Where to get the Vaccine Against Left-wing Anti-Semitism?

President Trump was expelled from Twitter and Facebook.  However, the head of Hamas, the head of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority, and the president of Iran were not denied use.  They still publicly express their hatred of both America and Israel.  Why?  Because if freedom of speech exists in Biden’s America, it is mainly for anti-American and anti-Semitic forces.

Twitter bosses have a clear understanding of what kind of tweet Trump would have posted when, during a missile strike on Israel, the BLM thugs staged a White House rally in support of Hamas using swastika flags.  Facebook bosses have a pretty good idea of what Trump would say about the thousands of rockets fired at Israel.  Without exception, Washington-based journalists can accurately predict that Trump would never have sent an American Hamas-supporter to negotiate between Israel and Hamas.

Are Jews currently being persecuted by Roman centurions?  Are the Spanish inquisitors trying to exterminate the Jews?  Are trains packed with Jews currently moving to Treblinka?

No, none of this is happening.  On the contrary, the friendly-to-us American conservatives, the German conservatives, immediately after the start of the missile attack on Israel, removed the German flag from party headquarters and instead hung the flag of Israel.  Right after the attack on Tel Aviv, all of Rome got covered with Israeli flags.  An enormous Israeli flag flies over Kyiv with the help of a cargo drone.  The world is in solidarity with Israel as never before.  Nevertheless, the persecution of the Jews is evident.

Let’s define what is currently driving the persecution of Jews.  What is the ideological dimension of this persecution?  Who are the performers?  Who, perhaps without realizing it, is an assistant in this matter?

Who in America is the unwitting accomplice of those who wants to destroy both Israel and all Jews?  American Jews of the left are such shortsighted collaborators.  Being traditionally Democrats, they did not notice (or did not want to notice) that since the late 1950s and 1960s, the Democrat party has shifted radically to the left.  By Obama’s time, it had become an openly socialist, openly anti-American, and openly anti-Semitic party.

Who is the executor of the current Jewish pogroms?  Each country has its own mayhem heroes.  In America, these are Antifa and BLM.  In the Middle East, these are the Palestine Liberation Organization (created by the Soviet KGB and still led by a Kremlin agent), Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Iran.  In Europe, they are the Laborites who turned London into Londonistan.  Most of them are religious or ideological fanatics, brainwashed so profoundly that they cannot be treated by any means.

What is the ideology of those who control this whole process?  Who runs its brain center, and does such a center exist at all?  The answer to that disquieting question, perhaps, lies on the surface.  Those who yesterday promoted the classic socialist slogan of disbanding the police or defunding the police are today mourning the deaths of Hamas commanders.  The same people offer a panegyric to goons.  It’s the same people everywhere — in America, in Israel, and in Europe.  They differ in their skin color, religion, nationality, educational level, and sexual orientation.

However, they are united because they are all leftists, the adherents of post-Marxism ideology.

In different countries, they try to hide under different signs.  They can call themselves Socialists, Laborites, Democrats, Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists — this incomplete list of “progressive humanity” is long, as is the list of nuances over which non-ideological (read: insignificant) disagreements exist among them.  They are the ideological heirs of the previous generation of the left — Marxists, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Stalinists, National Socialists, Trotskyists, Communists, Maoists.  This list is also very long.

The first Middle East movement to unite socialism and Islam was the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 in Egypt (the so-called “socialist theocracy”).  This union was a manifestation of the unique ideological parallels between the 7th-century pseudo-religion (Islam) and the 19th-century pseudo-religion (socialism).  The unification of Islam and socialism was precisely the mixture that the Soviet leaders loved so much; such a mixture became the ideal breeding ground for international left-wing terrorism (under the pretext of the “national liberation movement” and the “struggle against the Israeli occupation of Arab lands”).

