When will World War II finally be over?

Long After WWII the Fight Against the Fascism Lives on

Even if we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of D-day, it is not a rhetorical question.  On a surface, World War II ended a long time ago, in 1945.  However, the more accurate statement would be that the shooting war in Europe and the Pacific had ended, while one of the main reasons for the War in Europe – the conflict between one particular strain of Socialism (National Socialism), on the one side, with other versions of Socialism, and Capitalism, on the other side – had not.  (Let us recall that USSR fought on the side of the Third Reich about one-third of World War II and about two-thirds – against the Third Reich.)

Seeds of (International) Socialism, supported by USSR, along with National Socialism, supported by the Third Reich, were spread in many countries before the War, during the War, and after the War.  However, nowhere in the world do these seeds sprout to such political significance like in Latin America and the Middle East.

Marriage Between Islam and Socialism

The pioneer Middle Eastern movement that married Arabs and Socialism was the Muslim Brotherhood, established in 1928 in Egypt (a so-called Socialistic Theocracy).  Such marriage was a manifestation of remarkable ideological propinquity between 7th-century semi-religion (Islam) and 19th-century semi-religion (Socialism.)

The amalgamation of Islam and Socialism was exactly the mixture Soviet leaders liked; such mixture became a perfect breeding ground for international terrorism (under the pretense of “national liberation movement” and the “war against Israeli occupation of Arab lands” later).  One of the first leaders who formally accepted Islamo-Socialistic ideas was Yasir Arafat, leader of PLO.  In 1967, right after the Six-day War, he was rewarded with a brand-new KGB invention known as the Arab Palestinian nation (prior to 1967 only Jews were called Palestinians.)

Since the formal end of World War II, Socialists prefer peaceful, legislative, and incremental changes imposed on the host societies to achieve their goals of wealth redistribution.  Modern Socialists are trying to avoid bloody revolutions; their modus operandi is a slow evolution.  Within non-Muslim societies, except for periodic acts of terrorism, that is precisely the modus operandi of the Muslim Brotherhood(sometimes it is called gradualism.)  That is one reason the Socialist movement joined forces with their ideological colleagues from the Muslim Brotherhood, who also prefer evolutionary changes in the world.  In other words, the sympathy between President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood was not without an underlying rationale.

“Muslim Socialism” is similar to orthodox Socialism; both call for the “just redistribution of wealth” and other classical left-wing, class-struggle ideas.  In non-Muslim majority nations, such as the United States, Muslims are falsely designated as an “oppressed proletariat” class, while the Christian majority is falsely designated as the “oppressive bourgeoisie”; thus the virus of Muslim class struggle enters the host nation.  The toxic seed of Socialism on Muslim soil has led to unique perspectives, like “Socialism is a way of life, not just economic order.” Recall that, according to Islam, “Islam is a way of life, not just a religion.”

The unbelievable, improbable marriage between dedicated Muslims and atheists-by-definition Socialists is one of the most remarkable events in human history.

In Latin America, a similar process took place – under the name of Liberation Theology, also invented in the bowels of KGB, and propagated by numerous Soviet agents and “useful idiots.” It reached the United States under the name “Black Liberation Theology”; it reached the Vatican in the form of Francis, the first openly Marxist Pope.

Syrian, Iraqi, and Other Arab National Socialists

The Baath Party, better known as the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party, was established in 1947 in Syria.  The Baath Party was “nationalist, populist, socialist, and revolutionary”; party’s slogan was “Unity, Liberty, Socialism.” In 1951 their sister party was established in Iraq.  In 1968 Iraqi Arab Socialist Renaissance Party attempted to take power in coup d’état.  One of the essential revolutionaries was young socialist Saddam Hussein, who eventually became president-dictator of the country in 1979. 

Like their historical predecessors in Germany, Iraqi’s National Socialists fought fierce battles with their ideological cousins – Iraqi communists.  Like another historical predecessor – Joseph Stalin – Saddam Hussein became a dictator after a bloody purge of his old comrades.  (At the end, just like in post-WWII Germany, where a painful process of de-nazification took place, the slow process of de-baathization is currently underway in Iraq.)

The present leader of the socialist Baath party in Syria is president-dictator Bashar Assad.  In addition to Baath, Bashar Assad is also affiliated with Syrian National Progressive Front.  Note the importance of the words “National” and “Progressive” in the name – it is the same “National” as in “National Socialism,” and “Progressive” refers to the Progressive Era of Socialism, which had its beginning from the progressive taxation, demanded by the “Communist Manifesto” of Marx and Engels.  The Syrian National Progressive Front unites many parties – Syrian Communist Party, Syrian Socialist Party, Syrian Social Nationalist Party (pay attention to the name and official logo of this party,) Democratic Socialist party, the Arab Socialist Union, and many other leftist Pan-Arabist parties.

