The moment of truth

Donald Trump is about to get reelected

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  1. The moment of truth!
    How bad should be our president to lose to Joe Biden, in spite of a favorite stock marker and prediction by one of the best political commentators, Gary Gindler!

    Thank you, Gary. I so much enjoyed reading your blog during the last 4 years, it taught me a lot. The readers’ comments were very entertaining, sometime I even read your articles and learned many interesting things. Why there is no climate change? The explanation by the theoretical physicist about a piece of ice has blowen me away. From that moment, everything was downhill…The arguments about a “cognitive dissonance” were fascinating. Another psychological concepts, like “motivated reasoning” the advanced readers were left to study themselves, using articles as examples. I am also still waiting when the author and and his followers, who most probably live comfortably in blue states (Floridian does not count, I always enjoy his sarcastic comments), will jump on U-Haul trucks and go to the middle of America. I am looking forward to read about how democrats stole the election. Oh no sorry, it will be not about democrats, but about dermocrats … Your blog is such a great source of wisdom!

    I am very much looking forward to the next 4 years. This time, most of the ex-sovoks will feel themselves in much more comfortable situation. We all used always to curse the government and the regime, but singing song to the greatest leader was a new phenomenon.

    All the best Gary, I hope you’ll keep the blog. “…As if your life can sway aright, Once swayed aleft.”

  2. S&P 500 is almost 7% up compared to Aug. 3rd. So hope this marker will work at these elections too…

    1. S&P 500 ended 2.25% UP for last 3 months!
      I hope Garry Gindler is right again!
      I hope the trend that works since 1984 is not broken and Trump is the winner!!! 👍👌👍☝✌✌✌

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