Point of no return for American Intelligence

Similarity to Fiction

In the science fiction novel The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov, an amazing organization is described. “Eternity” is its name. The members of this organization are able to travel through time and change the course of human history in real-time. For the successful change of human history, the employees of this organization have to always choose a correct starting point.

This is a point that serves as the beginning of a particular chain of events. The protagonist of the novel was distinguished by an exceptional talent for finding such points. This in order to produce, according to Asimov’s terminology, the corresponding “Minimum Necessary Change” for a guaranteed change in Reality. With that explanation, we can ask a question.

What is the Starting Point of Obama’s Spygate?

What can serve as an analog of the “Minimum Necessary Change?” That which ultimately led to the Obama administration’s comprehensive surveillance of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Any objective researcher must admit that all these issues are confined to Carter Page. The very Carter Page who has never been arrested. Carter Page, to which no one has yet brought any charges (and never will). Though his name is still tainted with mud.

The main problem of the American Intelligence Services in 2016, was that they had to fulfill the task under practically impossible conditions. The fact that President Obama had repeatedly insisted that Intelligence Services must conduct spying on political foes. Keeping it strictly on legal grounds, of course. Apparently, Watergate’s lessons were not in vain.

Carter Page has met with numerous truly “suspicious Russians” throughout his career. Some high ranking, some not. But, from the point of view of American jurisprudence – suspicious. He met with these Russians when he lived and worked in Moscow, again when he lived and worked in America. He unsurprisingly met some during his visits to Russia.

The Fake Dossier

The fact is that the interests of his business deals were with energy in post-Soviet countries. Carter Page became an ordinary volunteer at the Trump election headquarters in March 2016, and the Obama administration had a unique chance to connect Trump with Russia. From that point on, they could declare Trump a puppet of Putin.

The fake Russian dossier on Trump was ordered by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. They contracted with Christopher Steele, a former resident of British Intelligence in Moscow, which added fuel to the fire. This “dossier” consists of 17 parts (Reports). Carter Page’s name is mentioned in the dossier many times (in Reports 94, 95, 102, 135, and 166). Then, in 2016, very few people knew that the “dossier” was a fake, a traditional channel for introducing disinformation by Russian special services (for details on creating the dossier, see the article “The Trump Dossier and the Poisoning of Sergei Skripal”).

Thus, a FISA warrant allowed full-scale surveillance for Carter Page, and through him for the entire Trump campaign headquarters. At the same time, the development of this case was carried out, unusually, directly from FBI headquarters in Washington. Not the FBI regional office in New York, as was customarily done.

Ordinary FBI agents were seriously concerned about Page’s “Russian” contacts. Rank-and-file FBI agents suspected that the coordination of Trump’s election headquarters actually was coming from the Kremlin. However, no one told ordinary FBI agents that Carter Page went to meet with “suspicious Russians” outside the USA, on instructions from the CIA. Or that Carter Page went to meet with the same “suspicious Russians” inside the USA. This on the instructions of the Counter-espionage Unit of the FBI New York branch.

Obama’s Legalization of Trump Surveillance

As we now know, Carter Page has been a CIA freelance agent since about 2008, and an FBI freelance agent since about 2013. In both cases, his cooperation was voluntary. In this field, he helped expose several Russian spies. His participation in exposing in 2015 Russian spies Yevgeny Buryakov and Viktor Podobny is indicative – it was he who supplied them with a folder with some insignificant documents. A radio microphone was built into this folder by craftsmen from the FBI, which made it possible to catch these spies in the act.

In the 2016 election, Obama desperately needed a reason to spy on Trump’s election headquarters. Technically, it was very easy to do, but everything had to be done legally without breaking the law. Carter Page turned up hand in hand in the most opportune way. He formally gave the FBI a legal excuse to spy on him as well as the entire Trump campaign headquarters.

Carter Page’s meetings with “suspicious Russians” took place in 2016. They were, as a rule, outside the United States. This is the jurisdiction of the CIA, not the FBI. Page’s surveillance took place in the U.S.; this is the jurisdiction of the FBI, not the CIA.

Therefore, surveillance of Carter Page in 2016-2017, from the FBI’s point of view, was formally legal. The CIA cannot formally be blamed for anything either; they did not pursue Page. The fact that he was a “person of interest” for the FBI, they were not informed about. The FBI was not obligated to report it at all.

The fact is that the “failure to notify” from one department of the Federal government to another is not a Federal crime. Of course, the work of Carter Page at the CIA (as a spy asset) and the FBI (as a counter-intelligence asset) would certainly have surfaced in court. The well-known trick is that no one has ever accused him of anything, and no trial was ever proposed, how convenient. The creatures of the Washington swamp simply used Carter Page for their own purposes. Donald Trump still won the 2016 election.

Unraveling the “Mystery”

The Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s issued a report, published on December 9, 2019. It indicated 17 violations made by FBI agents in applications to the FISA court. Also, it details the process by which the Obama administration’s surveillance of a political adversary was fully legalized. It turns out that senior FBI officials “forgot” to tell the FISA court that Carter Page’s contacts with “suspicious Russians” were authorized by the CIA. Those were real contacts, not fictitious, as in the “Russian dossier.”

