What Do Messrs. Marx, Sanders, And Blanter Have In Common?

Karl Marx is the founding father of Marxism. Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont. Matvey Blanter authored the famous Russian song “Katyusha.”

They are all Jews. They are all anti-Semites. All of them are followers of leftist ideology.

The anti-Semite Marx isn’t our contemporary, but his anti-Semitic (and racist) views are well-documented.

One among the leaders of American-Jewish anti-Semites, Senator Bernie Sanders, spent his summer holidays at a Stalinist kibbutz in Israel and celebrated his honeymoon in the USSR. Bernie Sanders, almost word for word, repeats the claims of Hamas about Israel, so it seems that he is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hamas to the United States.

In May 2021, Senator Sanders and his supporters managed to stab Israel in the back twice. At first, the overwhelming majority of Democrats voted against the announcement of sanctions against Hamas, and a couple of days later – against providing additional military assistance to Israel. Voting on these bills took place when thousands of rockets were flying from Gaza to Israel. Note also that all Republicans, without exception, supported both bills.

From a military point of view, the Iron Dome system is a strictly defensive weapon. It can’t be used to attack. Its sole purpose is to save the lives of civilians. However, every Democrat within the House voted against additional funding for the Iron Dome in Israel. The rationalization of this seemingly incomprehensible solution is straightforward. Democrats give money to Iran. Iran gives money to Hamas to “purify the Holy Land from the contamination.” Hamas attacks Israel. Helping Israel will reduce the effectiveness of Iranian investment by the American Left.

Finally, let’s advance on to the last name on our list.

Matvey Blanter became laureate of the Stalin Prize for the songs “Stalin – Our Fighting Glory” and “Stalin, Flight of Our Youth.” He was a member of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public. The committee was created by the Soviet KGB in 1983. It theoretically ceased to exist officially with the collapse of the USSR. What is interesting is that this committee had not been formally disbanded.

In addition to Blanter, other prominent Soviet Jews were also members of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public: Elina Bystritskaya, an actress who performed the role of the primary Russian beauty; Tatyana Lioznova, creator of the foremost famous Soviet spy thriller “17 Moments of Spring”; and Adolf Shayevich, former Chief Rabbi of the Soviet Union. What did Comrade Shayevich mean when he proclaimed the traditional Zionist Easter toast “Next year – in Jerusalem”? Was he referring to the Soviet tanks at the Jaffa Gate?

It was at the time, when Natan Sharansky was in solitary confinement, that the KGB managed to gather under one roof two dozen talented Soviet anti-Semitic Jews. Additionally, the Soviet communists injected the old anti-Semitic term with brand new, ideological content, behind which the Left became convenient to hide – the anti-Zionism. We, they say, are only against the policies of the State of Israel, but we are not anti-Semites. This “ideologically correct” term has become so common on the Left that it is still widely used today. It has been metastasized and adopted by most Leftists, many of whom are very talented American Jews.

These talented American Jews came up with – after the model and likeness of the Democrat Party – the notion that there is supposedly a political wing of Hamas and an independent military wing of the organization. Analogous to this are the military wings of the Democrat Party – Antifa and BLM. However, if there is some kind of separation between political and military wings, it’s only for the purpose of a smokescreen.

The Left has also redefined the meaning of the conflict in the Middle East. After the Six-Day War, the conflict was redefined by Soviet apparatchiks as “imperialist colonization.” Who was chosen as “colonizers” and “oppressors”? Palestinian Jews. Who was chosen as the “defenseless indigenous population”? Palestinian Arabs.

That is why we hear the same rhetoric from both the American Left and Hamas: it turns out that the Jews are “occupiers” and the war with Israel is “resistance to the capitalist colonialists.” The Soviet Communists have achieved impressive and long-lasting success in altering the religious and territorial conflict in the Middle East onto an ideological track. The Soviet Union is long gone, but the ubiquitous train of “fighters for the independence of Palestine” continues to travel. That is why Hamas, Fatah, and Iran all use familiar Soviet propaganda clichés.

Politically, the Palestinian Arabs have long been abandoned by their Arab neighbors. If not for the ideological and military support by the Soviet communists years ago, this conflict would have sunk into oblivion. However, the baton of support for the “liberation movement of Palestine” from the Soviet communists was taken over by the American Leftists.

The Middle East conflict is really a series of successive conflicts. At first, it had been only a religious conflict, which grew into a territorial one with Israel’s revival. In turn, the territorial conflict, due to the Sisyphean labor of Soviet communists, was transformed into an ideological conflict through the injection of Marxist rhetoric.

(By the way, this is precisely the error that the Israeli leadership made when it withdrew from South Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005. The worldview of Israel’s then-leaders was formed during the conflict’s previous – territorial – phase. They did not notice – or did not want to notice – that the conflict had already morphed into a different, ideological phase. As a result, Israel’s territorial concessions have not led to anything positive.)

President Trump tried to finish off the ideological phase of the conflict in the Middle East and put it on a rational economic track. Trump made an offer that could not be refused in exchange for ending the multi-billion dollar financing of terrorism franchise wars, Arab countries would receive multi-billion dollar American investments. The benefit is twofold. The Arab countries generally agreed because the Palestinian problem, purely economically, is very disadvantageous to them.

Trump tried to end what began long before him but had touched a raw nerve. The termination of the ideological phase of the conflict turned out to be unprofitable for the American Left, and the Biden administration returned the conflict to square one. In fact, Joe Biden uses taxpayer dollars to assist Palestinian Arabs in buying Iranian missiles to attack Israel. In addition, Biden appointed an Islamic activist to “cleanse” the US military of “extremism.” Without a doubt, Iran, Russia, and Hamas still cannot believe their luck with the current occupant of the White House. As a result, in 2021, Jews are welcomed in the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries, but not in America.

Anti-Semitism has been around for several thousand years, although this term has officially existed only since 1879. The overwhelming majority of more or less reasonable people perfectly understood that this nefarious phenomenon is irrational. There is not and cannot be a rational explanation for it. However, the Left decided to take the next step, and in America, under the leadership of the Floydenized Democrats, the process of normalizing anti-Semitism has begun. If before, in a decent society, anti-Semitism was a taboo, now the taboo has been lifted. The new American norm will not be the complete absence of anti-Semitism but the establishment of some level of anti-Semitism acceptable in a decent society.

Normalizing what was previously considered impossible or unacceptable is the hallmark of the Left. At the beginning of the 21st century, leftists normalized the attribution of the red color (the color of enemies) for conservatives and republicans. Previously, this color was associated only with the Left. In the twentieth century, the term “Palestinians” was normalized and redefined by the Left. The term “Palestinian” had meant Jews exclusively, but since 1967, at the suggestion of the KGB, they began to call “Palestinians” exclusively Arabs. Symptoms of this normalization of anti-Semitism were the simultaneous and well-coordinated attacks on Jews in Israel, New York, and California.

A ceasefire has now been declared in Israel. However, there is never a ceasefire in the struggle between Good and Evil, even a temporary one. Especially when Good and Evil are on opposite sides of ideological barricades.

[Originally published by Frontpage Magazine]

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