Political Titanic or Political Hindenburg?

Since Friday evening, March 22, 2019, I am in some confusion.  Special Counsel Mueller investigation has been completed, but I have never been able to find a suitable analog to what happened to the Leftists that evening – does it look like Titanic’s collision with an iceberg in 1912, or is it more like an explosion of the dirigible Hindenburg in 1937? The letter summarizing the results of Mueller’s investigation, sent by Attorney General William Barr to Congress on Sunday afternoon, March 24, did not clarify this issue.

As it is known, the hydrogen-filled airship Hindenburg exploded while landing at an airfield in New Jersey.  This disaster marked the end of the era of zeppelins.  The “unsinkable” steamer Titanic sank, taking many lives with it.  This disaster has opened a new page in the safety of sea travel.

Filled with fetid methane (from farting cows – from whom else?!), the conspiracy of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans stumbled upon hard facts and burst on Sunday, March 24, 2019.  Will this catastrophe put an end to the Leftist movement in general and the Democratic Party in particular?

The Leftists cannot understand that if Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was in Prague, it means he was in Prague, but if Cohen was not in Prague, then he was not in Prague.  So, there are no fifty shades of truth between these “was there – was not there.” In this case, there are no nuances: either he was, or he was not.  If he indeed was there, we all must seek the truth about what he did there.  However, if (as Mueller’s investigation concluded) he was not in Prague, then we all have to admit that Trump’s “Russian dossier” is a fake.

The end of the investigation of Mueller means that President Trump’s first term actually begins just about now.

In fact, for the whole two years of the failed Washington coup, Trump’s hands were tied.

For example, when he wanted to declassify documents of the secret FISA court, Mueller’s team made it clear that these documents are part of the investigation, and disclosing them means disclosing details of an unfinished investigation, that is, obstruction of justice (with the inevitable impeachment at the end).

Also, for about two years, we were wondering why Attorney General Jeff Sessions was inactive.  However, now we know that the FBI conducted an investigation not only against Trump but also against Sessions.  Therefore, Sessions made the only correct decision – he recused himself from the “Russian case.” From his point of view, doing otherwise was utter nonsense – to lead an organization that investigates yourself.

What is the main strategic blunder of the Democrats and anti-Trumpists?

It would seem that they have developed (and successfully implemented) a variety of strategies aimed at squeezing Trump out of the White House.  The Barack Obama clan, at war with the Clinton clan, even decided to postpone civil strife for some time and unite all Trump’s opponents behind this goal.

Obama had organized an international conspiracy of the intelligence agencies, the diplomatic corps, and an army of journalists against Trump.  The conspirators have achieved some success – tens of thousands of articles and television reports, a two-year investigation, and round-the-clock propaganda created a hysterical virtual reality unheard of in the history of mankind.  Inside this virtual reality, no one doubted that Trump was Putin’s marionette and would soon be removed from the White House in handcuffs.

However, among all these strategies, one critical strategy was missing – the conspirators forgot to develop a strategy based on the simple assumption that Trump is innocent. 

By this, the reaction of the leftists to the fact that the Mueller’s investigation is completed, and that there will be no further charges filed in this matter, becomes clear.  Indeed, in virtual reality, Trump was practically sitting in federal prison.  In other words, the guilty person has been already found; it was only necessary to find a suitable crime for him (the analogy with Stalin’s Lavrenty Beria is rather appropriate here).

In real reality, the situation is entirely different.  Since the days of Roman law, in real jurisprudence, prosecutors never pass an acquittal.  The task of prosecutors is to indict a person with a crime and bring the case to court.  If the charges are not made, then the thousand-year tradition says that no details of the investigation can be made public.  In fact, if a person did not violate the law, then the details of his private life, which became uncovered during the investigation, must remain under lock and key.

It is with this approach that the Leftists cannot accept.  Mueller “did not deliver,” and now, most likely, he will be declared the enemy of all “progressive humanity.” Also, we are unlikely to see for any of Trump’s opponents to honestly admit: “Yes, I was wrong.  I succumbed to politically correct dictates, sorry.” Well, the intellectual integrity of the Leftists (or rather, lack of it) is well known to all.

Therefore, the recent investigations initiated by Democrats in the House of Representatives are the last step of despair.  Here is the evidence from the contrary – the Democrats would not start a massive investigation campaign in the House of all persons who are at least somehow connected to Trump if the Mueller’s investigation would bear fruit (that is, would find evidence of collusion between Trump and Putin).

However, Mueller did not find anything and thus put the Democrats on the brink of disaster.

In a letter to Congress, published on Sunday, Attorney General Barr stated that “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.” Comments, as they say, are superfluous – Finita la Comedia.

In other words, the real reality began to penetrate the virtual reality, and thereby deprived the sleep, the peace of mind, and comfort of the Leftists.  In virtual reality, the Democrats win the elections of 2020, but in the real world, two large blocs – the Black (Blexit) and the Jews (Jexodus) – are leaving the Democratic Party.  Blacks are fleeing in large numbers from a political plantation, while Jews cannot accept the fact that the Democratic Party has become an openly anti-Semitic party.

Who benefited from the fake “Russiagate,” which would be more correct to call Obamagate? The answer is obvious – Putin.  The image of Putin, created in virtual reality by the army of conspirators, has nothing to do with the real Putin.  Putin, like many other heads of state, used the hysteria of the “Russiagate” to view Trump as a temporary figure who will soon be deposed.  Few people in such a situation considered Trump’s initiatives on the international arena seriously.

For example, neither Trump’s decision to transfer the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, nor the decision to close the Embassy of the Palestinian Authority in Washington, nor recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, as was expected, has to lead to mass unrest and terrorist attacks in the Middle East.  Most likely, these Trump’s steps were not considered severe; they were treated as temporary, minor setbacks which would be corrected as soon as Trump went to prison.

However, the prison term does not threaten Trump.  He faces impeachment from the Democrats, who can never distinguish virtual reality from real reality.

So, our first priority is not to scare Democrats away.

Their (unsuccessful) attempt to impeach a sitting president who has not committed any crime will lead to the total collapse of the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election.  Only then we will finally be able to reliably determine which analogy the Leftists deserve the best – Titanic or Hindenburg.

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