The CIA sent a secret Memorandum to the FBI on August 17, 2016. It explains in detail the zealous detectives from the FBI that Carter Page is our man (see Horowitz report, pp. 123, 127, 157, and 159).  The FBI management decided to ignore this Memorandum. The Mueller report also does not contain any mention of this Memorandum.

In addition, the FBI “forgot” to inform the FISA court that the application was based on a fake dossier, ordered by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Having no such information, the FISA court, misled by the Obama administration, issued a three-month permit to spy on Carter Page. In addition, at the request of the FBI, the court extended this surveillance three more times for three months each. In January 2020, two of the four Page-related applications (for October 2016 and January 2017) were invalidated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

More Chicanery and Omissions

Most likely, the remaining two applications (for April and June 2017, when Trump was already in the White House) will face the same fate. After all, it came to complete absurdity. For example, to curry favor with the authorities – then Director of the FBI Comey – FBI agents put blank pages in the folder with documents about Carter Page. They did this to make the folder “thicker” and “heavier” as to earn the praises of the boss.

Another example of absurdity: the lawyer from the team of special prosecutor Robert Muller, Kevin Clinesmith, received an email from the CIA. This once again stated directly that Carter Page “is a source for the CIA,” he added “not,” then sent this message to the team. Mueller’s team was delighted – now it turned out that Page “is not the source for the CIA.” Fabrication of evidence is a banana republic tactic.

Currently, the FISA court is, of course, angry. According to a recent court decision, all FBI agents who were involved in falsifying applications to spy on Carter Page were completely removed from all future secret investigations. Will this deter future occurrences? One can but hope. The alternative is to disband the thing entirely, which some agree with.

The Maximum Desired Results (For Democrats)

In the terminology of Isaac Asimov, Obama’s suppression of the CIA Memorandum dated August 17, 2017, from the FISA court, is the “Minimum Necessary Change” that altered the course of history. At the same time, by changing the course of history, one should understand that this is by no means the persecution of “Trump-the-Russian-Agent.” This persecution, by historical standards, was a short-term episode, lasting only about three years. Despite all this going on, Trump has accomplished much.

It should be understood that Carter Page’s seeming betrayal marks the very moment in time when the minimal impact – “failure to notify” – led to the Maximum Desired (by the Democrats) Result. A side effect of this Reality Change could potentially be the political death of not only the Democratic Party but also leftist ideology as a whole.

A report by special prosecutor Mueller confirmed that Trump was never Putin’s puppet. This is by legal standards. By political standards, the task assigned to Mueller was completed. In the 2018 elections, Republicans lost a majority in the House of Representatives. Despite the fact that at the time of Trump’s inauguration, the FBI already had all the evidence that Trump was innocent. When the baton of the investigation of “Russiagate” in May 2017 was passed into the hands of Mueller, they had all the evidence and ignored it. It was evident that neither Trump, Page, or anyone else from the Trump team was connected with The Kremlin.

Setups and Implications

After Carter Page, General Flynn fell into a trap. FBI agents who, under the guise of a friendly conversation, were actually interrogating him. Even before the interrogation, they knew that Flynn did not violate any laws. They knew this because they had previously received a telephone wiretap of the Russian ambassador to the United States, Kislyak.

In addition, they knew that Flynn had informed the agency where he had previously been the Director – the Defense Intelligence Agency – about all his contacts with foreigners. Then George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Svetlana Lokhova, and Roger Stone fell into the traps of the Washington swamp. That was not the first time that this occurred. As a test case, they artificially inflated the case of ex-spy Valeria Plame in 2003.

Even the main characters in these cases are the same: Robert Mueller and James Comey. Convicted in the case of Valeria Plame, and then pardoned in 2018 by Trump, Scooter Libby suffered from the same apparatchiks. Moreover, the investigators of the Plame case knew ahead of time that the person who revealed the name of the CIA officer Valeria Plame was not Libby. It turned out it was Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

The main thing that unites all these cases are Obama’s supporters in the power structures. Both under the Obama administration and held over by the Trump administration. Even before “Russiagate,” they knew that the persecuted American citizens were not criminals, but expendables in a larger political game. The recent dismissal of charges against Russian company Concord Management adds a very embarrassing twist to the Mueller probe.

Intelligence Has Gone Too Far

Does America need such politicized Intelligence? Do we need Intelligence agencies that substitute democracy as a foundation of our republic with demagog-ocracy? Admittedly, America’s Intelligence agencies have evolved. It is possible that because of their long confrontation with the Soviet KGB, that American Intelligence agencies were infected from them by sort of a left-wing coronavirus.

As a result, some of the defenders of the American way of life have turned into Statist tools. They have a miserable semblance to those with whom they fought for many years. Not all, of course. The rank-and-file do their jobs without fanfare. It is the appointed administrators that ruin it for the rest.

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