Socialists and the Muslim Brotherhood are also united by methods of achieving their goals.  Modern socialists prefer peaceful, legislative, gradual changes to achieve their main goal: the redistribution of wealth.  They avoid bloody revolutions; their favorite course of action is slow, almost invisible evolution.  In non-Muslim societies, except for periodic acts of terrorism, gradualism is precisely the Muslim Brotherhood mode of operation.  This is one reason why the socialist movements have joined forces with their ideological counterparts from the Muslim Brotherhood, which also prefers evolutionary social changes.

“Muslim socialism” is similar to orthodox socialism; both call for “just redistribution of wealth” and other classic leftist ideas of class struggle.  In countries with a non-Muslim majority, such as the United States, Muslims are falsely referred to as the “oppressed proletariat,” and the Jewish and Christian majority is falsely referred to as the “oppressive bourgeoisie.”

The incredible, unthinkable alliance between previously irreconcilable religious fanatics and socialist atheists is one of the most phenomenal events in human history.

Yasser Arafat, the Palestine Liberation Organization leader, was probably the first leader to officially embrace Islamic-socialist ideas.  In 1967, immediately after the Six-Day War, he was rewarded for this with a brand-new invention by the KGB, known as the Arab Palestinian Nation.  (Until 1967, only Jews were called Palestinians.)

Hamas calls itself the Islamic Resistance Movement.  Its Charter states: “The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.”  In addition, the Hamas Charter requires (in a somewhat heretical form for traditional Islam) that in the fight against Israel, “a woman should go out and fight the enemy even without the permission of her husband, and a slave even without the permission of his master.”

In traditional Soviet style, the Hamas Charter condemns “occupying imperialism” and “the forces of the capitalist West.”  Soviet communists have long been out of power in Russia, but friendly relations between the Kremlin and Hamas are flourishing.  The Chinese Communist Party also defends the interests of Hamas, as does the rest of the left.

All this looks inscrutable on the surface, although it has an entirely rational basis in most cases.  At the same time, the baffling attitude of left-wing Jews toward Israel belongs to an entirely different, irrational category.  For example, how can left-wing American Jews wish for the death of their fellow believers in Israel?  However, everything becomes evident if you carefully dot the i.

The right-wing American Jews, like all American conservatives, want Israel’s prosperity and peace with its neighbors.

The left-wing American Jews, who, together with the Democrat party, continue to evolve toward more and more radical left positions, cannot forgive Israeli Jews (and Netanyahu personally) for an ideological turn toward conservatism.  Therefore, they joined forces with comradely radical leftist movements, Islamic terrorist groups, and other genocidal maniacs (all of them — in Stalin’s terminology — are “socially close”) to punish Israel.  Punish with missile attacks, terrorism, Iranian bomb, boycotts, and UNESCO resolutions to turn Israel into a rogue state.

Using a cocktail of post-Marxism and Islamism, the flirting-with-communism American left is trying to force Israel to leap back into the vile left quagmire.  Furthermore, as everybody knows, for all leftists, including the Party of (D)eceit, the end justifies the means.

Therefore, now more than ever, the world needs a vaccine against left-wing anti-Semitism.

[Originally published at American Thinker]

2 thoughts on “Where to get the Vaccine Against Left-wing Anti-Semitism?”

  1. The memes & quotes on the R remind me of an old CZ joke from the ’60s. Q: Give me a definition of a lizard (NOT the Komodo dragon 😉 A: A crocodile that survived communism.
    BTW, if caught saying it in public meant 5-8 years of hard-labor in the Gulag. The former CSSR had quite a few including the uranium mines. All of the Russian nukes were made w/ Czech & Rumanian uranium. Tens of thousands of political prisoners (mukl) died there.

  2. Hi Gary, have just read this piece on Am. Thinker. Very well written & thought out. The infernal mating of lefties & islamists is nothing new, though. Think of Hitler & the Grand Mufti. During the 1st Iraq war, the Ba’ath party was exposed as Moslem socialist party. Too bad too many conservative pundits don’t connect the dots.
    Is your family a part of the Ashkenazi or Diaspora Jews that made it to the US?
    Just curious, where did you learn Russian? We were forced since 4th grade to learn Russian & nothing but. To us, it was the language of the Enemy.

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