Hamas calls itself the “Islamic Resistance Movement.” In their Charter, they proclaim, “The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine.” Also, in the Charter, Hamas commands (in pretty heretical for traditional Islam way) that in a fight with Israel “a woman must go out and fight the enemy even without her husband’s authorization, and a slave without his masters’ permission.” In a conventional Soviet manner, the Hamas Charter unloads on the imperialism of “occupiers” and “imperialist forces” of the “capitalist West.” In general, some Hamas Charter chapters somewhat resemble ideas of prominent Marxist Antonio Gramsci of reforming arts, culture, and education for their “liberation” goals, but in terms of the jihad.

Sizable contributions to the Arab Socialist movement were made by Muammar Gaddafi, who established a new socialist state in Libya called Jamahiriya (literally means “State of the masses,” but it is neologism that could be traced to “Volksstaat” of Nazi Germany), as well by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, founder of the Arab Socialist Union. 

The story of renaming Persia into Iran is one of the most fascinated stories in the Middle East. Persia existed for more than two millennia when in 1935 she gave up the pressure from the German National Socialists to adopt the new name – Iran. Why the Third Reich got involved? They knew that the country name in Farsi sounds like Eran, which is derived from the beloved in the Third Reich term “Aryan.” Nazis decided not to miss an opportunity to create allies in the Middle East, even in the name only. The common in the Middle East amalgam of atheists-socialists and Islamic radicals led to the deposition of Iranian Shah in 1979; eventually, Islamic forces overpowered the socialistic ones in the post-revolutionary Iran. Since that, Islamofascism became the accepted term for the mixture of Socialism and Islam.

The virus of Socialism in the Middle East

The virus of Socialism is always present in human society in a dormant form; like all other viruses, under certain conditions it self-activates.

It causes the host society great suffering, as we can see from the numerous examples in the Middle East and elsewhere. 

From the very beginning, Islam had elements loved by modern Socialists.  For example, Islamic Zakat (the third pillar of Islam, an additional mandatory tax on wealth at about 2.5% rate), is a ready-to-go wealth redistribution scheme.  In the Middle East, the virus of Socialism has mutated into the virus of Islamofascism, so dealing with such ideology is more complicated than dealing with the Third Reich during World War II.  The United States and other NATO countries have spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives trying to “pacify” the region.  However, the example of the Third Reich shows that the only reliable way to suppress the symptoms of Islamofascism is the complete destruction of the infected society and its complete rebuilding.   

The virus of Socialism was so strong in the post-World War II years in the Middle East, that the modern Jewish state of Israel, established in 1948, was based on a socialistic, left-wing version of Zionism.  The right-wing, capitalistic version of Zionism by Vladimir Zhabotinsky was initially rejected, and it took Israelis about a half of a century to turn the ship around and mostly reject the socialist foundations of Israel.

From the American Perspective, World War II is Unfinished Business 

Indeed, the American financial system recovered from the World War II disaster only in 1975, during the Cold war, when the last payment for the 30-year government War Bond was made.  The Cold War was a global conflict because the virus of Socialism is very contagious.  Due to the spread of Socialistic ideas, the Cold War saw the same core participants as in World War II; however, the battlefields had expanded from Europe and the Pacific into the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.  The current division is the same as it was before – on the one hand, it is Capitalism, and on the other hand, various versions of traditional Socialism (including Globalism), mixed with some regional ingredients.

The absence of a shooting World War III at the moment is misleading; the shooting war never ceased in the Middle East since World War II was formally over.  Let us recall that World War I did not solve all problems that led to World War I, and that war even created brand-new problems after its end.  In fact, it had created conditions that played a crucial role in triggering World War II.  Again, some of the problems that led to World War II were not solved by that war, and it had created even more unsolved to present day problems.

The ideological conflict, started by the “Communist Manifesto,” does not seem to show signs of slowing down due to the widespread virus of Socialism, even though the number of socialistic countries has declined.  However, the number of people worldwide who support this bloody ideology increases from within.

If the United States and NATO allies would like to win in the end, declare full victory in World War II, and thereby prevent World War III, they better stop the contamination from the virus of Socialism.  Seventy-five years after the D-day Normandy invasion, the Allies must pay special attention to the most dangerous strain of Socialism – which spreads by self-contamination.

