The Right’s Self-inflicted Political Wounds

We all are accomplices to the Left’s political crime of indoctrination.  We were the ones who accepted the myth that leftists are “liberals.”  We were the ones who accepted the hoax that Republicans (and right-wingers in general) are associated with the color red.  We were the ones who became obsessed with the fairness of the “mainstream media.”

So they like to be called “liberals”?  There is nothing liberal in the non-tolerant, neo-Marxist Democratic Party, who borrowed the idea of Antifa from Benito Mussolini’s Blackshirts.  The ideas of classical liberalism of the 18th century, and liberalism of American’s Founding Fathers, are referred to in the 21st century as conservatism.  Conservatives are the true heirs to the title of liberalism.  Anytime we call leftists “liberals,” we incur a self-inflicted political wound.

Are right-wingers “red”?  It is well known that the color red is traditionally assigned to the leftists (Marxists, socialists, communists, fascists, Democrats, Trotskyists, Maoists, and others).  The attempt to map red to right-wingers happened relatively recently — back in 2000 — and it stuck.  Remember the massive “red wave” versus “blue wave” agitprop during the 2018 elections?  Any time we cheered the “red wave,” we incurred a self-inflicted political wound, because traditionally, red was the color of the enemy.

“Mainstream media”?  There is nothing mainstream about the far-left outlets in our center-right country.  Referring to them as “media” does them a favor and provides them a cover, for they are just propaganda outlets serving their masters from the Democratic Party and a multitude of other American left-wing parties.

There are many other examples; some of them are relatively new, but some are pretty old.

Associating the National Socialism of the Third Reich with right-wing ideology was a smart trick they pulled, and it affected a lot of unsuspecting people.  They converted universities into Marxist indoctrination centers while leaving the original name intact, thus confusing even more people.  They created the U.N. under the pretense of “solving international problems” without telling us it is just a branch of the Socialist International on American soil.  (Most people do not know that the Presidium of the SocIntern traditionally happens on the premises of the U.N. and at the same time as the U.N. General Assembly.)  In the 1970s they pushed for a “global cooling” narrative (which in the 1990s was substituted by “global warming,” and then in the 2000s with “climate change”) without telling people it is just a novel scheme for world wealth redistribution.

“Trump is Putin’s marionette,” they said.  “Hillary Clinton has a 97% probability of winning the presidency,” they said.  “Twitter does not shadowban conservatives,” they said.  “Facebook does not suppress alternative points of view,” they said.  They warned us about an imminent World War III if Trump relocated the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem or discarded Net Neutrality.  Well, the leftists are masters of such tricks.

Leftists successfully pulled a trick with their progressive tax scale.  Let us recall that this was the crucial second goal in Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  On top of that, they managed to plant the idea that Progressives are somehow associated with human progress.  In fact, Progressives got their name due to their support of Marx’s heavy progressive taxation scheme.  They have nothing to do with human progress.

The party of pussy hats and farting cows managed to hijack not only the label of liberals, but also unions, including government unions, and a sizable section of academia and pop culture.  Despite their successes, the (D)emocrats show many signs of (D)ecadence.  The leftists had a good run, but their recent initiatives are a clear indication of strategic failure.

To be fair to Democrats, let us come to an agreement that they are quick learners.  They learned a lot from their predecessor and ideological cousin Joseph Goebbels, and they methodically follow his famous advice: “Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

Well, let us stop believing it.  The time has come for the right-wingers to stop being unwitting accomplices of left-wingers.

The king of shared bathrooms and open-to-everybody women’s locker rooms, community organizer Barack Hussein Obama, must not be called a Democrat.  In reality, he is a socialist.  (Perhaps, John Kennedy was the last president from the same party who could be called a Democrat.)  We should avoid calling the recently failed anti-Trump palace coup d’état Spygate; the more appropriate name would be Obamagate.  Finally, we should reassign the color red back to Democrats, where it traditionally belongs.

The right-wingers, the loose term for the conservative ideology of small government, small taxes, and big freedom, will greatly benefit from such clarity.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

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  1. The majority of lefties still believe that hitler and mussolini were vicious “right-wingers” opposed by glorious communism at the left side of political spectrum.

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