% of the population.  The share of illegal immigrants who receive government benefits is about 40%.  It was the American leftists who carried out a grandiose operation to cleverly separate Americans into two artificial classes – those who work and pay taxes, and those who live off these taxes.

The modern leftists are fighting so fiercely for “the rights of illegal immigrants” not because the fate of immigrants worries them in any way, but because Globalists see the illegal immigrants as the main “engine of the revolution,” which must bring about socialist transformations and catapult them to power.  Therefore, the more “engines” there are in the country, the better for the Globalist party elite.   Hence, their irrational and contrarian sense calls for opening the borders of the United States, the dissolution of the border patrol service, and the admission of non-citizens to participate in elections.

The position of Globalists on this issue is very uncompromising because illegal immigration for them is not a legal issue, but a political one.

For them, this is not a matter of violating the sovereignty of the country, but a question of political survival.  From their point of view, illegal immigration represents precisely that army of those who are stupefied by the propaganda of the masses, who will have to stand on the barricades and win political power over the entire planet for office philosophers.  Basically, the idea could be described like this: “If our citizens are not going to vote for us, we will import people who will.”

Wealthy businessmen are another class of “victims” (recall that the victim’s condition is often not only subjective but, as in this case, artificial).  The current economic system of America and other developed countries only remotely resembles classical free capitalism.   Even extensively wealthy people are aware of their vulnerability and almost complete dependence on the bureaucrats, lobbyists, and politicians of Washington.

That, by the way, is what burned Carly Fiorina.  She was hired to the position of Hewlett-Packard CEO.   However, instead of doing what the executives of all successful companies in the US have to do – spending the lion’s share of their time in Washington to lobby for the company’s interests, Carly Fiorina engaged in improving the quality of products and expanding their business.   However, something entirely different was expected of her – the intensification of lobbying.   After all, the economic impact of lobbying in America (especially tax lobbying) far exceeds all other methods of increasing the company’s profitability.

Also, Fiorina violated some unspoken taboos, known to all significant American entrepreneurs:

In America, it has long been the norm – under no circumstances, do not anger the leftist media-industrial complex, which owns the majority of the mass disinformation media. 

In addition to Carly Fiorina, one more person did just that – Donald Trump.


(to be continued)

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  1. Dear Mr.Gindler,
    It would be also interesting to look at these movements as phenomenon of religious movements. The impact of the religion is explained by a subconscious effect on the followers. Subconscious effects might be much stronger than any logical ones, their mechanisms are still a puzzle.
    But one of the great neuroscientists, Dr. Rama, used to say : “I can connect you to God, I can turn you off him”. Some charismatic leaders can do the same using different methods.

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