 [Originally published at New Right Network]

Caribbean crisis in the post-Mueller world

It is often said that the current situation in Venezuela is reminiscent of the first (Cuban) Caribbean crisis.  Moreover, the front pages of the left-wing misinformation media are full of headlines about the “right-wing coup in Venezuela.” The recent deployment of a small unit of Russian special forces in Venezuela leads to click-baiting with the “Carribean Crisis 2.0” headlines.

Let us look at a few of the actors in this “Caribbean Crisis 2.0” and the “right-wing coup.”

The new (self-proclaimed) Venezuelan President Juan Guaido is a member of the Venezuelan Popular Will party (Voluntad Popular).  Well, a party had previously existed under the same name – in Russia at the end of the XIX century.  It was a terrorist organization of ultra-left socialists.  Therefore, one should not have any illusions about this new president.  The party to which he belongs is a member of Socialist International (Socintern).

Let us recall that Barack Obama is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) – a party that also was a member of Socialist International.  The young communist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the militant anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib are also members of the DSA.  (The DSA abandoned Socintern in August 2017, because they believed that Socintern became “not left enough”).

The deputy of Guaido in the National Assembly (Parliament) of Venezuela is a politician with an unusual name – Ivan Stalin Gonzalez.  This name was given to him by his parents – left-wing activists and trade union leaders, well-known in Venezuela.  Which party does he belong to? As one would expect, Ivan Stalin Gonzalez is also a member of the leftist party – New Time (Un Nuevo Tiempo).  This party is also a member of Socintern.  As in Russia, where Stalin was likewise on the sidelines for some time, this Venezuelan Stalin is still in the shadows.

At present, the situation in Venezuela is very unenviable.  However, the status quo in Venezuela also worries Russia, China, and Cuba.  The socialist Guaido finds himself confronting Moscow protege Communist Maduro.  It is well known that Russia has invested billions of dollars in Venezuela, and together with China they are successfully acquiring properties confiscated by Hugo Chavez from private companies.  In connection with the events in Venezuela, Putin speaks of a “catastrophe,” and in this, he is partially right.  Russian oil companies are on the verge of losing billions (Rosneft has invested about 17 billion dollars, and Gazprom – another 7 billion).  Will Russia try to save its assets in Venezuela? Of course, they will.

However, Russia is hardly capable of an afghanistanization of Venezuela.

The Syrian option in Venezuela is too, no longer within the power of Russia.  Russia just does not have the resources to project its power into the Americas. Nevertheless, Russia is actively trying to become a full party to this conflict.  Why?

Venezuela’s public debt is about 63 billion dollars (by the way, Venezuela has already defaulted on this debt).  At the same time, Venezuela owes Russia about $25 billion, which is about as much as Russia spends a year on education and healthcare combined.  This amount is about 1/3 of the annual military budget of Russia.  Russia holds 1/5 of the total gold reserves of Venezuela – about 30 tons.  These figures prove beyond reasonable doubt that Russian leadership considers Venezuela as an “integral part” of Russia.

On the surface, the confrontation between Russia and the United States in Venezuela looks like another confrontation in the spirit of the Cold War, conducted with the help of proxy allies.  However, this confrontation differs from all others because it is not just an interstate or ideological conflict.

The current standoff is also a conflict between the USA and the Venezuelan narco-mafia, better known as the “Cartel of Suns” (Cartel de los Soles.) This name was given to the cartel because the top officers of the Venezuelan army (from brigadier general and above) are wearing not stars, but golden suns on their shoulder straps.  The Venezuelan military is the backbone of this state-level drug cartel.

The close ties between the state mafia of Venezuela and the state mafia of Russia are based on Cartel of Suns.  The ideological component played an important role as well.  The extreme left views of Hugo Chávez and Nicolas Maduro found understanding and a warm reception among the current leaders of Russia, educated by Soviet communists.

Opposition leader Guaido declared himself president on January 11, 2019, and at a rally of many thousands on January 23 he took the presidential oath.  Less than an hour after taking the oath, young Guaido received the support of President Trump, and then many other Western countries, including Israel. However, by their actions, the Trump administration challenged not so much the adherents of a radical left ideology, but rather the inter-government drug Cartel of Suns.

