A crisis of Leftism in the post-impeachment world

What is the level of happiness among modern American leftists about the impeachment of President Trump?  Do they celebrate this Christmas gift on the streets?  (Sorry, my fellow collectivists, there is no attempt here to offend you with the word “Christmas”).  One would assume that leftists do celebrate the event, but the reality is quite different and more complex.

The Communist Party USA (official ideology – Communism and Marxism-Leninism), on the surface, congratulates its ideological comrades, Democrats (also known as Demsheviks) but, at the same time, offers some reservations and demands staying focused on the ultimate goal: “Come what may from the impeachment process Trump should be voted out in November for putting asylees in concentration camps; encouraging extreme-right, nationalist, racist hatred and violence; giving tax breaks to the rich; defanging regulatory agencies, hanging out with neo-Nazis, and reducing aid to the poor.  He should be voted for trying to break the back of labor, attacking women, and suppressing the black, Latino and youth vote.”

The Revolutionary Communists Party USA (official ideology – Communism and Maoism) is more sincere in congratulatory condemnation of Democrats and proclaims, “Can anyone dispute that the Trump/Pence regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity?  Concentration camps on the border … environmental devastation accelerated … war, even nuclear war, casually threatened … white supremacist rule … fascist mobs and racist mass murderers … truth and science erased … the right to abortion near gone … the rule of law and democratic and civil rights stripped away …”

The Fourth (Socialist) International (official ideology: Trotskyism), while jubilant about impeachment, unloads on Democrats who agreed with Trump on USMCA and approved the National Defense Authorization Act, calling it “extraordinary juxtaposition of impeachment and political collaboration to its climax.”  However, the international socialists make an astonishing conclusion that Democrats’ “emphasis on the politics of racial and gender identity alienates rather that attracts the support of the working class.”

Workers World Party (official ideology: Communism, Marxism-Leninism, and Proletarian Internationalism), commenting on the impeachment, highlights that “the current impeachment by the House does not indict the president for crimes against humanity.  Instead, the House impeached him for failing to support U.S.  imperialism.”  Talking about Ukrainegate, they emphasize that “there is nothing this president or the Republican Party has done that has helped any section of the working class in the U.S.  and nearly everything he has done has hurt oppressed workers, the poor, women, LGBTQ2S+ people.  Compared to these harmful acts, withholding military aid from Ukraine is hardly a crime – although the president did it for dishonest reasons.”

“Hardly a crime”?  Who would suspect such a level of critical thinking from the party of “oppressed workers”?

The Socialist Workers’ Party (official ideology: Communism, Marxism-Leninism, and Castroism) openly utilizes right-wing arguments to attack its left-wing comrades: “As Democrats advanced their witch hunt against President Donald Trump aimed at overturning the 2016 election, State Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his report on FBI spy operations targeting Trump’s election campaign then.  Horowitz’s account exposes how Washington’s political police lied and maneuvered to attack the Trump campaign.  What he fails to mention is that spying and disruption is what they have repeatedly done and will do again against fighting workers and working-class organizations[.] … The liberals have spent the three years since the president was elected in a campaign to criminalize his political differences and, above all, to attack the workers they blame for his victory.”

Amazing, isn’t it?

The Party Socialist Alternative (official ideology: Democratic Socialism, Marxism, and Trotskyism), like many other leftist organizations, concludes that “we must warn that the strategy of the Democratic Party could seriously backfire.  Their uninspiring approach to impeachment, combined with their lackluster establishment candidates in the 2020 race, are not providing any real vision of an alternative to Trump.”

In other words, the consensus among fellow leftists is that “Democrats let Trump off the hook.”

The Party of Socialism and Liberation (official ideology – Communism, Marxism-Leninism, and Revolutionary Socialism) does not hide its dissatisfaction with Democrats: “The Democrats’ impeachment case against the despicable Trump regime had nothing to do with what actually makes it despicable.  Trump is openly racist, sexist, anti-environment, anti-labor, homophobic, anti-poor, anti-homeless, anti-Palestinian and more.  But the Democratic party leaders’ impeachment strategy deliberately ignored all of that and instead revolved around the ludicrous charge that Trump weakened ‘our national security’ by delaying a shipment of anti-tank missiles, sniper rifles, and other military equipment to Ukraine for war against Russia.”

That is too much, folks.  Who would predict that leftists would dare to call Trump’s Articles of Impeachment a “ludicrous charge”?

What is going on?  One could understand that intraspecific competition among leftists is fierce, but who would predict most of American leftists unite against not only Trump, but their fellow comrades-in-ideological-arms – Democrats?  Leftists still are not able to decide if they have impeached Trump or not and appear confused about what the next steps should be.  Across the full spectrum of Leftism  –  from Marxism, Stalinism, and Trotskyism to Democratic Socialism – many are calling Pelosi’s impeachment a “fiasco” and a “road to nowhere.”

It would be improper to attribute the brutal post-impeachment infighting among the leftists solely to some concrete actions of Trump.  To be precise, the post-impeachment ripping at each other’s throats and the overall crisis among leftists is one of these pleasant but unpredictable side-effects of Trump’s remedy for America.

Bill Clinton’s infamous answer to the question about cheating with Monica Lewinsky was, “I think I did something for the worst possible reason: just because I could.”  Demsheviks impeached President Trump for exactly the same worst possible reason: just because they could.

In addition, Demsheviks came up with a new, previously unheard of method of political blackmail – permanent impeachment.

Under the leadership of Pelosi, the House of Representatives is about to turn into a Perpetuum Mobile for the production of numerous impeachments of Trump.  Most likely, the majority, if not all, of these future impeachments will never reach the Senate.  In other words, the Democrats’ strategy, which is contrary to the Constitution, is to ensure that the trial of Trump in the Senate does not take place, and thus Trump does not get what he counts on: an acquittal.  As conceived by the Demsheviks, these numerous impeachments will hang over Trump.

Contrary to Demsheviks, there is no discussion and no doubt among conservatives that President Trump was, in fact, impeached.  However, if the previous actions of President Trump are teaching us something, we are pretty much sure that the political payback is coming, and the unexpected leftists’ infighting is precisely the stage Trump needs.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

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  1. The impeachment was going to be DOA at the Senate up until Mitch McConnell made a huge mistake by publicly stating that he is completely 100% coordinating everything related to the impeachment with the White House and intends to quickly acquit mr. Trump, no matter what. He also stated that he has no plans to look into any evidence (old or new) and he has no plans to call any witnesses. This has given Democrats an opening. If just 3-4 republican senators vote with democrats to call witnesses, like Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, or Mike Pompey, and make them publicly testify under the oath, that could be very devastating for mr. Trump. It is still hugely unlikely that the Senate will convict mr. Trump, since that would require about 20 republican senators to defect and vote with democrats, but this could seriously hurt mr. Trump’s chances for reelection.

  2. Я уже задумался, не перевести ли мне этот интересный текст, когда обратил внимание на имя автора – Гари Джиндлер! По-русски будет?

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