So far, the practice of American arm-twisting appears to be pretty standard in this scenario.  Maduro and his supporters got deprived of the possibility of international trade and the use of international finance.  The Trump administration announced sanctions against the only legal source of hard currency for the Maduro regime – PDVSA, a Venezuelan state oil company.  Also, Trump allowed the opposition leader to operate with foreign assets and Venezuelan accounts in the United States.  Trump’s task is obvious – to deprive Maduro of cash.  Without cash, he eventually would lose the loyalty of the Venezuelan narco-army and the Cuban mercenaries.

The U.S. Democratic Party has also found itself in a delicate situation.

On the one hand, Democrats cannot deny the fact that the communists Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro turned Venezuela into a concentration camp with hyperinflation at a level of several million percents a year.  As befits all socialist regimes, in Venezuela – a country that has the largest proven oil reserves in the world – there is such an intense shortage of gasoline that it has to be imported.

On the other hand, the Communists of Caracas are ideological allies of the U.S. Democratic Party.  The current faces of the Democrats – Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar – expressed support for the dictator Maduro.  Both the Turkish half-dictator, half-president Erdogan, and the terrorist organization Hezbollah joined the Democrats.  However, the most substantial support of the “legitimately and democratically elected” Maduro was offered by the “Palestinian President” Abbas (who, as we know, is now in the 15th year of his first four-year term).

In the same way, as during World War II, Winston Churchill drew International Socialism (USSR) to the struggle against National Socialism (Nazism) – its ideological counterpart and implacable enemy, Trump wisely supports the socialist Guaido in his struggle against the Soviet-style communist Maduro.  However, one should be aware that this support is temporary.

After the fall of Maduro, Cuba, which is 100% dependent on oil supplies from Venezuela, will also fall.  With the fall of these countries, Russia will have virtually no allies left in the international arena, except maybe the islands of Vanuatu.  Moscow made a pitiful attempt at saber-rattling – in addition to some troops, two Russian supersonic bombers landed on the island of La Orchila, located in the Caribbean Sea about 80 miles from the capital of Venezuela, Caracas.

From the substantial American military base on the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, located 185 miles from Caracas (and just 40 miles from Venezuela’s coast), they were not without interest watched by numerous units of military pilots, marines, special forces, sailors, and CIA agents.

As President Trump said, “All options on the table for getting Russians out of Venezuela.” During his first two years in the White House, Trump’s hands were tied up due to Mueller’s witch hunt. However, the feeling is that his first presidential term actually begins just about now. In the post-Mueller world, it is a clear indication that the Caracas-Curaçao-La Orchila triangle is about to become a political Bermuda triangle, in which the political ambitions of both the Leftists and their allies are about to sink.

The financial collapse of the Democratic Mayors

Recently, non-government organization Truth in Accounting published a reportabout the financial condition of the 75 largest cities of America.  As it turns out, 63 out of 75 cities in America were not able to pay bills at the end of the fiscal year of 2017.

The final result of this study was the calculation of the burden borne by taxpayers in these American cities.  The formula is simple: the financial balance of the city (positive or negative) is divided by the number of inhabitants.  The result is a good assessment of how effectively the city authorities work, depending on the positive or negative financial balance of the city per capita.

Let us start with the most financially strong cities.

Cities Top 5


Historically, in the city of Irvine (California), both Democrats and Republicans came to power in City Hall.  The last time a Democrat was elected mayor of Irvine was in 2012.  In Charlotte, North Carolina, Democratic mayors have been elected since 2009, and before that, Republicans dominated the mayor’s office.  In the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C., all the mayors of the post-WW2 years have been Democrats.  In the city of Lincoln (Nebraska), Democrats and Republicans alternated in power.  Fresno (California) closes the top five of the most financially sound cities in America, in which only Republican mayors have been elected since the beginning of the 21st century.

In other words, for many years, at the helm of these cities with a brilliant financial future were fiscal conservatives, who (occasionally) could be found among representatives of the Democratic Party and representatives of the Republican Party.  Moreover, those who earned a pension by working for the city have nothing to worry about, either — the pension funds of these cities are in good shape.

If we turn to the cities at the bottom of the list, the picture is quite different.

Cities Bottom 5


First, it is easy to see that the negative balance of cities at the bottom of a financial abyss exceeds the positive balance of those cities at the top of financial well-being by an order of magnitude.  Secondly, the political preferences of the inhabitants of these cities are quite unambiguous: they prefer almost exclusively Democrats.

For example, in San Francisco (California), the last Republican mayor was elected in 1964, in Honolulu (Hawaii) in 1994, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) in 1954, and in Chicago (Illinois) in 1931.  In New York, America’s city in the most dramatic financial hole, the last real Republican mayor left the office in 2001.  Republican Rudy Giuliani was replaced by pseudo-Republican Michael Bloomberg, who eventually left the Republican Party.  Since 2014, the mayor of New York has been the communist Bill de Blasio, who methodically injects socialism into the city.

The financial results of the Democrats’ reign are such that the financial debt of Chicago and Philadelphia is about 30,000 dollars per resident.  New York has fallen into a financial abyss, with more than 60,000 dollars for each resident of the city.

The financial capital of the world is naturally moving toward bankruptcy.  By some estimates, this bankruptcy is inevitable.  Pensioners of American cities, where Democratic mayors are traditionally elected, should be prepared for the fact that pension funds of such cities will stop paying out at the most unexpected moment.  Nobody expects cardinal replenishment of budgets in these cities.

Millionaires, billionaires, and ordinary citizens are leaving such financially disadvantaged cities in droves.  With the departure of the rich, jobs leave, too, and with the departure of ordinary citizens, so too departs the skilled workforce.  Recently, under pressure from leftists, one of the largest companies in the world, Amazon, had to abandon its plans to relocate to New York City.

It should be noted that in addition to financial collapse, socialists, communists, social democrats, and democratic socialists of New York City chose an additional (and unusual) method of self-extinction and losing political control over the city.  As it is known, abortion is allowed in New York City until the very moment of birth.  Also, many young people who have gone through schools of political indoctrination (formerly known as “colleges” and “universities”) refuse to have children because of “fear of the consequences of global warming.”  They are not aware of the wise statement of Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

What soon will remain in New York City?  There will be a dump of a politically correct and ideologically progressive electorate voting strictly for Democrats — without any money.


[Originally published at American Thinker]

Финансовый крах мэров-демократов

Недавно был опубликован доклад неправительственной организации Правдивая Бухгалтерия о финансовом состоянии 75 крупнейших городов Америки. Они проделали огромную работу, анализируя финансовые отчеты городских властей за 2017 финансовый год. Как выяснилось, из 75 городов Америки на конец финансового 2017 года 63 города не были в состоянии платить по счетам.

Финальным результатом этого исследование был расчет того бремени, которое несут на себе налогоплательщики американских городов. Формула расчетов очень простая – финансовый баланс города (положительный или отрицательный) делится на количество жителей. В результате получается хорошая оценка того, насколько эффективно работают городские власти – в зависимости от того, каков положительный или отрицательный финансовый баланс города на душу населения.

Начнем с наиболее сильных в финансовом отношении городов.

Cities Top 5

Исторически, в городе Ирвайна (Калифорния) к власти в мэрии приходили и демократы, и республиканцы. Последний раз демократ избирался мэром Ирвайна в 2012 году. В Шарлотте (Северная Каролина) мэры-демократы избираются с 2009 года, а до этого доминировали республиканцы. В столице США Вашингтоне все мэры за послевоенные годы – демократы. В городе Линкольн (Небраска) к власти попеременно приходят то демократы, то республиканцы. Пятерку самых состоятельных городов Америки замыкает Фресно (Калифорния), в котором в XXI веке бессменно избирают мэров-республикацев.

Другими словами – во главе этих городов с блестящим финансовым будущим на протяжении многих лет стоят финансовые консерваторы, которые изредка встречаются как среди представителей Демократической, так и среди представителей Республиканской партии США. Более того, тем, кто заработал пенсию, работая на город, тоже беспокоиться не о чем – пенсионным фондам этих городов можно только позавидовать.

Но если обратиться к городам в самом конце списка, то картина получается совсем иная.

Cities Bottom 5

Во-первых, нетрудно заметить, что отрицательный финансовый баланс городов, находящихся на дне финансовой пропасти, на порядок превышает положительный баланс тех городов, которые находятся на вершине финансового благополучия. Во-вторых, политические предпочтения жителей этих городов вполне однозначны – они предпочитают Демократов.

Например, в Сан-Франциско (Калифорния) последний мэр-республиканкц был избран в 1964 году, в Гонолулу (Гавайи) – в 1994 году, в Филадельфии (Пенсильвания) – в 1954 году, в Чикаго (Иллинойс) – в 1931 году.  В Нью-Йорке – самом неблагополучном городе Америки по финансовому благополучию – последний настоящий мэр-республиканец покинул свой пост в 2001 году. На смену республиканцу Руди Джулиани пришел псевдо-республиканец Майкл Блумберг, который в конце концов вышел из Республиканской партии. С 2014 года мэром Нью-Йорка является коммунист Де Блазио.

Результаты деятельности демократов таковы, что финансовая задолженность Чикаго и Филадельфии составляет около 30 тысяч долларов на каждого горожанина. А финансовая пропасть, в которую провалился Нью-Йорк, составляет более 60 тысяч долларов на каждого жителя города.

Город Нью-Йорк, финансовая столица мира, закономерно движется к банкротству. По некоторым оценкам, это банкротство неминуемо. Пенсионерам американских городов, где традиционно избираются мэры-демократы, следует быть готовыми к тому, что пенсионные фонды таких городов прекратят выплаты в самый неожиданный момент. Кардинальных пополнений бюджетов в этих городах не ожидает никто. Американцы массово покидают города, которые прочно застряли в финансовой пропасти.

Покидают такие финансово неблагополучные города и миллионеры, и миллиардеры, и простые граждане. С уходом богатых уходят рабочие места, а с уходом простых граждан уходит квалифицированные работники. Недавно под давлением леваков отказалась от Нью-Йорка и одна из крупнейших компаний планеты Амазон.

Следует отметить, что кроме финансового краха, социалисты, коммунисты, социал-демократы и демократические социалисты Нью-Йорка избрали дополнительный (и весьма необычный) метод вымирания и потери политического контроля над городом. Как известно, теперь аборты в Нью-Йорке разрешены вплоть до момента рождения. Кроме того, многие молодые люди, прошедшие школы политической индоктринации (известные прежде под именами «колледжи» и «университеты»), отказываются иметь детей из-за «боязни последствий глобального потепления». К сожалению, им неведомо мудрое высказывание Маргарет Тэтчер: «Главная проблема социализма состоит в том, что в конце концов у вас заканчиваются чужие деньги».

Что останется в Нью-Йорке в скором времени?  Останется свалка политически корректного и идеологически прогрессивного, голосующего за демократов электората. Без денег.

Ликование футбольного клуба «Полезный Идиот»

На этой неделе в Америке состоялись местные выборы. Неожиданностей не произошло – в тех двух штатах, где проходили выборы губернаторов – в Вирджинии и Нью-Джерси – победили демократы. Победили традиционно, поскольку оба штата обычно голосуют за демократов. И Вирджинию, и Нью-Джерси республиканец Трамп в прошлом году проиграл, так что ничего экстраординарного не произошло. Выборы мэра города Нью-Йорка тоже не принесли сюрпризов – мэром на второй срок был выбран все тот же коммунист Де Блазио. Фанаты футбольно-социалистического движения «Полезный Идиот» ликуют на всех доступных им телеканалах.

Противники демократов социалистов на этих выборах – республиканские кандидаты – публично дистанцировались от Трампа и поплатились за это.

Все они принадлежат к республиканскому истеблишменту, а Эд Гиллеспи, который проиграл выборы губернатора в Вирджинии, был долгое время еще и ярым анти-Трампистом. Проигравшая в Нью-Джерси республиканка Ким Гуадано умудрилась дистанцировать себя и от Трампа, и от нынешнего губернатора Криса Кристи, заместителем которого она является.

Эти выборы еще раз доказали, что в эпоху Трампа быть республиканским анти-Трампистом равносильно политическому самоубийству.

Ни один консерватор не потерпел поражение на местных выборах 2017 года. Просто потому, что ни один консерватор и не избирался. В избирательных бюллетенях не было ни одного консерватора. Победили социалисты и коммунисты, но их противниками были «традиционные» республиканцы, которые никак не ассоциировались ни с Трампом, ни с консерватизмом, и это – главный урок прошедших выборов.

Результаты этих выборов приведут к очередному массированному уходу на пенсию псевдоконсерваторов из вашингтонского болота. А республиканские праймериз весной 2018 года обещают привести к серьезной чистке республиканского анти-трамповского аппарата. Собственно, над этим и работает бывший главный стратег Трампа Стив Беннон и его команда.

Старый аргумент вашингтонского болота о том, что, мол, республиканцам надо привлекать на свою сторону центристов и умеренных и «работать с демократами», потерпел очередное фиаско. Об этом говорил еще Рональд Рейган, который своим собственным примером доказал, что только консерватизм в право-центристской Америке является выигрышной стратегией для республиканцев.

Болельщики американских социал-демократов ликуют, а зря. Фактически они празднуют победу московского «Спартака» над командой Дворца Культуры хлопководов Тюмени. Они почему-то забывают, что встреча с грозным мадридским «Реалом» еще предстоит, и это будет совершенно другой футбол.